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Found 47 results

  1. ===FRUIT=== ===CROPS=== ===WOAD=== ===COCHINEALS=== ===SPROUTS=== ===MEAT=== ===EGGS=== ===HIDES=== ===WOOL=== ===ANIMAL BITS=== ===JUICES+OILS+MILK=== ===MEALS / CHEESE=== ===HERBS & SPICES=== Free delivery to any coast. Can always pickup at Deli H8(Sunburst) After 3 orders you will automatically go to my '20% off list' for all future ones Taking trades for sleep powder !
  2. 6s for the lot if you collect from P22 Xanadu.
  3. Today, I am putting Grapemead Village (island deed at i15 on Xanadu) up for sale. It's a central location on the server with access to the west coast from Fogshore Canal, the east/northeast coast from Maes Knoll Canal and the south from Mount Fuji's Pass. I opened up a new mine on the deed close to water so you can get the maximum mining potential out of the island. It's only a few tiles in but there's already a slate vein there. There are many other places on the island that you can mine for ore as well so you need not worry. Regardless, even if you're just buying the deed for its contents and you decide to disband it afterwards, that's totally up to you. Otherwise, if you plan to keep it, it's ready to decorate and expand further. Originally, it was only a small point on the island that I expanded to make it the size that it is now (36 by 38). I would much prefer to be paid in EU so it can go directly into my PayPal account for use elsewhere but otherwise I will take silver if that's not an option for you. Anyway, without further ado take a look at the features, contents and screenshots below and make an offer in a reply to this thread. I want to sell this stuff ASAP. Deed Features: - Temple Building (path of love tile inside) - Dockyard (4 docks; 4 tiles long and 2 tiles wide each) - Stables (some enchanted grass in the stalls) - Lighthouses (4 towers total; 2 towers 5 tiles high and 2 towers 6 tiles high) - Market Area (29 stalls available for merchants) - Hota Area (in front of castle) - Crafting/Storage Buildings (cook, mason, carpenter, blacksmith and armoursmith; empty spot to add 2 more buildings) - Guard Tower (5 tower guards) - Castle/Keep (3 floors enclosed; 4 floor on top is open; 3 towers 4 floors high) Deed Contents: - Gold Altar (Nahjo blessed; 1st floor of castle) - Deer Hota Statue (middle of Hota Area in front of castle) - Rare Small Cart (sitting on one of the docks) - Bed, Chest, Fireplace and 4 BSBs (3rd floor of castle) - Food Storage Bin (sitting on one of the docks; 4214x 99.81QL garlics; 4845x 35.75QL cooked meat; 77x 90.27QL barley) - Extra Bulk Storage Bin (sitting on on one of the docks; 2405x 28.87QL zinc lumps; birchwood wood scrap 1436x) - Large Cart and Wagon (Freedom) Note: I did not list all of the contents here (e.g., BSBs in the castle) so see these screenshots (includes screenshot of the Rare Small Cart). Deed Screenshots: - See these screenshots to view the layout and buildings (includes screenshot of the Deer Hota Statue). Finally, I also paid 2 silver to the upkeep fund today so it has 39 days, 21 hours and 44 minutes left. The tile per creature ratio is 105 right now. The monthly cost for upkeep is 2 silver, 73 copper and 60 iron. The size is 36 by 38 in case you missed that above. P.S. Remember to make an offer in a reply to this thread. I'm willing to negotiate and I didn't set a price on purpose to give free reign for people to make an offer based on what they feel is current fair pricing (i.e., based more on deed contents than the deed itself to be honest).
  4. Lots of bulk for sale, more will be added soon. Pick-up only, north west xanadu F9 Coastal access must supply own crates too. Cooked Meat (44ql) 12,000 1.25s/1k (PC i got was 2s/1k but will sell for less: 1.25s/1k) Wemp: 12,000 (84.7QL) 75c/1k Oak sprouts: 100 49ql 100/1s
  5. 2500 cooked meats around 40ql for 1,25s/k land delivery available around Summerholt for free coastal pickup possible
  6. Hello, Have some cooked meat for sale and some sleep powder. Can deliver upon arangement of a suitable time for both parties (not delivering to PVP servers tho). Cooked Meat (Qlty. 34+) ---- 5k units, 1.25s/k (all 6s) Sold Sleep Powder --- 6 units, 1.25s/each (all 7s). Cheers.
