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Found 15 results

  1. 4x large crate cordage ropes 1200pcs 30k Favor price: 30s pickup only / wagoner Exodus
  2. Auction for 30k Favor in cordage ropes (BSB included) PIckup from Xan Q25 Starting bid : 1s no reserve increments :1s sniper : 15mins buyout : 18s with free delivery on coastal freedom (only for buyout)
  3. 1s per 1k favor. First come first serve. Location: K18 Xan. Costal location. I could arrange delivery for a fee.
  4. 1k/1.5s Ropes are different ql If you buy all, you will get 6s discount and delivery anywhere you wish Delivery to east Xanadu, Release and Pristine only with orders for 6s or more.
  5. Get your RARE if you dare! They are shiny and so nice, we can negotiate the price ! Updated list of sold and available items with reduced and old price: Sold items : Rare needle ( c79,w80 ) 80.09 QL - was 7s, now 6.50s SOLD Rare small trypod table - SOLD Rare horseshoe - SOLD Rare stone brick (2x) - SOLD Rare supreme lump - SOLD Rare ore , iron - SOLD Rare cordage rope - SOLD Rare sprout, oakenwood - SOLD Rare clay ( 46.19 QL ) - New item just added ! - 20c- SOLD Rare brick ( 5.65 QL ) - New item just added ! - 20c- SOLD Rare clay 13.43 QL New item just added ! 20c SOLD Rare grindstone 50.04 QL - was 3s, now 2.00s SOLD Available items : Rare grindstone ( c77 ) 46.48 QL - was 3.70, now 2.70s Rare lump, silver -30c Rare dirt - 20c Rare iron lump 6.58 QL - New item just added ! 20c Buyer pays COD Or you can pick them up from my merchant. We have 2 merchants and they sell other goods as well. They are located near Eden Harbour at entrance to bridge that connects Summerholt - Whitefay tunnel/highway ( Xanadu, H-23 ) PM me on forum or reply to this topic with your request or offers. Please provide your correct name.
  6. Re-opening my business selling cordage ropes price is 2s/1k favor Free delivery to any coastal location on orders over 50s. I also accept euros at 1:1 ratio. Otherwise pickup from west Xanadu (J11) Larger orders maybe require more time to make! If you're in need of a large shipment of squares of cloth I could also be tempted to re-prem my fo priest to create such an order.
  7. I have 9k favor in cordage rope i am selling 12s or 1.5s/k i am located at Xanadu L8! cordage rope is 42.91ql and the amount is 2400 ropes if required i can deliver!
  8. Located at P25 (A small island due north of Esteron spawn) Water access available for all ship sizes. COD deliveries (buyer pays postage of 10c per item for deliveries to Xanadu, 20c to everywhere else - I think). Currently In Stock - Currently nothing is stocked because of the move Merchant Clara now has the following on her shelves (04/16/2014) Stock is being improved to match skill gains. Please PM here with your order details. Improvement services available for core carpentry items at 50i per QL up to QL70 Tools All items sold are Oak Wood for best durabilityQL50 is 15c and QL70 is 25c on Spindles, Clay Shapers, Spatulas, Fine Fishing Rods (Willow) and Grooming Brushes.QL50 is 10c and QL70 20c on Mallets. Ship Supplies Mooring Rope: 10cThick Rope: 15cCordage Rope: 20c Marble Braziers At creation QL (QL may vary): 2sAt QL50: 3.5s Storage Large Crates: 15c. Small Crates: 10c.BSBs: 15c. Coming soon! Roof thatching services. For my bulk needs, I visit The Gnome Depot. Also offering Landscaping Services, Ship Sales, and Guard Tower Construction. Click here for a current listing of stock. Edit: Closeout items updated.
  9. Located on "Merchant_Bulk goods" at deed Reedville on Delivrance coast at about 35x.4y 4 x 65.23 ql is 545 favor at 75c each 5 x 75.19 ql is 724 favor at 1s each 2 x 84.60 ql is 916 favor at 1s25c each 1 x 94.24 ql is 1137 favor at 1s60c each (All listed are bundles of 64 cordage ropes) Delivery is not available from me. The merchant is always available, perhaps you can arrange something with a courier. In game picture for some of Reedville and merchant Bulk goods.
  10. Hi! Im interested in buying favour gain items for my vynora priest. It doesnt matter what kind of items, im paying in the worth of favour gain. My favour is atm 55 so items that will give me more then that is just a waste (I can still buy them, but for the price of a 55 favour item, hence the waste). Examples of items im looking for; Cordage Rope Yoyo Silver/gold statue Silver/gold bracelet Silver/gold pendulum Silver/gold candelabra Silver/gold necklace Silver/gold ring PM me either here or in-game (if im online that is ) Cheers Edit: I now have my favor items i wanted. Cheers
  11. Starting bid: 20s Reserve: none Buyout: 40s Min inc: 1s Snipe protection: 1 hour Free delivery to all on Deliverance, anywhere else you will have to pickup from anywhere you wish on deli (with a big boat) as their mass is rather large. A break down: 200 x 83.96 = 2720 562 x 74.60 = 6086 1208 x 64.48 = 9960 667 x 54.68 = 3988
  12. All product have sold. Sorry KaiH. I can't stress how badly I want a way to automate sharing of live information on merchant inventory. ********************************* Selling 64 cordage rope bundles on merchant Bulk goods at Reedville on Deliverance. Located on Deli coast at about 35x.4y As of this posting: 1 x 94.03 @ 2s 20c ... 1131.7 favor 5 x 84.83 @ 1s 80c ... 921.1 favor 11x 75.42 @ 1s 40c ... 728.0 favor Delivery is not available from me. The merchant is always available, perhaps you can arrange something with a courier. In game picture from the sea:
  13. I went to make some cordage ropes this morning and I put them in small barrels as I go, then put them away in the bsbs sorting by ql. Today the cordage ropes do not fit in a small barrel, when 20 would fit a few days ago. No sense for such a change, its a rope, and only weights 0.50 kg. We should not ever have a problem putting ropes in small barrels. Update: I did notice that cordage ropes are now 0.50 kg and not 0.60 kg anymore when created. Why would making them smaller make them not fit?
  14. Auction ended, winning bid 35s. Congratulations Gaelen 10,000 favor in 50+ ql cordage ropes QL______Qty_____Fav 55.00___600.00__3,630.00 65.00___311.00__2,627.95 75.00___180.00__2,025.00 85.00___83.00___1,199.35 94.50___31.00___553.68 ________________10,035.98 - 1s minimum bid increments. - No reserve - I will deliver for free anywhere I can drive my cart to on Deli and this is also all I'm willing to do. - Auction ends in 5 days starting at this threads posting date. On a related yet different subject, I have more cordage and can trade for a 75+ LT enchanted Longsword. pm me about this.
  15. ************************************************* Closed for now, I'll update once more a made. ************************************************* Accepting offers on 2952 cordage ropes(a large cart full) ranging 80's to 50's ql . Total favor is ~ 24,800. I'll deliver anywhere a cart can drive to on Deliverance for 40c.