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Found 21 results

  1. Located at Port Onody on Independence at M18 or 38x, 37y on player map. Offering a fine selection of bulk specialty products plus Pottery, Carpentry and Fine Carpentry items. Free delivery on bulk items to pve servers on orders of 10s or more. Else delivery charges of 1s apply. All deliveries include limited free tree cutting and chopping, at least 1 90+ ql guarenteed. FAVOR in Cordage 1s per 1,000 favor delivered by mail in low volume--I pay postage. 10k to 25k 0.85s per 1,000 delivered 25k to 50k 0.8s per 1,000 delivered 50k+ 0.7s per 1,000 delivered LYE per Small Barrel, 45 kg Special order at this time 70 ql 0.75s 75 ql 1s 80 ql 1.25s 85 ql 1.50s 90 ql 2.0s out of stock, PM me to get on waitlist LOGS - may take a few days to collect. 5s per large crate of 95+ ql If you need something else, we can work it out COAL 0-50 3s per 1000 in stock 50-70 4s per 1000 special order only 70-85 5s per 1000 special order only 85-89 6s per 1000 special order only 90, very hard to make even with 98 coal making. If making a high ql coal order, I'll let you know if I have any. Coal takes a long time to make. Your special order could take up to several weeks to first collect the wood and make the piles and then wait for them to burn down. RUGS Black Bear and mountain lion 20c each; wolf and brown bear 10c. TILE TRANSMUTATION 1 tile, 1s 4 tiles, 3s 0.75s per additional tile for higher volumes. May require waiting till next harvest season. POTTERY: 90 ql 1s 92 ql 2s 93 ql 2.5s 94ql 3s 95 ql 4s FINE CARPENTRY: 91ql 1s 92ql 1.5s 93ql 2s 94ql 2.5s 95ql 3s 97ql 4.5s 99ql 7s Need something else? Prices aren't working for you and you need to trade for what you want? PM me and lets work it out. Also available for large mortar or concrete orders.
  2. I'm interested in knowing if there is any interest in 99ql cordage vs just using it for favor. Free delivery to non-pvp coastal areas and price includes the large crate. Starting bid: 2.5s Increment: 0.25s Buy out 4s No snipe protection.
  3. 50,000 favor in cordage. Starting bid: 15s Bid Increment: 1s Buyout: 20s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Free delivery to any coastal location, non-pvp.
  4. As a special offer in light of the recently announced reduction in difficulty of making cordage favor, I'm prepared to sell my existing stock of 25,000 favor in cordage at the introductory rate of 0.75s per thousand favor. Free delivery for all orders over 10s. I'll also toss in some high ql logs for free if you got a place for me to chop close by. Will see how the market shakes out after this but I expect an increase in cordage demand so get it before it is gone.
  5. Hello, Interested in buying favor and maybe getting a supplier for the future thru it. Atm i am interested in buying as much as i can for 15s/€ (with delivery to Exo). Pm me on the forums to let me know what you have and what price you can offer. Also please add if you are interested in doing more trades in the future. Thanks for reading!
  6. I am playing as a FTP for a break and while doing some thinking on how to manage spawning back at my spot it got me to thinking that the explorer tent might be a little high with the materials list for a fresh player to replace their spawn point. Now i do not know how long the newbie tent takes before it decays but as a new ftp character i would have no way in making cordage rope so maybe we should lower that to just rope? TLDR: My suggestion is to change the explorer tent to use only rope and not cordage rope. Edit: people also want them to be lighter.
