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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I don't post much but people suggested to post about it here so here it comes. I am in no way a webdev, I have no aesthetic sense, it's not pretty, it's functional to certain extent. This is just a proof of concept, instead of messing around with ingredients and checksums, why not simply pick an affinity you want and have it presented to you in form of ingredients? As some o you know, we have worked out the new cooking system around xmas last year. This was quite profitable for a while, then prices went down to a point where laziness takes over profit. Used a spreadsheet for most of that time but since there are other tools available, I made this. Instructions are on the website, just few bullet points. Does not work for bugged toons, no point since all toons can be fixed. Only uses plain oven, too lazy to add a choice of rare/supreme More choices added. Test meal is bear meat + corn, both whole (not chopped, not minced, not diced) in a pan in plain oven (non-rare etc.) In top dropdown pick which affinity you got from the test meal, under that pick affinity you want to get from your meal. Choose number of ingredients. Those are additional ingredients, on top of "forced" bits like meat+ at least one vege in meal or sausage in pizza. At some point I will add an option to exclude ingredients which user doesn't have so for example it won't use parsley if you don't have any and toggle it off. For now, dragon meat, human meat, pumpkins and some other things I don't remember are switched off. Did not add that because I don't want to force players to create yet another account just to be able to save their ingredient sets. At some point i'll sit down and either add saving cookies locally or generate a 01 string which can be copy-pasted to text document and then back to the website to re-use the settings. I am limiting the ingredients to only chopped because same type plain + chopped does jack all other than filling the pan I suggest meals to people who don't have magic chest, easy and quick to make, with rubbish quality herbs and half-decent veggies you can get 6h+ affi on 20 ingredient meal Pizzas are a bit of an overkill but if you have the time to use up 12h+ affi timer from one bite, go for it. magic chest is a must for those in my opinion as they take a while to make. This was tested by dozens of people, I have been posting it in GL-Freedom, only one complaint but this is an odd one. Apparently one of the payers is affected by an odd bug where the test meal gives him one affi today but another one tomorrow. It bounces between the 2 affi depending on Wurm's mood. I have not pinpointed what can be wrong there yet but chances are that someone is messing with his head and swaps the test meals while he's offline Resolved, user error. If you are missing some of the ingredients, you can generate another combination for the same affinity. If the generator times out, try again, changing number of additional ingredients helps as well. Most important thing, especially to those who are new to Wurm or cooking in Wurm. If generator uses chopped ingredient, it must be chopped. I had people complaining that affinity doesn't match what they were looking for, after more investigating than it was worth, I asked for a screenshot of the pan contents before cooking them just to find out that they decided not to chop some or any of them. Missing one ingredient is another common problem. List is presented in alphabetical order, sort your FSB contents by name as well, makes it much easier. This is hosted on the cheapest Microsoft Azure SQL server (5DTU) so it may be slow, especially if many people use it at the same time. Again, it's just a proof of concept, I might expand it and scale the server up but not too pushed about it. Happy cooking!