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Found 18 results

  1. Half tile floors would bring alot of new ideas to house designs with new floor model. Cut version of original floors. Example 3 different versions where red is cut away part: Half tile, usefull to put around hall "second floor" and store barrels example. Half tile thats in the middle. And of course corner piece to complete the half tiles. All these could have extra versions with some fence too so people dont hurt their legs. Now imagine this hall with those half floors around with barrels all around. And how many great ideas others would find out with them! So long and thanks for all the fish. -Ame
  2. friends I need to increase my skills so if you are in need of help in some construction just call me.
  3. Providing Brick, Mortar, Concrete, and Support Beam Services. Your satisfaction is my focus. Taking and filling orders. My stockpile is continuously increasing. I follow through and deliver. Ask any of the players below. Mortar: 1.75s per 1k [1k in-stock] Stockpiling. Shafts: 1s per 1k [1k in-stock] Planks: 1.5s per 1k [1k in-stock] Clay: 1s per 1k [1k in-stock] Bricks: 1.75s per 1k Stone: [10k in-stock] 1.75s Round Stone: [500 in-stock] Sandstone: [Taking Orders] Marble: [5k in-stock] 2s per k Slate: [Taking Orders] Slabs: 1s per 100 Sandstone: [70 in-stock] 1s per 100 Marble: [Taking Orders] Concrete: 1s per 100 [Out of Stock] Support Beams: 3.5s per 100 [Taking Orders] I deliver for free usually. I do crate swaps or will deliver to a BSB. ** Need more than what I have in stock? Put in an order request and I will provide you with delivery time-table** Iron Construction Items: Blank Bulk Tools/Weapons: For Enchanters Tools: Weapons & Shields: Meditation Rugs: PM me in game @ Mrzodiac
  4. Painting walls adds a lot to cosmetic options for structures, and being able to paint fences/parapets now is a really nice addition. What about floors and roofs, though? And bridges? People use these all the time in constructing their buildings and their deeds, and options are rather limited when you can paint the walls of your building a certain color but not the floor or roof, or when you can paint a stone building except for the stone bridge used as part of the design. I don't know if there are any technical reasons why doing this would be difficult, but it would certainly be a very nice thing to have!
  5. We provide construction,mining,digging services. To order a construction you need just make a "blueprint" in deed planner , send it to us and leave everything else to us! We'll do the maths,make\buy resources and deliver them to your location! You'll get calculation tabs of materials and work cost. Contact DaaDaaa via ingame or post a message here. Our finished projects: Ravenhelm Storage @ Deli We opened a shop! Come and see!
  6. So I was a dummy and forgot to build a staircase with banisters. It sure would be great if I could add banisters after the fact! Perhaps as a second level of crafting after stairwell completion? Additionally, if I was a similar kind of dummy and accidentally added banisters to a staircase, it would be nice to be able to remove them
  7. Looking for a beginning player to make bricks and possibly mine. This would be a great opportunity to work towards a premium account. All accommodations provided: food, bed, tools. Will pay based upon production. I have thousands of shards that need to be completed. I will pay based upon completion NOT final sale. My only restriction: your movement off deed will be limited when i am off-line for safety / production purposes. Update Feb. 10th, 2017: Looking for at least a weekly contract/agreement. renewable. Message me @ Mrzodiac
  8. So in a recent thread I made about having a mega project several community members chimed in with interest for a bridge connecting Newspring to the mainland. A few others chimed in for improved highway connections between the starter towns on Xanadu. Those two ideas pretty much took over that thread. lol In fairness of that I figured a new project proposal was in order. So which would you prefer if you had to choose: a bridge connecting Newspring to the mainland, or improved highways on the mainland connecting starter towns? Let me know what you think. If you're excited to help with either project ASSUMING we can get it off the ground without ruffling too many feathers then please chime in! Either of these projects will require great digging skills. The bridge will require more dirt than probably exists (who knows?), as well as 29803 tons of bricks. Sounds fun right!? lol Anyhow, leave a comment below.
  9. Hey guys and gals. Any interest in a mega-project? No, I have no idea what kind of project, exactly, just thought it would be cool to group up as a small community and do a mega project. If you aren't interested that's cool. Chime in if you are though, and we'll discuss details. Thanks! Update: It's feeling like a grand memorial to those we've lost (and onward) might be the way to go with this project. If you agree with that thought and have ideas to share please feel free to chime in!
