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Found 21 results

  1. Just throwing a wish out there, well aware that a lot of the player base is more apt to upvote functional stuff and downvote this. But the artsy people is a player base as well and we like our "decorating" options - including animals So with the ridiculous animal colorations being gone, can we ask for something a little more realistic to spice up some pretty lame, tame, but actually useful animals? 1. Extra colors for cows - Let them behave like horse colors? Ie. special colors is a chance thing when you breed the wild ones - and is likely to pass on to offspring. Just throw in a "Fjällko" and a "Jersey" and I would be more than happy. () 2. White bisons - Only on animals bred in captivity - maybe let it have a small chance to appear only on "x amount of traits" animals or something to make it even rarer? Ie. only 5 traited animals have a chance to create this color to start with - but it should be hereditary like with horse colors once it shows up. With bisons now pulling the wagons - I think this would be most awesome.
  2. Since a tractor is too advanced for the tech of the Wurm, could we have a animal plow to tend the fields in the farm? Horse plow, Bull plow and so on. E.g.: You just have to lead the horse with the tool behind it or you can push the tool behind the animal (or animals).
  3. Sale of 50x full sealed cedar 45kg barrels of 100ql Cow Sheep and Bison milk, for sale as 1 lot 26x barrels Sheep Milk 10x barrels Cow Milk 14x barrels Bison Milk Buyer to pick up from Southport U18 Deli at a time to be arranged, or barrels can be mailed at 10c extra per barrel. PM offers please, or message me, Muse in game If you need a different quantity - just ask!
  4. Last edited 2015-08-25 Major revamp - merging this deed with our other deed, Lothlorien Meadows. Self service pens are out of order but we still have stock to sell - just PM Seancarl in game for assistance. Welcome! We are located at Lothlorien Meadows, at 49x, 13y. Everything here is 5 speed (usually with added bonus trait) Cows, bisons, horses, hell horses 5 speed horses: Females - 50c Males - 40c 5 speed bison: (will pull a wagon at around 18km/h on flat ground without gear) 4 bison - 2silver (2 males + 2 females) 5 speed hellhorses: Any gender - 1silver 5 speed cattle: one pair (cow+bull) - 40c
  5. Sale of 48x full sealed cedar 45kg barrels of 100ql Cow Sheep and Bison milk, for sale as 1 lot 29x barrels Sheep Milk 11x barrels Cow Milk 8x barrels Bison Milk Buyer to pick up from Southport U18 Deli at a time to be arranged, or barrels can be mailed at 10c extra per barrel. PM offers please, or message me, Muse in game If you need a different quantity - just ask! [SOLD early 09/03/18 please CLOSE]
  6. 3x 45 kg sheep milk - 43c each 3x 45 kg brown cow milk* - 43c each All small barrels are made of oak, QL 80+, sealed with a peg, with QL 100 and undamaged milk. Can be mailed, postage is 2c. * Milk is not brown.
  7. Be one of the first to get this on Indy! (Independence ONLY due to limitations of the game.) WTT or sell this 4 speed lady. [22:23:09] You start leading a young caineosio. Picture shows her outlined and she is at "young" at the start of this auction. I have bred her from a piebald mare so color can be passed on like the old colors, Starting bid: 1s Bid increments: 25c Buyout: trade with jet / ebony black or blood bay horse or give me an offer I can't resist 1hr sniper protection
  8. For some reason a Milk keybind doesn't exist; though, for some reason I keep thinking there was one...
  9. ---> <--- Fresh ripped from the head of the Troll king himself. This "special" cow helmet is said to have the same protection as a steel plate helmet! I dont think it can be improved. It has been examined. It can be mailed. It can be enchanted. Start price: 29s Min. inc: 1s Buyout: 40s Buyer pays COD. Happy bidding, and may the true king win! (If i by some strange reason have forgotten anything, please notify me and i will correct the flaws)
  10. ..

    Gone Delete.
  11. For a price of a few coins, you can buy a small statuette of livestock. When used it offers a pop-up where you select species (chicken, bison, cattle, sheep) and gender. The appropriate basic, non-traited animal spawns in that tile after a delay (no insta-horses for pvp). Ideally it would be worked into the normal domestic spawn system to keep the server balanced. Priced specifically to be cheap enough for a player to buy several, but high enough that it is cheaper to buy from another player.
