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Found 14 results

  1. Hello Please, PM me here with what you have.
  2. Buying 1 merchant contract, please send a message with your price. Thanks!
  3. ingame name Joseanjim PM plz
  4. paying +6s for one! Message me on Rocklobstar or ingame, Rocklobstar.
  5. Currently any freedom isle player entering chaos walks in with a nice big target painted on their forehead. They're marked as hostile and, as far as I know, give full PvP rewards. Something this idea requires is to shift that status down from "hostile" to a default of neutral: As a freedom isle player: You cannot initiate combat with anyone in a kingdom (or another freedom isle player). You cannot go unlawful. Combat can be initiated against you, but no fighting experience is granted to your attacker (And their reputation drops sharply), if attacked you can defend yourself against any member of that kingdom (initiate combat) for a set amount of time (30 mins?) Now comes the interesting part, players from the freedom isles can be contracted by kingdoms. New Item : Mercenary Contract Crafted from : Paper, reed pen (ink). Use: When used in the inventory the length and payment of the contract can be entered (X silver for Y days), the maximum length being a week. When used on another player it offers them a contract (only works on freedom isle players), if they accept they become a member of the offering kingdom for the duration of the contract with all bonuses and penalties attached, if one does not have the silver listed on the contract in the bank then trying to use it gives the message "you cannot afford to make this offer". Once the contract runs out the freedomer reverts to the freedom faction. They are paid at the END of their contract (goes straight into their bank). Optional extra : Contracts have clauses including : "Stay on Chaos" (if character leaves chaos contract ends, no payment), "X Hours of Play" (if player is not online for a certain amount of time payment is the percentage of that time they did spend online) and "X Kills" (only counts if one makes kills against opposing kingdom members, if quota is not met only a percentage based on completed amount is paid). These are tick boxes and are mentioned before a player accepts a contract.
  6. I am looking to buy a merchant Contract for 7s PLS PM or message RenewedPath With any offers Northern Xanadu
  7. close please
  8. Hi Looking for your unwanted merchant contract. Willing to pay fairly, but under the price of a new one. Close to FM, look for my name in game, or better, PM or post here. Thanks :-) Marlon
  9. If you have one you would like to sell, please PM me with the desired price. I will travel to you for pick up.
  10. Hi This is a really long shot, but I have to try. I really would love to have a merchant at my place, it won't be selling hi QL stuff, and it will not be at FM. If there is an unwanted, abandoned old merchant soul out there I can buy for as cheap as possible, let me know please. I am situated about 10-20 minutes from freedom market. Thanks
  11. Hey guys, Looking to pick up a used merchant contract. Shoot me a PM with your price to work out details. Thanks!