  10. So here's one for the art team, as I don't see any new mechanics being needed. Gate half: In terms of mechanics a double door (a noclip wall like the arched walls), so single big door, ends at edge of that wall. Since we can "flip" walls now you build two of those and flip one to make a double gate. Gate half top: Half the top of an 2-wide arch simply put. Goes on second story (or ground level as someone would make it work, <3 creative Wurmians... heck, could be another wall to add, noclip version for ground level) above the gate halves, works as a window in terms of collisions for the protection of otherwise flying farmers heh heh heh. Barns anyone? And on that note, as an alternative to the "Gate Half", "Single Wood/Stone/Timberframed column" which is basically the arched wall's side pillar straight from floor to roof on a single side of the tile.. once again can be flipped like any wall so no problems with layout, lots of fun to be had for barns, churches, shipyards........ I'd do images but imma terrible artist or photoshopper =P Guess I could make some primitive ones if this confuses too many ppl
  11. The following constriction materials are needed. Please message me via forum with pricing requirements if you are able to fulfill part or all of this order. I will arrange transportation, thank you. Stone Bricks: 1k Wooden Beams: 750 Clay: 3k Mixed Grass: 1.5k Sincerely, Soniczap
  12. I have a question regarding the construction of larger than average homes. I am trying to build a 9x7 three story mansion with a 5x3 courtyard in the center. I have 54 Carpentry. Here is the (literal) floor plan with the floorless courtyard in the center: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ | __ __ __ | | __| |__ | | | | | | | | | | |__ __| | | |__ __ __| | |__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __| Here is the same plan, but including walls: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ | |__|__|__| | | __|__| |__|__ | |__ __| |__ __| |__ __| |__ __| | |__ __ __ __| | | |__|__|__| | |__ __ __|__|__|__|__ __ __| So far, I have built this: __ __ __ __ | |__| | __|__| |__ __| |__ __| | |__ __ | |__| |__ __ __|__| It allows me to plan two more tiles, like this: __ __ __ __ __ | |__|__| | __|__| |__ __| |__ __| | |__ __ | |__|__ |__ __ __|__|__| But if I try to add anything else, it says my carpentry is not high enough to build a structure of this size. So I looked at the rules, and then counted how many walls and floors I have already built. 22 Floors + 36 Walls = 58 58 > 54 I am rather confused, but I am also a new player, so I may be misunderstanding the mechanics. Now that I have all the context out of the way, I can finally ask my question(s): Assuming I raise my Carpentry level enough, will I be able to complete the house? Do upper-level floors and walls count toward the wall and floor total limit? If it is possible to build, to what level do I need to raise my Carpentry? Note: If you are wondering about the upper floors, each will have a smaller surface area than the one below it, so I don't think that will be an issue. Any suggestions or help is appreciated. Thank you for your time
  13. PE advises all past, present and future customers that this business is closed - until Lando returns from his leave of absence. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please note: we now have a policy of payment upfront - CoD with a papyrus. PE Enterprises: Lots of new stock always coming in -------------------Bulk Sales + delivery any server (except Chaos) - usually within 48 hours. - Bricks 2.0s per 1k - Mortar 3.5s per 1k - Dirt/Sand 1.0s per 1k- Planks 1.4s per 1k - Concrete 12s per 1k 1.25s/100 for smaller quantities- Iron lumps 90ql 7.2s per 1k 75c/100 for smaller quantities - Leather PM Baloo for prices- Sleep Powders 1.5s each Large crates available if you have none to swap out - or we can unload into your BSBs Ships, Pylons, Obelisks, Wagons, BSBs, Large Carts, Fence Bars, Support Beams, Forges, Floorboards, etc - made to order - some in stock Steel and charcoal available - made to order - slate and other ores in lumps available too. Farm produce grown for advance orders, e.g. corn, garlic, onions, wemp, cotton, etc - although some in stock too We can also supply: clay, ores, lumps, logs, etc for advance orders - along with high ql bulk items - Forge 80ql 1.25s each - imp'ing forges, rare or otherwise - same price- Forge 90ql 2.50s each - imp'ing forges, rare or otherwise - same price Contact Baloo for sales - PM in game Baloo, or preferably, Forum PM Baloo----------------------------- Priest Services: Fo, Mag and Vyn - contact Lando ingame or Old-Lando on forum------------------- PE Delivery Services: People or goods - professional service guaranteed!-------------------------- PE Construction:---------------------- Housing - Terra-forming - Land Bridges- Canals - Fencing - Repairs Not much that can't be done. Large projects our specialty. - Looking for workers and suppliers - contact Danato (in game and forum) or Lando (in game) or Old_Lando (forum) PS: Our main warehouses are on Inde, but we have warehouses on most servers, including 3 corners of Xana.