  7. Selling 23k pieces of cooked meat, located on Xanadu. Average meat QL: 561,5s for 1k pieces of meat30s for the entire lot of 23k meat, which means 3k pieces of meat for free!2s delivery feeFree delivery if you buy 10k pieces or moreWill deliver to closest place accessible by cogNo delivery to ChaosDetailed location for pick-up: Otherworld, 16b (east of Tenakill's Landing, west of Garden of Arcane delights) Sold, can be closed!
  8. As the title says really I killed my first crab the other day and popped the meat in my forge along with others. After a while I checked on the meat, and everything BUT the crab meat turned into cooked meat. The crab meat only reached searing hot by then, so I thought it just needed a bit longer. But it never turned into cooked meat.
  9. 5k Garlic 85 qlty 4s the lot or 1s-1k. 1k cooked meat 1.8s the lot or 1s per 500. Sw Xanadu.
  10. Selling: Bricks (qlty. 30+) ------------- 1k --- 2s/k Mortar (qlty. 20+) ------------- 2k --- 2.5s/k all 4.5s Cooked Meat (qlty. 30+) ---- 2k --- 1.5s/k all 2.5s Notes: * Will deliver for free to any dock in Celebration (upon arranging of a suitable time for both partners in the deal) * Can possibly deliver to other servers aswell for a small fee of 20c. * If you want we can also arrange for you to pick up at our place in Celebration.
  11. Wtb 1k cooked meat i am at q25 xanadu pm me ingame
  12. I'm looking for around 1K of 90+ QL cooked meat. If possible delivered to P9 on Xanadu, but I could collect if it isn't too far. Please either pm me or post offers here. Thank you for your consideration.
  13. Hi everyone I want to sell 1k cooked meat. Pick up on Release X43Y26, delivery possible only via small rowing boat on Release. Price is 1,5s for 1k 75c for 500 50c for 250 20c for 100 PM Vlada ingame or leave reservation here to make a deal. Cheers!
  14. Dirt 7k stock 1s/k Bricks 45ql 9k stock 2s/k Cooked meat 2.5k stock 1s/k 5 Sleep powder for 7s SOLD
  15. I can deliver on Exodus, 2s / 1k If you should choose to pick up, 1.5s / 1k I won't deliver less than 1k per order - In game contact is Melody
  16. Summer is here so it's time to clean out those BSB's and FSB's! Cooked meat 6k - 45ql // 1.5s/k ~Sale pending for 5.5k 0.5k - 90ql // 1s Vegetables 1.6k garlic - 70ql 1.4k pumpkin - 74ql 1s for 1k Sprouts 200 apple - 62ql 150 birch - 63ql 400 camellia 62ql 300 cedar - 57ql 300 grape - 46ql ~Sale pending for 30 085 lavender- 62ql 200 linden - 62ql 050 maple - 52ql 015 oak - 42ql 090 olive - 55ql 100 walnut - 61ql 1c sprout for regular ones - 2c/sprout for camellia, lavender and oak. Also 15 white-dotted flowers available at 10c each. Delivery/pickup Delivery possible, fee is negotiable. Pick up at L17 Exodus. Free delivery on Exo when ordering 2k+ veggies or meat, 5k+ to other servers. Trades for mid-high ql cotton (~2k), high COC (80+) grooming brush or large crates negotiable. You can also hire me for genesis casts & enchanted grass on all servers to speed up your breeding process! Love, Nadineb
  17. * Gems and Tools Sold. Blood potions Mining - SOLD Acid - 1.5s Frost - 1.5s Leatherworking - 2s Armour Smith - SOLD Cooked meat - SOLD Everything can be mailed, and buyer pays CoD, Gems and Cooked Meat pickup at X18, Y33 Shark Coast, Celebration.
