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Found 13 results

  1. Note: Winners have been chosen! The list of winners can be found in the Valrei International linked below: Have you made countless amounts of furnishings and decorations? Spent tons of time dyeing things, arranging them just right, and filling your home and buildings with life and coziness? Creatives and designers everywhere, now is your time to shine! All of those hours spent building, decorating, and getting things just right are about to pay off... and I mean that in the most literal sense! I am thrilled to announce our Creative Design Competition! This one will have four themed categories. Try your hand at one or all! This competition will involve a real cash prize for first, second, and third place winners in each category. (In countries that are not allowed to participate in cash prizes, the prize will be the equivalent amount in in-game silvers.) We will be looking for places that are full of life with attention to detail, and lots of creativity! The Categories Combat and Defense Theme Focuses on defense or battles Forts, camps, battle scenes, etc Cozy Ranches and Farms Focusing on the raising of animals and/or crops. Stables, farmhouses, pastures and crop fields, etc Place of Business Focused on places that accept coin for goods or services Inns, shops, ports, taverns, anywhere that accepts coins! Wacky and Wild! Over the top! The weirder the better! Insane decorations or structures, extreme colors and designs. Rules Build or decorate something in Wurm Online that fits in the above categories. Be creative, fill it with life, and most importantly, have fun! Please keep it family friendly. Nothing suggestive or adult themed in any way. One entry per category per person. Winners can only win in one category to give everyone a fair shot. Post your screenshots in the separate Submissions thread, linked below (please keep any additional category entries to a single post so we can keep them organized! And don't forget to specify which category each submitted image belongs to) Repurposing older structures is okay, but creations specifically made for the contest are very much encouraged! Contest ends on July 10th at 00:00 server time, CEST. Winners will be chosen by the Wurm Online development team. The Prizes (One for each category) First Place: 125e Second Place: 75e Third Place: 50e Countries that can participate for real cash prizes are below! If you win and do not live in one of these countries, the prize will be the equivalent amount in silvers. This opportunity to provide real cash prizes to our lovely creatives is powered by G-Loot. See G-Loot's terms and conditions here.
  2. Calling all cartographer's!!! Anyone interested in making a PvP map for the server has a chance to win 1 Gold or a 50q Drake Hide Armor set including the helmet. The color will be of the winners choosing. Map Requirements: Map Size =2048x2048 Max (smaller is ok)Must have 3 separate islands and 1 main one in the middle that is not connected to any of the others. Must have ALL Biomes Must have ALL Trees Must have ALL Bushes Middle Island Must be flat-ish NO steep slopes on contested area Middle island is meant to be a contested area, so building is a main focus. A flat-ish area (like stated above) will be ideal for the middle island. Map is meant to make up 3 factions fighting for the "mainland" Towns/Buildings NOT required Map will NOT be shared with other servers Idea's also welcome!
  3. Contest: Urath turns 16 on May 20th of this year. The first person that can find one of the original links for an advertisement or review about Urath on the internet, which was coded on a heavily modified version of CircleMUD Urath engine, and you'll win a free copy of WU. Hint: Think MUD lists. Post the ad or review on our forums at
  4. Just deeded a flat area of 31 x 27. Problem is, I lack direction and creativity. Looking for a good deed layout and willing to pay for one. Would like it to be aesthetically pleasing but also functional. This is for a PVE server and does not need any special security layouts. I would like a large farm area, a warehouse, a main house and room for maybe a few 2x2 smaller houses if I ever open my village up to other players. There is a mine on-deed in one of the corners so in your design exclude maybe one of the corners 8 vertical 3 wide because that's the entrance down to it. This is a non-coastal deed. Requirements Would like a deed planner export so I can see it in 3D along with a 2D representation of the layout. The Settlement Token is in the direct middle of the settlement. Don't worry about skill requirements, but at the same time note that I am not skilled enough to make 7 story buildings anytime soon. 3-4 stories is fine with me at this stage in my Wurm life. Prize 10s in game or 10 Euros via paypal for the one I like the best! Would like to award someone within a week! Thanks guys. Deed Planner of base deed
  5. Welcome to the Ravenholm Decoration Contest! Beware Wurmians, you may think we Chaos players have lost any and all interest in peaceful acitivies. You may think, we have lost the interest in the beautiful parts of Wurm. You may be right, some of us have let Chaos into their houses! However, most of you may not believe it.... but the spirit of the Freedom Isles is not dead on Chaos, it resides within many of us. The urge, to clean up, bury corpses, pick flowers.... and to put armour stands in order! Now it's your turn! Take part in a fun event, become the winner of the Ravenholm Decoration Contest! What do I have to do to win? Design an Armoury building. You can use whatever furniture there is in the game. But, since an armoury is mostly designated to hold weapons, armour, bows, shields and the like, those should not be missing! There are no limits to the size of the building. You may build it ingame, or use one of the many 3d Model programs made by some of the wurm community members. Take screenshots of the outside and interior. Post them here before the end of the contest! I will not handpick the winners, the wurm community will decide! (Most likes win) Rules Each person may only make one entry to the contest. At least 4 people have to enter the contest in order for the prizes to be given out. What can I win? First prize: 85 QL plate set, 70+ AosP on all parts 80 QL weapon of choice, 70+ Nimble, CoC, FB 80 QL shield of choice, 70+ CoC 90 Ql oakenwood ropetool Second prize: Rare medium metal shield OR 1 blood from a Kyklops slaying Third prize: 2 silver coins The Contest ends: 5th October, 8 PM GMT+1 Note: The winners of the contest may receive their prizes via mail if they pay the COD. Otherwise, they may be delivered to coastal areas, excluding east Xanadu.