  7. Ferry Service I notice it's frustrating to get home if you died without a deed or tent. Therefore I am selling transportation to anyone who needs it. If you die, your alt dies, or you make a new character, I will take you as close as possible to your destination on Xanadu for a fee of 1c per tile longest East/West and 1c per tile longest North/South. An example is below: Note: I am using a rowboat so delivering bulk materials is not possible, unless you have 10 satchels of vegetables in your inventory and you want a ride. Also, the limit for passengers is 2 at one time. If you want a quote of price from one place to another place just whisper me in game or send a forum message for the cost. You can pay after we arrive, but if you don't pay I will list your name here for all to see. The cost is cheap but I'm a new player and I need to make coins. Whisper me or pm Horkinpork in game to catch a ride! Panfilling Service I offer my services as a panfiller at 1s/1k pans filled. It takes me about 1 hour to fill 2200 frying pans. I've done 18000 so far and my customers were satisfied. Message me here to inquire about this service. I will travel to your place for free if you need more than 1k pans filled. For less than 1k the travel fee is the same as calculated above for the ferry service, at 1c per tile E/W and 1c per tile N/S. If interested in knowing exact prices, message me here. Selling Favor I'm now taking orders for favor in the form of cordage ropes. 1k favor is 2s. If you buy 5k favor or more I can give discounts, the higher the number the more the discount percentage. I can deliver them within a day or two if I'm busy outside Wurm. I deliver for free if you order more than 1k. If 1k or less, the delivery fee is calculated the same way as the ferry service. You can ask me about the price before making an order. Bulk Vegetables / Other Crops I'm also taking orders for bulk vegetables. I need time to grow them, but let's just say I'd rather be growing the crops other people need than wasting my time with skill gain. Since I'll need time to grow the crops I am selling at discounted prices. 1k = 75 copper for any crop Transport Service I'll make your deliveries - up to 10k for the Ferry Service prices listed above, and 10% of sale price. {When moving small amounts I charge only the Ferry Service price and not the extra 10% as with bulk shipments. Example: You need 2 swords to go from Xanadu C10 to H25. The price is same as Ferry Service, 16 copper. Example: You need 4k dirt to go from Xanadu C10 to H25. The price is same as Ferry Service, 16 copper + 10% of your sale price (4k dirt usually 4s so 40 copper in this example.) I take 16+40=56 copper. It means if you made 10 silver for the items I deliver for you, I take 1 silver. It's a good fee for transporting 10k dirt! updated July 31
  8. Hello. As title says, I have 14k favor for sale. Everything have to be sold. Free delivery on Deli (also south Inde and west Xana ) Delivery to other servers only over 5s. Price: 1k/2s If you buy all, you will pay 24s with free delivery. PM me with offer or leave comment here .
  9. Stag's Ropemaking Emporium Located at Fort Huntsman Docks Release X4 Y16 Rope Pricings Cordage - 10c per rope Mooring- 5c per rope Thick- 15c per rope Regular- 1c per rope Mooring Anchor- 20c per anchor Rope tools 30 QL- 5c 40 QL- 10c 50QL- 15c (All rope tools will be made from oakenwood for an extra 5c) Shipwright Bundles Sailing Boat Bundle- 54c 2 Cordage 2 Thick 1 Mooring Corbita Bundle- 2s 7c 6 Cordage 8 Thick 4 Mooring Cog Bundle- 2s 34c 8 Cordage 8 Thick 4 Mooring Knarr Bundle- 2s 47c 12 Cordage 8 Thick 4 Mooring Caravel Bundle- 5s 22c 24 Cordage 12 Thick 8 Mooring All bundles come with a free mooring anchor!! Contact Information Ingame: Stagnatrious (If i am not available, please contact Jakeii to place your order) See Also Jakeii's Fort Huntsman Docks- Eilif's Blacksmithing-
  10. Post has been combined with the following Merchant Ad
  11. Hear ye, hear ye! Announcing Merchant: The Hangman O' Groveshire Cordage rope for hanging ye traitors! (or gaining favor with ye imaginary gods... ) Merchant located at Freedom Market From token: 8 tiles South., 4 West Stocked 3-10-14 10k favor - available in bulk 51.41ql Cordage rope, 2s/1k favor Rope may be purchased by the bundle: 32kg (64 rope)- 64c each, 8kg (16 rope)-16c each Hurry! Stock up on ye execution needs while supplies last!
  12. I've got a bit of a stock pile of cordage rope that I would like to clean out. 50ql up to 90ql, so no messing around with low favor ropes. Not sure how much total I have, but it's at least 50k in favor. Sell at 1k favor for 2s. Free delivery anywhere in Deli, or pickup available from Autumn Twilight in the south east. Please shoot me a PM here in the forums if interested.
