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Found 54 results

  1. Hello and welcome to Dragon Beard Markets, home of the Annual Pristine Friend-Along, your friendliest one stop shopping experience in wurm online! Here at D.B.M. there are really only a few things I do not do yet. See below for a list of recently added services and what's next to be added! I can produce for you almost any Tool, Weapon, Shield, Jewelry or Armor up to 90q or better in some cases, as well as a All Vynora, Fo, and Magranon Casts, Traveling services, and much more! As always I offer totally free Scale and Hide creation for anyone trying to build a suit. It can be hard to find someone with the proper skill and gear, who is also trustworthy with your hundreds of silver in materials. due to constant service expansions my old Dragon Beard Markets thread is getting to large as a result I am using this new multi post format, scroll down to the following posts for service listings. Recently Added Services: Instant Mailbox Rate added! 90q Chain Smithing now available! 95+ Casting rates for all spells, now that all my priests have benediction! 90q Jewelry Smithing now available! Lava/Freeze to the traveling services! 93q rates for Weapon Smithing, 95q Blacksmithing, 93q Shield Smithing, and 95q Drake and Dragon Armor Imping. Next Upcoming Services: Cloth Tailoring All Sprouts (Except Willow, sorry too ugly to be on my deed) To place an order please try to PM me first in game @ "VirusMD" or my alt "Tulemees" if neither are available please leave your request here or Forum DM me@VirusMD. There are NO other authorized points of contact for Dragon Beard Markets then "VirusMD" or "Tulemees" Payment Options: Silver Coins, Drake Hide bits, Labor/Materials Trade. Relevant Skills: Customer Bonuses!
  2. OPEN for business! .- Gypsy corner enchantments -. Quality enchants for quality players. - - - - - - - - - - Price list custom Vynora enchants: Price list custom Libila enchants: Price list custom Fo enchants: Price list custom Magranon enchants: I have priests in all four dieties, so please just ask if you need any enchant. Prices and availability on custom enchants may vary. For custom enchants, send your request on pm to Nordlys on the forums or a /tell Nordlys ingame. - - - - - - - - - - - - - IN STOCK SKILLERS - - - Generally low ql items for longer timers, enchanted with high coc for better skill gain Some items with speciality will be marked (steel, gold, rare, 97+ enchants, 92+ql etc) - - - IN STOCK SPEEDERS - - - Generally high ql tools enchanted with woa (and sometimes coc) or botd, for those fast timers Some items with speciality will be marked (steel, gold, rare, 97+ enchants, 92+ql etc) Keep scrolling to see RARES. ---------- Answers to some common questions: Quality stamp: Happy shopping! - Nordlys
  3. my locations: g15 Melody when: ASAP (today or if you cant today tomorrow) if possible , now I have 30 cast, thx to Genegenie, so I cant wait longer what I need to know: price for the highest possible cast(what is it? 100? 105?, I want this if it is possible for reasonable price) price for 99 cast price for 95 cast price for 90 cast price for cast with garanted power (for example x s for 80 power cast) I will decide from your offers based on combination how quick you can make my mailbox work, how fast will be after your cast (I prefer 100+ or 90+ cast) and what will that cost me. The best offer wins. Good luck in winning this pseudoauction!
  4. After taking a deeper look into the wagoneer system, I think that the courier system in this game has created little reason for people to leave their deeds for goods. I believe that a good way to get wurmians traveling the continents again is to make it where trade will have to be done either via a courier like the wagoneer or physically deliver or have a pickup for items. I feel as if this would give people a reason to see each other's deeds again. While it may be driven by a sale, people would be able to explore and admire each other's deeds. This would also get people exploring areas that they may not have seen if not needing to make a trade. I believe that some things could still be sent through the mailbox. Small items mostly, such as a gem or as heavy as a clay shaper. So some tools can still be sent but certain things like weapons and such would have to have an actual interaction. I also believe the size rune should not work on the mailbox as well so the size could not be increased even in this small of a setting. I would love to discuss this idea to see what others think about it.
  5. Basic rights of the PvE priest People have different reasons for their choice of priest, but I believe that whichever priest type you choose, (at least on PvE) you should get some spells as standard. These spells are essential for Quality of Life on PvE. It makes every priest useful on deed, makes them more useful to the community and can give every priest a means of earning a basic income. The spells I propose are: Courier - everyone should be able to send and receive mail. Why this has to be a priest spell I don't know, because it is so essential to everyone's day to day life, and vital for trade. I believe this should be a basic right, not an option. Genesis - nearly everyone on PVE keeps animals, and it's tragic to see people struggling with generations of poor traited animals just for want of this simple utility spell. Basic QoL. Strongwall - Unless we live on a completely flat island, we will need to mine. The chances of finding a completely pristine area to mine are unlikely in most areas, and so there will be drop-shafts and an expensive fix. These are the travelling utility spells that people can offer as a service, as well as use on their own deeds. I think everyone who goes to the trouble to prem a priest of any kind should have an automatic right to these 3 spells. I apologise if this does not fit with some archaic 'lore' or some role-playing ideas attached to the Gods, but I am talking about quality of life, play-ability and getting the most use out of a priest if you can afford to keep one premmed. Not everyone can afford 2 or 3 priests, and it's time these basic PvE needs were addressed. Further to:
  6. WTB 90+ courier cast Location T17 Xanadu Kraftsburg deed
  7. With my constant service expansions, it seems my old Dragon Beard Markets thread is getting to large to successfully update to a single post anymore as a result i am trying this new format out, basically breaking the thread into multiple posts. please update your bookmarks with the new URL below, and thank you all.