  14. Playing as a Vynora follower on Xanadu with about 50 Masonry. I tried completing a Magranon foundation pillar mission. The conditions were: SW in Freedom Isles (I'm on Newspring Island... can't get much more SW than that) In a cave (yes) Not on a settlement (the tile I tried to build it on wasn't even on perimeter) On a flat surface (yes; I have enough mining skill to be sure of this) With sufficient ceiling height (I mined the ceiling as much as possible and lowered the floor as well) I tried it in two different caves, each satisfying those conditions, but each time I would get a message similar to "Now is not the time to build this". I asked around, and people are saying that it's possible the quadrant is displayed incorrectly, and that this has happened before. I spoke to a GM about it, but they couldn't do much since the mission had expired by the time we spoke, so they suggested I post here about it instead. I also got confirmation that my religion shouldn't matter for this, since I'm on a Freedom server.
  15. I would like to construct a barn and put stables inside, but in order to do this I have to be able to build fences and gates anywhere inside of the structure on the first floor. I think a lot of people would appreciate this option! I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  16. We've had several comment positively on our deed and many have been interested in its layout/design. So we are posting here to share our experience... My wife (Awngeleak) and I (Tuanta) bought Cape Hazard a few months back. We renamed it to Waterdeep and began work... (The name seemed fitting since it is located on the West Coast and I am a fan of "old school" D&D) Location: Waterdeep (x4, y19) located on a Peninsula (Turned Island) in the Central West Coast of Pristine (Size 59x57) Before: Overlook Work in progress: After: Overlook Design: Above ground (All tree and bush types, large farm and ranch areas, Monastery "Fo, Magranon, and Vynora", Path of Love & Knowledge, and all trade "Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, Masonry, Carpentry, Kitchen, Tailoring, etc" buildings) Below ground (At least one of every ore type all utmost quality and 10,000 remaining actions) Additional pictures: North side at water level outside Carpentry building. (Will be placing merchants at each trade building. Wood: Raw Materials and Wood: Tools are currently setup.) West side (Castle complex will be placed at top) South East side facing West (Showing Hazard Heights mountain deed where overlook pictures were taken) South East canal with small boat passible land bridge (Island was actually a peninsula. There is rock just below surface there) South side canal (Equipped with warning lights for large ships) Note: North side is large ship passable yet most still choose to push their ships over the land bridge. Wurmians do it the hard way! It's our way of life! East side showing guard tower Corner shot at South East Fall: Walnut & Chestnut Lemon & Maple Apple & Linden Cherry & Birch Cedar & Olive Oaks Winter: Note: Brass lamps with blue dye give the blue glow through the walls Maple & Lemon Olive & Cedar Fir & Pine Cherry & Birch Apple & Linden Grapes on Western Shore (inside) Grapes on Western Shore (outside) Carpentry building with a BSB for each wood type and each 10ql tier (1-9ql, 10-19ql, etc) Monastery Western Shipbuilding side Willows in Winter Oaks (Lamps inside trees give off blue glow) Southern Building (outside) Southern Building (second story) Monastery and Pond area Farm area Animal pens Will update with more picks as we progress.
  17. Currently the starting area is fairly isolated, relying on perelous overland routes for trade and nublet distribution. I'm proposing a large canal from near poolsclosed through the desert and to the outlet near salem. I've never done any megabuilds before, however I suspect this one is both ambitious and possibly insane. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help out (I am thinking we do it underground since overground would be overkill, reinforcing the walls as we go along to reduce future maintenence). What do you get out of it? Name on a plaque outside, any minerals/gems you find, the silent thanks of every merchant/nublet/wanderer who uses it thereafter and chance ot make lots of friends
  18. A few weeks ago I saw a travel documentary showcasing a horse race through the streets of some European city. The streets were quite narrow, and lined with thousands of cheering fans on both sides. This left only a small path for the riders to navigate their speeding horses! And the track was dirt or sawdust, and curved bent and twisted around a very few small city blocks. Everyone looked extremely excited and engaged - and the riders were really worked over when the event was done. There was even a huge wreck with horses and men falling to the ground and piling up on one another ... spectacular! What does the community think about establishing some form of horse racing across the islands of Wurm? /> There are of course the modern forms of horse racing that could be matched - - but - - it might also be very interesting to put a medieval or Wurm'ian twist on the sport! It is, after all, a different World!