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Found 2 results

  1. Hey all, I have been fighting with the game for awhile now trying to make it playable as it generally will completely freeze when it decides it needs to load something. The FPS will hit 0 and then jump back up for a time being until the game is forced to load something again. This happens with all settings on the lowest possible setting, including taking all animations off as well. Solution you can try: My computer is horrible, dual core with a GTX 460 with 8Gigs of ram, so I do not expect a lot out of it. However I was able to get a nice fluid game play with even decent graphics and distance rendering settings by going in to my Nvidia settings and checking out the 3D settings. For some reason my settings were set to have the CPU handle all 3D rendering thus bogging down the system. I changed this setting to have the GTX 460 handle all 3D rendering and it has been amazing! Anyways, maybe this will help someone. - Sin
  2. Over the last couple of months I've started noticing some very unusual high cpu output when running Wurm so today after all the stuttering and such I decided to start running a few tests to try and lower it, what i found was very unusual. To note I have a dual core AMD Athlon 5000+ processor, 250GTS 1GB Nvidia graphics card and 5 gig of ram on windows 7 64bit platform. Heres what I found. -Regardless of any graphics settings, it had practically zero impact on cpu usage. I pretty much individually tested every single setting from high/med - low. none had any noticable effect on the cpu usage which would max out to 100% periodically causing stuttering. -Using a resizable window setting, when the client first loads the window not maximised, maximising the window increases cpu usage by 20% (my screen resolution is 1680x1050, so the window isnt really being maximised but rather 'fitted' to the sceen.) -Rebooting the computer would show around 20-60% cpu usage on the client, closing and restarting the client would result in 90+ cpu usage on the exact same settings. -Occasionally the javaw.exe will not shut down properly and leaves a ghost process running which always uses around 50% of the cpu (please note i ensured all ghost .exe processes were ended while performing each test.) Considering the significant increase in cpu usage on the 2nd or more restarts of the client after a computer reboot I can only assume that even without a ghost javaw.exe running its leaving behind somekind of processes that is eating up the cpu, I also find it suprising that merely maximising a window can result in +20% cpu usage. While im sure wurm/java is cpu intensive by nature, it doesnt explain these results. I hope these findings can be investigated as I feel its a problem that will continue to get worse, along with the recent server lag the performance of wurm is under serious threat.