  12. It occurs to me that although animals have been discussed as weapons, armor, and shields... we havent really gotten into the implications of using them as ammunition. Rather the usage of corpses as ammunition... not that Im against the usage of "live" animals. Its just all ones and zeroes afterall. For example cows and catapults... > Psychological impact, disease, and a few hundred pounds of meat dropping on top of one is for practical purposes the same as a few hundred pounds of rock. Granted atm afaik theres no impact corpses have on animal disease ingame.
  13. Welcome to Belatriks Animal business in Bearshark Bay Trading Company (40x55y)! We are located in Bearshark Bay, west of crystal canal. Independence And don't forget to check out 24h Belatriks horse business island when you sail by! ANIMALS, that we are currently offering: 5 speed trait horses - 45c, foals 30c (Slower and cheaper horses are also available, if that is what you are looking for) 5 speed trait hellhorses - 1s Fierce unicorns - 30c Cows, bulls - 20c Bisons - 25c Piggs - 15c Chicken, Rooster - 75c (chicken eggs 75c per 10) Dogs - Champion 80c, Slow 50c, regular 15c Deers - Champion 70c, slow 40c, raging 40c, regular 10c Dont meet timezone, dont want to talk too much ? No problem, buy a horse from 24/7 Belatriks horse business island! It is located near deed. Just buy key from vendor and pick your horse! Vendor is also selling several animal grooming and horse related enchanted items. Belatriks 24/7 Horse business second station now opened south-east from Freedom Market! From Freedom Market: Take east exit, then turn right travel on top on mountain and little forward and you are there There is no way to get lost, just follow the signs 5 speed trait horses - EVERY color! Currently selling: FO Priest serivice: Courier Enchant: 30+ power: 1s 50+ power 2s 75+ power 3s 90+ power 5s You build the mailbox before I get there and let me know what level of courier you want. I'll stay and cast until I get a enchantment that meets or exceeds that thershold. If cast is higher, I dont charge extra. Nolocate cast: 50+ power 70c, 70+ power 1s, 80+ power 2, 90+ power 2.5s You provide ring. Genesis: At your location 50c per cast, 5 casts for 2s, 10 casts 3.5s. If you come with your animal 25c per cast. Also offering enchanted grass 50c-1s per tile and strongwall 1s per tile. Just send me a PM here or ingame!
  14. Hi, I want to sell 7 animals, 4 bulls and 3 cows, all with random traits, no negative Traits that I could know (I have only level 38 of AH). The herd is formed by: -2 venerables bulls -1 Mature bull. -1 Aged bull -1 venerable cow -1 Adolescent cow. -1 mature cow The entire herd : 50c Each animal 7c. Sorry no deliver service. I am at Deliverance server, 32x 46y , Templarios de Hispania village. SOLD
  15. Hello Wurmians, I'm looking for the following things on the Inde server; Diggers - I need thousands of dirt dug & ground leveled out. Also need a path dug down until rock. Paying 1.1s per 1k (You'll have BSB's at your disposal with your name on it, so you will be paid for what you dig.) Mason - I need around 12 forges built & 2 ovens. Looking for all of them around 60ql except 4 that i'd like 80ql+. Also need a guard tower finished (320bricks) We can work out a good price. Animals - I need 4, 5 speed horses fully equip with highly enchanted WoA gear. Also looking for 12 male, 12 female horses (any traits), 6 bulls, 6 cows, & a male / female dog. We can work out a good price. Items - I need a shovel, stone chisel, pickaxe, rake, hammer, butchering knife, carving knife, saw, large anvil, & small anvil. All low ql, high CoC 80+ (90+ pref) (Looking for highest skillgain possible) You can COD these items to me, if they are a decent price I will buy them. PM me here or ingame at Cigarau. My location is 9y,32x just above Underworld (Inde). Animals to be delivered to my deed! Thanks all.
  16. I'm missing a grey old mare named Strongdog and I'm pretty sure a bison and cow. Maybe a few other things. I didn't get a chance to repair my fence in time before it felled. Location is around Harmony Lake. Thank you to who ever patched the gap in my fence.
