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Found 9 results

  1. Hello! i have to sell 100k favor in cordages 30s for all https://zapodaj.net/75b1daf7f899e.png.html pm in game: Januszsram or here in this topic
  2. WTS 25391 Favor in cordage ropes (see pic) +2 free BsB Pickup from Xan Q25 Starting bid : 1s min increase : 1s Reserve : nope Buyout : 14s (+ free delivery on coastal freedom, only with buyout) Sniper protection : 30mins
  3. 1k/1.5s Ropes are different ql If you buy all, you will get 6s discount and delivery anywhere you wish Delivery to east Xanadu, Release and Pristine only with orders for 6s or more.
  4. sold

    Hi there. I have 28k favor (in cordage ropes) for sale. Ropes are different ql 3354 - 21.23ql 1009 - 43.73ql 933 - 54.18ql 689 - 63.47ql 526 - 73.38ql 236 - 83ql 90 - 92.88ql Free delivery on all Deli, South Inde and west Xanadu. Other: only orders more than 5s Price is 1k/1.5s If you buy all, you will get 10% discount PM me with offer
  5. Hello. As title says, I have 14k favor for sale. Everything have to be sold. Free delivery on Deli (also south Inde and west Xana ) Delivery to other servers only over 5s. Price: 1k/2s If you buy all, you will pay 24s with free delivery. PM me with offer or leave comment here .
  6. Hello I have 14k for sale. Price: 2s/1k Delivery: Deliverance - free Orders for 5s+ - free All other - negotiable PM me with offer.
  7. Selling favor for priests in the form of cordage ropes. Rates goes at 2 silver per 1000 favor, with favorable discounts on bulk orders, up to 10%. Currently located on Deliverance. Will deliver, fees reasonable. To order, PM me or post in this thread.
  8. I want to buy 7 cordage ropes at Esert.10 coppers each, 70 in total. PM here or same nick ingame Cheers.
  9. I made alot of these while grinding ropemaking and was curious if there is a demand for these ropes. Conditions: Auction Ends: Sunday 8 pm CET. (Central European Time) Reserve: hidden. (as said, curious!) I hope everyone is resonable enough to bid properly and we do not need additional rules. What you bid on: 1000 cordage ropes, each at 58,77 ql. Each rope has a ql. of 58,77. "get price" on one single rope gives this information: [11:25:25] A trader would sell this for about 34 copper and 54 iron. So this is a total of 6908 favor if you plan to sacrifice them. Or... also great for selling to traders. [11:25:25] A trader would sell this for about 34 copper and 54 iron. I will deliver if your place has a harbor connected to the sea, or is on Independence and can be reached on horse back. Happy bidding!