  8. I would like someone to enchant a mailbox with 90+ power. The deed is on Xanadu around C21 on the game map and it takes less than 5 min from the shore. Please contact me with your price. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi, I'm located on Xanadu, right in the middle of O8.Here is a link to image with precise location, ill try to include it also in this post:!AuKHqcgrPgHFgZw-8IqcYwtWsywXeA Want to buy Courier enchant for my mailbox that i just finished. Interested in level 90 at least. How much, and when? Thanks a lot
  10. Heads up I am SUPER INSANELY AMAZINGLY directionally challenged. Anything that takes place, you will have to meet me at Summerholt and lead me to where I will be helping you..Or I will most definitely get lost!! Haha. I am a Fo priest with 62 faith, so if you wish to be converted you can. I can come to you and do courier enchants for 50c each. I would also be willing to trade courier enchants for 5 speed horses (1 enchant per horse) or possibly bulk resources instead (500 per enchant). Thanks for reading!! PS. I am still learning prices, if 50c is too little or too high feel free to give your opinion.
  11. I'm located at S8 Newsprings, i offer 1s for the cast and another 1s for the travel.
  12. I need casting mailbox on Camp D on Deli with courier. PM me please - Thanks!
  13. Would you like to travel, but don't have a ship to sail with? Are you wanting to meet up with a friend and begin a new adventure at their deed, but don't have the transportation to get there? Perhaps you've sold some wares and need them shipped, but can't be bothered to do it yourself? Look no further! I am here to serve. If you need a ferry to another server by boat, or a cart/wagon ride across the country to another location, or if you need to have bulk materials or other non-mailable items delivered to a customer I am happy to lend my services. I'll sail 6 of the 8 seas at the moment; I won't sail through Chaos or Xanadu currently. My prices are as follows: Service Price in Silver Price in Dirt/Sand Price in Mortar Price in Bricks Ferry by boat 1s 800 300 400 Ride by cart/wagon 1s 800 300 400 Delivery by boat 1s 800 300 400 Delivery by cart/wagon 1s 800 300 400 I am located on Independence with a caravel at my disposal for large deliveries if need be. Delivery fees for crates (unless you provide your own) are as follows: Storage Price in Copper Price in Dirt/Sand Price in Mortar Price in Bricks Small Crate 5c 20 8 10 Large Crate 10c 40 15 20
  14. Looking for a high level cast on my mailbox. 90+ required. At the intersection of g/f 23/24, just north east of Summerholt. PM ingame or by forums your price. Thanks.
  15. Greetings, I am in need of a number of Fo services at my deed located near Q13 (Xanadu) by water. A short 4-5 minute ride to the deed from there. I have 4 horses in need of bad traits removed. New Spirit House that requires Courier cast. The deed has a Fo altar and is in Fo domain (if that helps) Please PM me (Weatherwax) in game to discuss further. Please close the thread, thank you.
  16. Need a priest to enchant a spirit castle for my deed and villagers, I can pay for the service. My deed is a short walk from the starter deed Whitefay. I also would like to convert one of my villagers if you could. PM MirrorMatch in game or on the forums to work out the details. We really need a working mailbox. Thanks in advance.
  17. I want to buy the following things; -Fo/Nahjo Priest that can cast 70 or higher 'Courier' enchant on a mailbox. I live on the Northwest coast of Independence (13y/9x on community map (Oceanside Retreat)). Will pay for travel time (and of course the casting). -80QL chisel with 75 or higher WoA. -80QL sickle with 75 or higher WoA. Please respond with reasonable prices, I hope to have all three with 10s or less.
  18. Looking to buy 2-3k dirt, preferably delivered, to central eastern coastal Xanadu (H26 accessible to all ships). I also need a Courier cast on my mailbox, strength not really important. PM me here if you can do this. Thanks!
  19. Did a little test with these today and while the wiki is right about not being able to improve the cats or the turret once cast it is possible to dispel the cast and improve the strange device and recast courier or dark messenger, dispelling makes them just an ordinary strange device so you can also change the turret type if you wanted to or try for better strength casts.
