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Found 9 results

  1. I am looking for priests of Fo, Mag and Vyn to priest up my alts. If anyone can assist me with this please respond or PM please. I live on Deliverance near Greendog and am willing to pay 1s per conversion if you come to me. Thanks!
  2. Hello there. I have an alt who I am looking to convert to the worship of Paaweelr. Please reply here or contact Darmalus in-game. I am at the Royal Oak Port X13Y10 on the community map. Thank you.
  3. I am located in a small settlement near Newspring, at around the bottom-middle of R9. I'm just seeking any Mag Priest to convert me to become a follower. I'd be willing to travel to a coast to meet you or meet you halfway if I have to. You can PM me on the forums or PM:Firebug if you're interested. If you wish, I can pay you as well, though not very much. Thank you.
  4. I've seen many problems arise from conversions at the WL Atar of 3 from a black light to white light as priests and then getting kicked for negative alignment on a wl priest. Players then have to wait the cool down conversion time to rejoin the wl faith they switched to. Can we please have a check at the altar of 3 for required alignment and if not in the positive , you're not able to convert. This will prevent a lot of undue hardship .
  5. I've been playing Wurm for quite some time, years even, but have never adopted a faith! Vynora is the perfect match for my character's vision. And so, if any priest expects to find themselves near Summerholt (or you happen to be in that area currently) I wonder if it would not be too much to ask to be converted. I'm uncertain how these things work insofar as payment is concerned, but I would be happy to negotiate a fair deal if this is desired. Anyway, feel free to reply, pm me here, or in game (my character's name is Anthropos).
  6. Hi there, could anyone at or near Valley of the Damned make me a priest of Vynora? In game name is the same as forum name. Would be great Thanks in advance, Vsstar
  7. Hello fellow Wurmians! I wanted to let you on Xanadu know in advance, that I (Smilingcat) will come to visit the starter city of Glass Hollow, which is in the north west part of the map, with one Fo and one Vynora priest the first day the borders open up. Planned services: - Bringing pre-ordered ropes of all sorts. - Conversion to Fo and Vynora follower in Glass Hollow and around. - Altar blessings in that region and possible further along the coasts etc depending on infrastructure - Courier casts for a small tip (no guarantee on cast strength though as my Fo priest is still weak! This is just to help start out Xanadu a bit) - Will bring prepared skiller and speed tools (COC and WOA mainly), if you want anything special, please post specs here and I will do my best to get things repared. - pre-orders accepted already, will make a list and bring things on a first-come-first-served base, up to 55 item ql for blacksmithing items, up to 30 ql on weaponsmithing items, up to 91 cast strength for COC and WOA spells. Pricing will be as follows: - Cordage & Mooring Ropes = 10 c each, Thick Ropes 15 c each, normal ropes = 5c. - 50+ ql blacksmithing item = 30 c - 30+ ql weaponsmithing item = 20 c - WOA & COC cast strength each spell 70-74 = 60 c, 75-79 = 70 c 80-84 = 1s, 85-89 = 1.5s 90+ = 5s (yeah those are rare and most unlikely to get if you are trying for it so thats why the price hike here compared to the lower strength casts) - Courier casts ( tips only, as no cast strength can be guaranteed) - Conversions, prayer circle and alter blessings = FREE ( altar has to be ready built. best to make a silver or gold altar which can be done without religion, Wurmians to be converted need 1 alignment at least, just so you can prepare yourself) - (more to be added) Only coins or low ql (below 10) gems accepted as payment. Gems for 2c/ql, but as said, only below 10 ql ones.
  8. Hello! I have been playing Wurm Online in phases during a span of maybe 3-4 years. Last time I played was about 1 year ago. I recently decided to start playing a little again, and logged in. To my surprise, I was no longer Jenn-Kellon, instead I had somehow converted to Freedom. I also logged out near a JK tower believing I was safe there (not knowing I would automatically lose my faction during the next year). So when I logged back in yesterday, I was killed by JK guards and respawned at Hunters Lodge. Now I want to get my old spot back, and some equipment that was lost - only problem is the long road up there and the JK tower guards. That's why I'd like a conversion - it doesn't feel right to suddenly be Freedom when I've always been JK for as long as I can remember So if anyone is willing to meet up and convert me (preferrably not too far away from Hunters Lodge), that would have been most awesome! I used to be a member of New Pripjat for a short while (maybe Milp remembers me ) And I also hung out in the areas around Kyara for a good period of time - maybe some of you guys remember me? ( or probably not due to my generic nickname). Anyways, hoping for some tips or help! Thanks! Wurm is the greatest of all games
  9. Greetings, I'm looking for a priest to convert me to Vynora priesthood. I'm on the northern central coast, near Sparta. Reply or PM with what you'd need from me to make this happen! Looking for the time frame of "sometime this week." Thanks!