  18. Hi! I want to sell 2k cooked meat for 2s. i can deliver for almost everywhere, if the buyer want it. (Delivery on Exodus is free). My Location: x:5 - y:45 Thank you! Danieell
  19. Hello everyone, i've got following bulks for sale: 1k - Cooked meat 33QL -1.5s 1k - Potatoes 47QL -80c 1k - Pumpkins 50QL -80c 1k - Onions 88QL- 80c Or take them all for 3s. Everything can be picked up on Exo at x:40, y:32 or can be delivered to any coast for an extra charge: 20c for Exo and 40c for other servers except Chaos.
  20. Hey fellow wurmians! Im selling 2k of cooked meat for 4s, location for pick up is Opulence, Exodus (x27, y33). Delivery can be arranged for free to Exodus and to other freedom islands for 1s fee (No delivery to Chaos).
  21. got 6k cooked meats for sale, 47ql 2s/1k, located near colossus lake on indy will deliver on indy if you take them all, otherwise pick up at colossus lake pm me ingame
  22. Goods offered: Wheat 4k 80+ql 1s/1k I will also accept payment in gems (1.25c/ql) Location: Mouse Hole Memorial 8x,33y Independence Delivery options (some locations on Independence): Free delivery on Independence or Western Deliverance if you buy all the wheat (not before Friday). Pickup at MHM, (delivery to on-deed or off-deed wharf to the north. Any quantity >= 1k).
  23. Have cooked meat i want to get rid off. 4k - 7 Silver. That's 1.75s per 1k. Can deliver anywhere at Deliverance only or you pick it up. And also some stuff: Carving knife 23.65ql coc82 = 1s Carving knife16.45ql coc38 = 30c Meditation rug 30.37ql 23botd = 20c Exquisite meditation rug 19.50ql coc60 = 60c Butchering knife 36.49ql woa56 coc46 = 80c Hatchet, steel 48.40ql woa46 coc22 = 60c Hatchet iron 1ql coc77 = 1.2s Longsword 66.83ql fa85 coc87 = 2s Pickaxe 28.61ql coc83 = 1.7 Pickaxe 63.51ql woa59 coc36 = 80c Hammer 39.22ql coc44 = 40c Stone chisel 41.20ql woa49 coc 33 = 40c Large Shield 24.95ql coc44 = 40c Rake 26.25ql coc50 = 50c Pick it up or i can cod them. You can also make an offer. in game name: Torvalar
  24. :::///:::///:::///:::/// SHOP CLOSED DUE TO MERCHANT AREA REBUILD/NEW TERRAFORMING :::///:::///:::///:::/// Still taking orders (10k min untill complete rebuild) at a 90c / k + free delivery on Inde/Deli/Exo/Cele price. 91QL atm soon 92. PM me. ---------------- Hello ! I'm starting to sell my products: !!! THE PICTURE BELOW IS LIVE UPDATED AS SOON AS I MAKE A CHANGE !!! (Last: 10/15/2013) Text version 4600 Wemp - 83QL => 3.45 s 2300 Cotton - (1.9k 76QL + 400 81QL) => 1.7s 800 Cooked Meat => 1.6 s 500 Potatoes - 77QL => 37.5c 400 Pumpkins - 78QL => 0.30 s 400 Corn - 77QL => 0.30 s 400 Strawberries - 76QL => 0.30 s 900 Garlic - 77QL => 0.67 s 100 Onions - 75QL => 7.5c 500 Oat - 76QL => 37.5c 500 Rye - 76QL => 37.5c 500 Wheat - 76QL => 37.5c 500 Barley - 76QL => 37.5c 1- DIRECT PURCHASE : Just buy the key to the Merchant, unlock and open corresponding container. Take all you purchased ! 1) Please re-attach lock to the BSB/FSB when you took your order. Thank you. 2) Due to BSB/FSB rule and if you are unlucky you can have less items than expected, i check frequently but it can happen. Just pm me on forums with screenshot of the container + Event tab (proof you just opened the container) I'm on Independence ("Territoire Nolife" 6x 60y) and 2- DELIVERY (Free): Delivery for free can be discussed on Independence, Deliverance, Exodus or even Celebration (depending of the order, eg. If you want i deliver in Celebration you need to make a BIIIIIIG Order but on Deliverance a small order is OK) but on coast ONLY (direct access to deep water only). PM me here on forums or "Syhl" ingame. Thanks!