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Found 5 results

  1. I admit I'm not a cooking expert and I just took my first steps as a chef-to-be. So maybe I'm missing something... I made unfermented moonshine, fermented it in a barrel and got undistilled moonshine. Both appear in my cookbook: Then I lit my still and finally created moonshine: However, "moonshine" never appeared in my cookbook - instead I still get this: Anything I'm missing - or is this a bug?
  2. I'd like to see a search for ingredients added to the personal Cookbook. We have it in the crafting recipes window; type in small nail and you can get everything that uses a small nail in creation and building. Why not the same in our Cookbooks? I think it would be nice to be able to type in corn, and see all the recipes I've discovered that can use corn in them. Or chocolate. Would be a nice QoL change imo.
  3. Was thinking about things, we've got this wonderfully ...fleshed... out system for cooking, but no love for cannibals and the unholy black light! I would love some recipes requiring human meat. For reasons. Affinities, nutrition, ccfp, disease. All in favour, say aye. All not in favour, say nay. Naysayers will be saut├Ęd to flavour, eh, eh?! Thread is under construction. Discuss. Devs, pls. It exists in game, only needs my culinary expertise. Recipe ideas: Basic stir fry:
  4. Search: search by name for recipe Category: Type of cooking items Material: Type in ingredients and it will pop up a list that contains that ingredient. Reason: everyone is used to using the most perfect crafting menu. If the cookbook was structured like this, wurmians would not be so overwhelmed and not know what to do. Mini rant: Also, can we all have the same bloody cookbook. I mean we don't have different crafting recipe menu's with unknown items to craft until you craft them.... You have every possible thing in this game that can be crafted (in pic above), why can't we have the same for a cookbook?
  5. Grand Conjunction of 1601 Dancers III - Predicted by Gaffer Hi Everyone! This week has testing on cooking continuing, with recipes being adjusted, and the cookbook being modified, we're also showing a few new things coming in 1.3 that you can't eat! Rifts and runes The new runic items coming with the 1.3 update will provide individual bonuses depending on a few factors, combining a rune will require a rift stone, crystal or piece of wood along with a lump of metal. The metal used as well as the god the crafter follows will determine the end result, creating a rune that can provide a number of effects such as: Improvement QL gain rate Faster Vehicle speed Faster use speed reductions in size, weight, decay rate increases in volume improvements in ql gain increased chance of rarity There will also be single use runes, giving a chance at performing from a basic spell, to a refresh, and more! Wooden runes will be created with fine carpentry, and attach to wooden items Crystal with jewellery smithing, and attach to metal. Stone using stone-cutting, being able to attach to stone. Cloth items will also be included with one of them, not sure which at this point. These bonuses vary between 5-10%, but be careful! Some will have downsides too, there will be a lot to consider prior to attaching one. These runes are high end items, expect them to be extremely difficult to create, success chance of using or applying the rune will be based off rune quality as well as soul depth, each item is also limited to one rune (minus single use runes). So choose wisely. Cookbook! Work has been extensive on changing the cookbook, moving it to a client sided window (meaning no more pesky timing out) and listing all recipes, here's a sneak preview: Message boards Another feature coming with 1.3 is the message board system! Ever want to leave a message for someone? Or post a request? Well with the new message board, you'll be able to leave all sorts of notices. All you need to do is inscribe some paper or papyrus. And then attach to the message board! You can select whether to post messages to the whole village, to a single villager, or have them publicly available to non citizens as well! It's that simple! The ability to post to certain groups will be limited by permissions. Pandalet joins the dev team! Pandalet has been working hard helping Tich with documentation on the cooking test, giving me lots of info to steal and post in the weekly news, as well as assuring that when it launches, we'll have all the info easily available! I'm pleased to announce that we've managed to trick her into joining the dev team as a developer, So be nice! Wurm Unlimited sale Wurm unlimited is currently 66% off on Steams daily deals! Now's your chance to grab it cheap! Community Content There has been discussion about a player run Wurm radio station! Morlan has been floating the idea of hosting a radio station for Wurmians by Wurmians, andd I'm keen to see how this goes, because I absolutely love sharing music and seeing what others listen to when playing Wurm (except for some Mist lake members who love a little too much Aqua, you know who you are), so I'll be keeping a close eye on it! We're still on track for mid-late November, and next week will have even more info on the non cooking side of this update. I hope to see you all then! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.