  17. Looking for a breeding pair of cows or horses, willing to pay with labour or coins, not interested in traits as long as not negative PM ingame: Eliteauditore am located on the north east of the map
  18. Here is a list or things i want to buy: 20K grass Any QL. Needs Delivered** Buying any and all chicken eggs you have! 2s for every 100 eggs! (OBO, must be delivered. Delivery paid: 1s for Exo, 2s for Celeb and Deliverance, and 3s for Independence) More to come soon! Orders Filled: Unfinished BSBs (Finished to the last piece, WITH last piece included!) Delivery ONLY! NO MAILING! 1-3 Gold Coins (price is in USD PM me to talk about this. NO POSTS Order Filled Enchanted Saw low ql with COC 60+ (needs mailed, ill pay COD) Order Filled Breeding pair of horses (Prefer Bad traits and low trait counts) Needs Delivered** Order Filled Cow/Bull (again low trait count and bad traits) Needs Delivered** Order Filled Enchanted Hatchet low ql with COC 60+ (Needs mailed, ill pay COD) Enchanted Sickle low ql with COC 60+ (Needs mailed, ill pay COD) 500 low QL lumps of copper (1-20QL, price will differ from AVG QL) I will pick up Order Filled 10k Dirt (need delivered, 1s for deliver (if you do live on Golbin Pen then it is 50c delivery Order Filled 500 low lumps of Gold (1-20 QL, price will differ from AVG QL) I will pick up Order Filled Breeding pair of pigs Needs Delivered. Added 1s for delivery (if you are not on Goblin Pen.) 50c for players on Goblin Pen if you deliver ) Order Filled If you are on diff map then exo. ill need them delivered! PM me for delivery prices! More items might be added as the week progresses. So keep checking! I am on Exo at 17x 39y. Village deed is called Bad Company. PM wantsome my main or GetSome my alt. **Delivery Cost is 1s Exo, 2s Celeb and Deliv, and 3s Indy.** *INFO* - All items will be paid in Silver! NOT USD!
  19. Northern Auction and Trade. Moving to epic and need to sell all horse. Currently in stock: Horses. 5cp each. Buy 2 and get the third for free.;rm=full#gid=0 Location: Celebration Illiad Ridge(BI.32 Darkmalice map) Contacts: Nefilim or Thunderthor.
  20. Hey, I logged on today to find that the single greatest part of wurm, the cattle, had been upgraded to a magnificent new texture and animation quality. I instantly ran out of my inn into my cattle field to inspect, and I discovered that all of my bulls as well as my cows are rendering at what looks to be 2 fps. It looks quite odd to have the animals rendering at a different speed than the rest of the game. I have spoken with others and determined that for the majority of people (everyone other than myself so far) do not experience this ultra-slow animation rate. It looks like it is running the full animation, just at a very low fps. If it were to animate 20 times faster, to match the fps of the rest of the game, the cattle would be moving extremely fast.. I am running the unstable client with every single option maxed out. I have a core i7 920, with a nvidia 570 gtx, and 8gb ram on an intel x58 motherboard. SIDENOTE: I installed the newest Java in order to test and see if that is the problem before I posted this and had someone tell me "install the new java" and now I am unable to use my unstable client. The stable client works normally, but unstable says "unable to launch" before even attempting to verify or download itself like it normally does. So now I am looking at the old cattle and I am unable to test whether the new java fixed the problem but I assume it did not since unstable is now broken because of it. UPDATE: I did this: Revnik Villager Members 12 posts Posted 13 June 2012 - 06:38 PM Go to Start, Run, type "javaws -viewer" and hit enter. Highlight Wurm and hit the red X to delete it. Click "Close" in the bottom right. The Java Control Panel should be open. Click the "Security" tab. Click "Certificates". Highlight "OnetooFree AB" and click "Remove". Close everything and try running Wurm again. Also, you can click Play on If you are running IE you can right click and "launch application" rather than downloading a new file every time. And now I am able to get to the launch screen where I click play in unstable. It loads everything and gets to the "setting up" stage and then crashes without any sort of message. If anyone knows how to fix this either of these issues please let me know.
  21. Found A Cow

    I have found a cow wandering around. [12:35:20] It has been branded by and belongs to the settlement of Farmville. [12:35:20] It is being taken care of by. contakt me for more info to get it back ps it being taken care by some one and you must know by who if not the major of farmville is contakting me. I will take it for my in 3 days