  13. Hello, selling up to 10k favor in 65QL cordage ropes. Asking 2s per 1k favor (aprox 120 ropes) Overall 20s for all ropes. (free delivering on freedom if taking all) Leave message if interested there, PM or in game. Thanks
  14. Hello, selling up to 20k favor in 64.99QL cordage ropes. Asking 2s per 1k favor (aprox 120 ropes) Overall 40s for all ropes. (free delivering on freedom if taking 5k or more favor) Leave message if interested there, PM or in game. Thanks
  15. Hello, selling 16k favor in 64.62QL cordage ropes. (64.62^2*0.002)*1959 = 16360 Favor Asking 2s per 1k favor (aprox 120 ropes) All will sell for 30s + free delivering on freedom severs. Thanks
  16. Selling favor for priests in the form of cordage ropes. Rates goes at 2 silver per 1000 favor, with favorable discounts on bulk orders, up to 10%. Currently located on Deliverance. Will deliver, fees reasonable. To order, PM me or post in this thread.
  17. Selling these items, can mail from Celebration server or pick up near/at AP possible. Delivery can possibly be arranged for bulk goods for a small fee. My ingame name is Guenivere. Thanks for reading! Tools and enchants: Set of 4 horseshoes 74ql, 74-78WOA - 4.5s Dredge 45ql - 20c Pickaxe 70ql - 20c Spindle 70ql - 20c Rope tool 80ql - 40c Pickaxe 45ql 39 WOA 17COC - 35c Rake 62ql 62WOA 42COC - 75c Rake 71ql 42WOA - 65c Mallet 65ql 75WOA - 80c Small anvil 43ql 64WOA - 70c Trowel 68ql 65WOA 53COC - 80c 71ql lantern with purplish pink dye Colors: R=70, G=35, B=158.: 25c ~40ql compass (settles in less than 7 seconds) - 15c Crafting and Bulk: 99ql leather hide 9kg - 20c 60 backpacks - 1s 10 silver hanging lamps 30ql - 1.5s 128 Cordage ropes 10.57ql - I'm not sure the market price on these, if you'd like them let me know 2.5k cooked meat - 3.5s 1000 pumpkins 37ql - 1s 22 Rafts - 8c/each 150 Arrow Shafts - 30c Weapons and Armor: Two-handed sword 45ql 21 Frostbrand - 40c Longsword 69ql 49COC - 65c 10c deals!!! Silver pendulum 14q - 10c Iron pendulum - 10c Small metal shield 58ql - 10c 50ql rope tool (4) - 10c Gems 325ql of gems - 5s
  18. If not mailable, all of these are available for pickup or local delivery near Amish Paradise on South Celebration. In game name is Guenivere. Tools and enchants: Dredge 45ql - 40c Pickaxe 47ql 39 WOA 17COC - 50c Mallet 65ql 75WOA - 1s Crafting and Bulk: 99ql leather hide 9kg - 50c 50 backpacks - 1.2s 10 silver hanging lamps 30ql - 2.5s 116 Cordage ropes 9.33ql - I'm not sure the market price on these, if you'd like them let me know 2.5k cooked meat - 4.5s 1200 pumpkins - 1s 12 Rafts - 1.2s Weapons and Armor: Small metal shield 58ql - 20c Two-handed sword 45ql 21 Frostbrand - 65c Longsword 69ql 49COC - 1s 10c deals!!! 40ql toolbelts (2) - 10c Silver pendulum 14q - 10c Holiday items: Garden gnome: 4s Santa hats (x2): 2s Thank you!
  19. why is it that cordage ropes keep their name in bsbs but the rest of the ropes are renamed as just ropes? looks like a bug to me, i think all ropes should either be renamed or keep their names
  20. The following items went missing after a villager went on vacation then anonymously came back to the village and stole large quantities of items. - Most notably and not all that common were 4 sets of 60 ql steel chain armour. *** Named by Baboso - 500kgs of leather ranging from 5 - 45 ql. - 70 and 80 ql iron tools - 200 count Many are casted *** Smithed by Difrost, may be unnamed due to last server glitch, be inscribed with Baboso or Matthiusmcglyn. None of the items listed here belong to Matthiusmcglyn. - Several hundred kilograms of Wemp Cotton 60 ql - 45 Cordage Ropes at 65 ql Last know whereabouts is Freedom Docks as we received report of stray bulls with large cart, belonging to Shadowthorn, and recovered them.