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Found 18 results

  1. Looking to buy a Vynora Priest. Preferably high end. 100 faith would be nice. High channeling is also desired. Would also like to see high farming and HFC skills aswell. Will be open to any and all offers, however, so if you or anyone you know has a vynora priest they'd like to get a good price for, please have them PM me in game or on forums. Both @BDCKoolaid Thank you
  2. Seeking a mag follower convert on deli. PM romeo if online or shoot me a message here. Eventually seeking priest conversion. Thanks in advance
  3. Willing to travel just looking for someone to help me out with priesting up my Alt. account. PM me here on the forums or in game @Crystallee Thank you in advance
  4. Hi, does anyone knows how long the najho convert will be available?
  5. Heads up I am SUPER INSANELY AMAZINGLY directionally challenged. Anything that takes place, you will have to meet me at Summerholt and lead me to where I will be helping you..Or I will most definitely get lost!! Haha. I am a Fo priest with 62 faith, so if you wish to be converted you can. I can come to you and do courier enchants for 50c each. I would also be willing to trade courier enchants for 5 speed horses (1 enchant per horse) or possibly bulk resources instead (500 per enchant). Thanks for reading!! PS. I am still learning prices, if 50c is too little or too high feel free to give your opinion.
  6. I am located in a small settlement near Newspring, at around the bottom-middle of R9. I'm just seeking any Mag Priest to convert me to become a follower. I'd be willing to travel to a coast to meet you or meet you halfway if I have to. You can PM me on the forums or PM:Firebug if you're interested. If you wish, I can pay you as well, though not very much. Thank you.
  7. Title says it all... Can meet later today. Will make it worth you time and travel. (mmm spider casserole!) Contact in Wurm... JackJones
  8. Hiho, bacome a follower or priest of our cheesy Nacholord at O19 ingame map. Let me know here or ingame (Nekoras/Koneko) if you need a convert.
  9. What would be the best way to take a Tosiek priest and make him into a Najho priest.
  10. Novastrov Church of Tosiek On Release. Location: Novastrov, X38 Y37 Temporary at Sand Asylum, X9, Y23, The Church of Tosiek is now open to converting players to Wurm’s New Religion And now we are able to Priest followers. Open hours are 19:00 to 22:00 PST. i would like to leave it 30mins between conversions, so that i can get the alignment ticks. Only requirements is that you must have Negative Alignment As a follower of Tosiek I have found out that: Converting another gives you a decrease of 1.0 Alignment. Burying a Human Corpse gives you a decrease of 2.0 Alignment. Desecrating and WL Altar gives you decrease of 2.0 Alignment. Listening to a Tosiek Priests Sermons gives you a decrease of 4.0 Alignment. Tosiek spell list is HERE.
  11. I've been playing Wurm for quite some time, years even, but have never adopted a faith! Vynora is the perfect match for my character's vision. And so, if any priest expects to find themselves near Summerholt (or you happen to be in that area currently) I wonder if it would not be too much to ask to be converted. I'm uncertain how these things work insofar as payment is concerned, but I would be happy to negotiate a fair deal if this is desired. Anyway, feel free to reply, pm me here, or in game (my character's name is Anthropos).
  12. close sorted thanks
  13. A character that needs converting to Magranon please. Location is near Lormere, can meet you there. Please PM in game to Taylen, Ziem, or Xyndia. Will pay for your time.
  14. Hello! I have been playing Wurm Online in phases during a span of maybe 3-4 years. Last time I played was about 1 year ago. I recently decided to start playing a little again, and logged in. To my surprise, I was no longer Jenn-Kellon, instead I had somehow converted to Freedom. I also logged out near a JK tower believing I was safe there (not knowing I would automatically lose my faction during the next year). So when I logged back in yesterday, I was killed by JK guards and respawned at Hunters Lodge. Now I want to get my old spot back, and some equipment that was lost - only problem is the long road up there and the JK tower guards. That's why I'd like a conversion - it doesn't feel right to suddenly be Freedom when I've always been JK for as long as I can remember So if anyone is willing to meet up and convert me (preferrably not too far away from Hunters Lodge), that would have been most awesome! I used to be a member of New Pripjat for a short while (maybe Milp remembers me ) And I also hung out in the areas around Kyara for a good period of time - maybe some of you guys remember me? ( or probably not due to my generic nickname). Anyways, hoping for some tips or help! Thanks! Wurm is the greatest of all games
  15. I made a new character on Chaos. I tried traveling to the altar of bones... and failed. Many times. One time I think I almost made and and got killed by tower guards? I still really want to be on HoTS because I want to be a Black Lighter. Is anyone willing to convert me to HoTS so that way I can just respawn at starting town there or something? Anyone who's willing, post here or PM my forum account. (I realize this probably would be better to post on the Chaos forums but I can't post there right now.)
  16. As the title says I'm looking to become a follower of Magranon and eventually become a priest. So anyone out there able to convert me, I am willing to come to you to be converted.
  17. I decided to start this thread since Celebration was the only one missing; I will try and follow Sincor's design of all the other threads. For Independence Conversion please Refer to: http://forum.wurmonl...ou-thread-inde/ For Deliverance Conversions please Refer to: For Exodus Conversions please Refer to: For Celebration Conversions please Refer to: http://forum.wurmonl...ou-thread-cele/ This Thread is a list of who is willing to convert you and in which area they are located. To be Converted you need Body of 1.5+ (fastest way to get Body up is mining) and 1 Alignment (Bury a corpse of a guard or player). You also must not have changed God in the last 7 days. AND ALL TOWN PLEASE NOTE: 1 follower can convert all players in your town to a god if they have a statuette of the god and belong to that god. -Note- Don't pm the character's name, they probably won't respond, pm the /tell name. Format: God: X Loc: Y Loc: Follower: Priest: Character Name: Town Name: Location: Time Zone: /tell: Info: Map: (Use one of these maps when naming location) Map 1: http://forum.wurmonl...elebration-map/ Map 2: http://forum.wurmonl...salpha-edition/ /tell Roggeh in game, pm me on forums, or post here to be added to the list. I will try and update this every Friday. List of Converters
  18. So, A while ago I converted to try out HOTS. I decided I didn't like it for obvious and personal reasons. I want to convert back to Jenn-Kellon. It says under /converts I have to wait 13 more days. So, is it possible for me to convert another way?