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Found 12 results

  1. The "One" Ring 91.02 QL Glimmersteel Ring. 102 Fire Protection Glow Rune Made in the shadow of the great mountain, One Ring To Rule Them All. I regret to part with it, as it has become... Precious... to me. But for the right price.... Starting bid: 1s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: No Buyout: No Sniper Protection: No Private Bids: Not accepted
  2. New tree type: Palm tree, growing on grass near sands, but you could pick sprout and plant it where you want. When foraging on this tile, you could get coconuts, and ofc make milk from them, or you can make coconuts grow on the tree during summer and just harvest them. It will be ofcourse used in cooking and beverages, I know there is coconut already so it could replace this crafted one (which doesn't make much sense) Also new wood type (maybe new texture is too much lol so just changed wood color) Who needs coconut milk? Nobody, but palms will be freaking awesome, it will fill up the coasts and deserts, awesome addition to sandstone themed villages.
  3. New statue types! Gold Statues Silver Statues Etc.... Statues This would greatly increase the use of gold and some of the other metals while also adding alot more diversity to designs.
  4. Hey guys! i know it has been suggested for quite awhile! Lets get some armor stands/weapon racks that actually display armor or weapons that are inside their inventory!! The biggest thing i love about games like this is the amount of customization you are able to do to better immerse yourself in the game! I think with these simple fixes we could be a few steps closer to a perfect game!
  5. Hi there! I'm very new to Wurm but I'm having good fun so far with it with my friends! I like the flowers a lot but I wish there were more options to use the flowers as decoration. I think flower crowns would be nice, or even just being able to wear a flower over the ear as a head piece. Even a simple hat decorated with flowers! Wearing them in different colors or flower types (Roses, daisies, etc) would be nice as well! Maybe a dress option for clothing would be nice. I plan on becoming a baker and cook and would love to have a dress with apron to boot! I don't know how many people would truly enjoy these ideas but I think it would be nice to wear for some of us Thanks to anyone for taking the time to check this out!
  6. Super rare and super scary! wts Mask of the Challenger 75s If you'd rather trade something for it, send me a pm.
  7. Hey everyone, I'm aware of the previous/current threads rolling around right now that have mentioned the desire for a cosmetic shop for Wurm Online. Along these lines I thought perhaps a poll to get a sample of the interest in having a cash shop in the game would be in order. The reason I'm making this thread instead of using another existing cosmetic thread is two-fold: I didn't want to hijack another thread that I can't put a poll in, and I think a cash shop could pertain to more than just cosmetic items. I won't say it should have buy-to-win items, but I'm sure the clever people out there can come up with more than just cosmetic suggestions to add to such a shop. Anyhow, feel free to leave your suggestions here as to what types of items you'd like to see in a Wurm Cash Shop. I'm not really worried with the pricing, as that is a balancing issue for the staff to concern themselves with, so just the raw ideas please. Also, I'd like to welcome any art models of said items if you're keen to create them! The poll itself is multiple choice to allow for voting on a range you'd likely spend on a cash shop if implemented. This is purely for data collection, so don't feel that you need to vote on that portion. I do ask; however, that you only vote twice--once for each segment. Please do not spam votes across many options as that does nothing but disrupt the results and would be trolling. Edit: Suggestions on what types of items to be sold in a cash shop/trader would be very interesting, so please do add your ideas.
  8. Supreme Cedarwood Bed [14:21:03] A cosy bed with furs and sheets. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is made from cedarwood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 29.939255, Dam: 0.0. Starting Bid: 12s Minimum Increments: 50c Buyout: 20s
  9. Feature Request Perhaps add the ability to flip walls or some other way to fix cosmetic issues as shown below. Not sure what can be done about the walls bleeding into the floors but maybe it has to do with thickness. Cosmetic Issues Pointed ends of straight walls always face one direction and causes an issue like this... Angled part of arched wall only faces one direction and causes an issue like this... Textures from stone brick walls overlap with textures of wood floors and stone brick floors...
  10. Since the Hat mod in minecraft inspired wurmians to craft and own more hats. I have crafted a few uncommon Hats in wurm for the cosmetic microtransaction market. They r a bit uncommon in the world, since its not mainstream to wear Open Hem. WTS 80QL+ Open Helm, Steel Price: 30c Available: 4 left Mailing COD from Xanadu H10 [14:55:55] An open-faced round-top helm. It is glowing from the heat. It could be improved with a lump. The open helm is empty Happy Xmas wishes Tissotx
  11. WTS 60QL Rare Backpack [11:34:35] A backpack made from leather with metal husks. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. A mallet must be used on the backpack in order to smooth out a quirk. And yes, it glows when you wear it! Price: 10 silver coins I got a 12 hour timer on it. Since if it doesn't get sold by then, I have plans to give it to my friend. I think he has been a little jellous about the shiney backpack i been strolling around with in his face. Sorry for the max price.
  12. I think a really neat addition to the game would be stairs. Perhaps have a slope range that could be built on using a hammer, just like floors. The stairs could make going up and down slope the same speed as normal. Different types of material could be used such as rock, stone, and wood. Then you could add a few more Border Tile types, such as hand-rails for the stairs in wood or iron. This would make an excellent cosmetic change, and could really spruce up the exterior of houses and settlements. I don't think it would work well inside a house due to the length-height ratio and the size of the average home. But outside it could make a huge difference. I am unsure what the skill level should be in though. Carpentry/masonry/paving.