  6. Up for auction is a speedy Rare Pickaxe! Besides from being blue, It will increase the ore quality, Hold enchants for longer, and Speed up those boring mining actions. A must have for anyone even considering mining. Start bid: 5s Increments: 1s Reserve: Nope Buyout: 20s As an added bonus, Anyone who bids or likes this post is entered into a draw for a 8ql 93coc Steel pickaxe! Draw Date will be shortly after the auction ends.
  7. Well as a lot of you I like to make wurm vids. So, I've decided to search for the most developed deed so far, but will give people a week to post pics of their deeds that they think is developed a significant amount since the server opened. Now, Developed doesn't just mean how many building have been made, it's the amount of work down to get the deed to that stage as well, eg terraforming, reclaiming,,,blah blah blah. With this constest/project I'll come do a video of where you have gotten to and also will get 1st preference later down the track with another video of your updated deed.. If people are interested that is great, if there is no interest then no big loss, I just thought it would be good for all to see the progess on the fastest progressing deed out there. If not anything else we will see pic here on this thread of developing deed, which will be fun in itself. So....I'll leave this post going a week or so to see how many participants get involved and at the end I'll make a choice. It will be ny choice and I hope people aren't critical on my decision. I will take any peoples opinions on what they thing is the best deed presented though. Anyway, I thought this would be a bit of fun for all. There is no profit in me doing this apart from the adventure of doing so and the joy of doing vids. Milo
  8. ScarfaceRo's deed design contest has come to a close, and has come to a public vote. This is an "unofficial" poll, as the original thread stated "Just that in this case I won't pick the winner (it would be hard to do so considering I didn't really liked any of the entries), but instead just let the community chose the winner and reward the prize to the design with most "likes" (from valid accounts - made before this date and with at least 100 posts)." However, if my background in web design has taught me anything, it's that content "above the fold" gets the most views, so I am curious to see what a more balanced vote reveals. For the record, Glomby's post won the "official" poll. This note is mad in case ScarfaceRo returns and the likes tally has changed. Grats Glomby! The "likes" tally is as follows: Boomza: 2; Capi: 1; Cookiestomper: 3; Glomby: 4; Keldun: 2; Roame: 4; Slikshot#1: 3; Slickshot#2: 0. Finally, let us keep this topic free of posts arguing ScarfaceRo's whereabouts or intentions. For all intents and purposes, this topic and poll exists for interest's sake and the winner should expect to receive nothing tangible for their work. At least the entrants got to stretch our creative muscles, and the voters look at their pretty pictures! The contestants, in alphabetical order based on username: Boombza Capi Cookiestomper Glomby Keldun Roame Slickshot #1 Slickshot #2 Before casting your vote, please take the time to view each entry. (Ctrl+click to open each link in a new tab) I will also ask that the contestants refrain from casting a vote, whether for themselves or another. EDIT: Just occurred to me that a poll probably needs a time limit. We'll use this one:
  9. Wurm is about enjoying and Fun The following contests are done to inspire new players and bring out the wow Factor for the all players 1st Contest : The contest was held on 22-4-2014 The player with minimum game time online on Release was give a A Steel Carving Knife of 35ql Pyro Won this Contest with 6 day Playtime. 2nd Contest Something more New and nice was needed now , so a Quiz was organised the very next Day on 23-4-2014 10 Question about World GK were asked and the Quiz was won by Carrera Carrear won in Tiebreaker with three people with 2 points at the end of 10 questions. Prize: After the success of the 2 contest, it was decided that the 3rd contest will be organised now on Sunday 27-4-2014 Prize for Sunday Quiz : Full set if Someone from Release wins. 2 silver Cod if Someone from Pristine wins. 2 silver via Epic portal if someone from any other server wins. Quiz Guidelines: 1) Quiz is of 20 questions, Mostly about world GK and fun facts. 2) It will be conducted on GL-freedom and points are allotted on the basis of giving the correct answer fastest. Example: [02:20:31] <Evilprince> In Los Angeles its illegal to do what on the witness stand? Answer: Cry [02:15:10] <Evilprince> What ingredient must French ice cream contain by law? Answer : Eggs So the person saying the correct answer gets 1 point, therefore in a 20 question Quiz one can earn a maximum of 20 points. Quiz Tips: 1) Quiz announcement starts on GL- Freedom so pls keep referring on GL- Freedom. 2) Announcement starts 1 hours before and every 15 minutes so hard to ignore. 3) Please drink water, eat food and pee before it starts. 4) Hide at a safe place so no mob can kill u while u are typing your answers. 5) Most important have a blast and respect sportsmanship. Who can take part : Every person in Wurm can take part and win the prize. The price may be of less value to some players, but they can still participate and have fun in Quiz. This is a movement to inspire new players to not Rage quit and help them have nice tools. Conditions: 1) If the winner does not want the price and is playing for the fun, then the prize goes to second position and so on. 2) In case of Disconnect or Crash, either the Quiz will resume or Delayed to later date. Thought of the Day: Don't play to Achieve, play to Enjoy - Evilprince Have a nice day and happy Wurming all