  20. (Closed)

    I am looking to get a +90 courier cast done in the NW corner of Independance and i am also in the market to get a breeding pair of 5 speed horses if you can help with one or preferable both of these send me a forum pm. Closed
  21. (Closed)

    I am looking for a 90+ courier cast in the SE at O25 send me a pm and we can go over price but i am looking for a guarantied 90+ cast not x amount of casts kind of thing. (I will provide a blank alter for you to bless but you will need to bring the favor items for the casts) *closed*
  22. Rocking Horse Stables is run by Bibi. Please see below a spreadsheet with what i currently have available at the starting age of Young, if you require a baby foal please contact me as i always have these available. Prices can be negotiated if buying more than 4. Free Delivery! (Horses only and i can only deliver 4 at a time Release only) Prices: 5-speed + added traits now just 50c! Sleep powder accepted as payment for horses and wares! All horses are examined and traits shown to you when delivered or picked up so you know exactly what you are getting. Can also supply 84ql horse shoes for 15c each that's just 60c a set!!! Fo Services *NOW AVAILABLE ON XANADU!* Courier Cast: 50+ 1s 70+ 2s 90+ 3s 90+ (for this its preferable to have a Fo alter near by if i have to travel far so i can sac for favor and not hang around all day) If i land a high cast first time, a one off charge of 1s is applied. *please note, A 90+ cast means a random cast 90 or higher. You may get a 90 power cast or you might get a 99 cast.* Life Transfer Casts 1 - 49 = 1c per power50 - 59 = 2c per power60 - 69 = 3c per power70 - 79 = 4c per power80 - 89 = 5c per power90 - 99 = 6c per power100+ = 7c per power*Shatters happen and are at the owners risk* Enchanted Grass 1s per tile, covers travel (18hr cool down) Wild Growth - Covers a 3x3 area 20c per cast, travel costs may be added dependent how far you are from me Genesis 20c per cast, 30min CD Common Sprouts 5c/10 New Sprouts 10c/10 (Fir, Chestnut, Walnut, Linden) Willow 10c/10 Oak 20c/10 Bulk Veggies available Current Stock: 10c per 100 Pumpkin 3000Oat 5000Corn 2000Rye 5000Potato (out of Stock)Wheat 6000Barley 4000Strawberries 6000Cooked meat 1s per 500 (5k in stock) Tools can be made to order, and discount on bulk purchases, please PM me in-game for more info on Bibi. Mailbox 99 cast, less than 10 mins delivery!! Imping service available. No order to big or small! 64ql Tools 15c Made to order 75ql Tools 25c 83ql Tools 50c 92ql Tools 1.5s 83ql horse shoes 15c per shoe, thats just 60c a set! Merchant Stock Merchant Clearwater Tools (Located at Bayview Market) 73ql 25c Awl x1 File x1 Hammer x2 Hatchet x2 Leather Knife x1 Needle x1 Pickaxe x2 Rake x1 Saw x2 Scissors x1 Shovel x1 Stone Chisel x2 Trowel x1 Small Anvil x1 84QL 50c Awl x1 File x1 Hammer x2 Hatchet x2 Leather Knife x1 Needle x1 Pickaxe x2 Rake x1 Saw x2 Scissors x1 Shovel x2 Stone Chisel x2 Trowel x1 Small Anvil x1 83ql horse shoes 15c per shoe, thats just 60c a set! 2 sets in stock Large Anvil 74ql 30c Large Anvil 84ql 60c Lotus Landing Merchant Blacksmithing Services I can make any Iron Lamps up to 90QL to order, price range: 30Ql 5c 40QL 10c 50QL 20c 60QL 30c 70QL 40c 80QL 50c 90QL 1s Hanging Lamps QL30: copper=10c silver=20c QL40: copper=20c silver=40c QL50: copper=35c QL60: copper=55c QL70: copper=70c QL80: copper=1s Lantern QL50=50cQL60=60cQL70=70cQL80=80cQL90=2sQL92=3s Iron Street lamps are 25c plus 10c per 10QL increment to 70. (starting at 30QL) Ore 80ql iron - 100kg (lumps) - 1.5s 85ql iron - 100kg (lumps) - 2s 90ql iron - 100kg (lumps) - 3s low ql gold - 10kg (100 lumps) - 1slow ql silver - 15kg (150 lumps) - 1s PM Bibi or Krexis (alt) in game for more details
  23. Servicing the Center of the Wurmian Pixelverse - Greymead (Xanadu) and neighboring areas. Jobs priority goes to the locals and Will work for silver, or support beams. 25 beams = 1 silver. For the local community (living within 10 minutes travel time of Greymead), all services will be discounted. - Crafting/imping most anything to 80+. - Enchanting tools/weapons. - Genesis, Courier, Mend, Sunder, Strongwall, etc. - Mine mapping with vein quantities. - Major mining projects, including vein removals (up to 10k shards a day). - Supplying 90+ QL wood/ore. - Construction planning with 97 Carp. - Fine furnishings. - High QL Altars. - Teraform to 297 slope, for those insane jobs. - And many more! I need beams for a large mining project, so prefer those over silver.
  24. Require the services of a Fo priest near 8H on Xanadu to cast courier on a mailbox and bless an altar Please contact me either on the forums or ingame (Kasumi) Much Thanks
  25. Hello I am Damine I need to have courier casted on my mail box at Mill Hollow @ M-10 has road from Lemaso and or Linton to me Pm price and Quality o cast