  10. Winner: MrGrimreaper (post #11) I am looking for something house like (not castle like), kind of cosy and with a beatiful yard. It will be built on Pristine. But the prize can be handed over in any server. You are free to post several designs. Pastebin link of the current deed project: Deedplanner:
  11. im always complaining at how other people does things wrong on organizing impalongs so now its my turn to get trashed . What´s an impalong? its a community event where other people improves and enchants your tools,while u imp other peoples items for skill,join some contests and meet people. Where is this impalong happening? at BlackFlame Island Market on x30 y27 on the celebration map When is this happening? i had to cancel it so its not happening. supplies and facilities: inn with 30 beds locked pens for people that brings horses will provide meals(about 60ql) will provide free 90ql+ mallets for everybody 80ql imping logs 71ql imping iron(i cant do better than 71 unless someone wants to donate iron or i can buy some) 97ql string and cotton im trying to get some good imping leather but dont have it yet Contests: Lets make a deal - hosted by sanrina. still trying to put together more contests,if u have an idea what could work and want to share or even want to host your own contest contact Tpikol. Tpikol and Blackflame island wont be responsible for any injuries caused by camels hitting you with hammers.
  12. This has been cancelled for good this time. As a small consolation for everyone that has signed up this last try, you will all get 1.5s store credit you can use on my merchant thread. (you can see the names in the post below this one) Check out my merchant thread here; http://forum.wurmonl...-guruen-gear-â„¢/ Yes it's another event from the people that brought you Gurrington Quests.This time it'll be a completely free event, and it'll be in the form of a fishing contest.And the best part? There's prizes for everyone! That's right you get a small prize just for participating. There'll ofc be bigger prices for the winners, and even a small consolation price. See below for details on the prizes. So let's talk turkey! well trout would be more fitting Here's how it'll go down. There'll be room for 25 participants, and it's first come first serve basis. You sign up by replying to this thread with the name of your character. Please make sure you can make it or at least give notice if you can't so we can free up the slot for another person. Each participant must be at Gurrington (X20Y18) 30 min before contest starts or they'll forfeit their spot. __________________________________________________________________________ Let's try this again, last time it got cancelled due to to few people signing up People that signed up last time, will have to sign up again. The contest starts at 13:00 CET, January 26. If there's less than 12 signups, the contest will be cancelled. __________________________________________________________________________ Fine fishing rods (70ql) will be supplied along with 5 fishing lines, and you'll get to keep these after the contest! You're ofc welcome to use your own rod if you want to. There'll be 2 categories you can enter in, these categories will be revealed at the start off the contest. You can only enter in 1 category and it'll be a blind 'weigh-in'. This means you won't know what other has entered with, so be sure to enter with your best fish for the category. The contest will run for 30 min and any fish must be delivered for the contest before this time. You will fish from the docks of Gurrington, which means no rare fish allowed for this contest. And here are the prizes you can win. Category 1 1st: 60ql Butchering Knife, LITD Pendulum, 2s2nd: 60ql Butchering knife, 80ql Chisel3rd: 60ql Butchering knife, 60ql Toolbelt Category 2 1st: 60ql Butchering Knife, LITD Pendulum, 2s2nd: 60ql Butchering knife, 80ql Chisel3rd: 60ql Butchering knife, 60ql Toolbelt Consolation prize: 20 fishing lines (fine) Prizes kindly sponsored by Gurrington Smithing & Moonshine Tannery Fishing rods sponsored by Raykow!
  13. Hello fellow Wurmians. Today I have the pleasure of announcing a Fan Art Contest. You take part by posting your own, original art as responses in this thread. Theme for the contest is "The great Female adventurer of Wurm" Any medium is fine. Pen and paper, clay, digital or whatever you want to do. As long as it is presented here. Deadline is Sunday, 8th of September.The winner will be announced on Tuesday, 10th of September. We will take into consideration both player comments and our internal enjoyment of your creativity. The winner gets a brand new gaming headset! Creative Fatal1ty, for the serious gamer. The Winner will receive a PM and we will ship the headset to you. Any import taxes applied to the goods will have to be paid by you. With that, I wish you all the best of luck. Us at the office are looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Let the creativity flow! Sincerely /RedBaron