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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, The console log for my steam account, Ikki, is not updating - the last one was on Sun Aug 23rd 2020 16:15:43] Preparing to enable console logging. [16:15:43] Now logging to /home/USERNAME/wurm/console.Ikki.log [16:15:43] Time is Sun Aug 23 16:15:43 BST 2020 [16:15:43] Running client version 4.2.19 [16:15:43] client build# f56def8576841fc7fbf4644bd7f4fb7797f8098b [16:15:43] client build time 2020-08-21 18:36 This steam account seems to be bugged - click place and get booted, etc - what gives with this ???
  2. We got shiny new tool bar and some new buttons and icons, but still the call for help is the same old. If one would aks me, i would say it is the most old thing Wurm Online has. A new player not even has the keybind set, you have to open a console, and add in some weird command line. in 2018 !!! #omg #fail Write help in local chat, is also not natural for new players, it is quite "unique" for WurmOnline. How about we get a button added on the toolbar or somewhere else, but not keybound anymore??
  3. I've recently spent some time updating my quickswitch keybinds, which were originally based on Daray's repo. A long time ago, I replaced the 'settoolbelt' calls in the original with 'LOAD_TOOLBELT#' So I've got different toolbelts saved for different sorts of tasks, and my keybind scripts binds a set of action keys and load the toolbelt appropriate for those actions One idea I wanted to include in my update was to handle the skilltracker in a similar way. However, I discovered that there aren't console commands to load and save skilltrackers, only key bindings (unlike the toolbelt, which has key bindings and console commands. So I suggest adding the following console commands: nextskilltracker prevskilltracker loadskilltracker <0-9> saveskilltracker [<0-9>] If number is not provided, saves currently active slot The saveskilltracker command above has an optional argument, unlike savetoolbelt, which requires the toolbelt number. I propose making it optional for both, with no argument meaning 'the active one' savetoolbelt <0-9> --> savetoolbelt [<0-9>] Making the argument optional on save, means we can do this: savetoolbelt loadtoolbelt4 That is, if I modify a toolbelt, it's automatically saved if I swap to a different toolbelt via the keybind scripts
  4. I already posted about which one to buy Witcher 3 or Just cause 3 and got good reply and again i came to confusion about another 2 games now dont know which one to buy so here are 2 games 1 . Battlefield 1 2 . Watch dog 2 .. ..... and i know these games are totally different genre but both of them looks good as i got huge vacation i got money for 1 game and i will buy another game after the vacation when i got salary but anyway i want good game to enjoy in my vacation so pls help me lol ..... As for battlefiel 1 i already played the game since Bad company 2 to battlefield 4 and for watch dog2 its look similar to gta 5 but never played watch dog before . so which one should i buy first and which one later or never buy (not worth)?
  5. this game looks good but its early access so some bugs and the theme with gore is nice , what you guys think ? anyone going to play on ps4 ?
  6. Hey there This is not so much an issue, as a request for advice on change, or perhaps something for the developers of the headless server to think about. My output is generally useless (i run the headless server with a forever like keep alive/watchdog system) and I attach to the logging often to see what is going on, if it's still Up and ok. The output generally looks like this, and nothing much changes over time....: Starting the server Incoming RMI is disabled ================================================================== Wurm Server launcher finished at Tue Apr 12 18:55:28 EDT 2016 ================================================================== Server connected to steam Client was Authenticated Client was NOT Authenticated Server connected to steam Server connected to steam Is there a way, to get more informative output to console without modifying wurm source? (I am not a fan of mods of any sort, as it causes more problem for players in the long run). Is this log4j logging? In that case, It would be easy to modify or add an appender. Something that would be useful: 1. timestamp each line (i have no idea when that client conneciton happened) 2. who is client? add a name or uid in there? 3. more informational logging (connected to steam, when did it disconnect? why?) 4. periodic output on number of creatures or number of players... maybe things like that Just an idea, if you anyone's got some input on this, do share M
  7. What does this mean? WARNING com.wurmonline.server.players.DbPlayerInfo: playername CHEATED reported I also see a CHEATED column in the database. What is that?
  8. I'm using the console to redefine my bindings. It works good for me, and everything is fine. Only thing that drives me crazy from time to time is that console looses focus every time I press enter. Cause when I get a bunch of new windows instead of text typed into the console, its just crazy. Please fix that. Thanks! I know about ability to script the things and bind them to several hotkeys. But this is not comfortable for me and I'm better of typing, plus this should be a primitive change.
  9. Hello everyone. I am currently on holiday and downloaded wurm to my mum's computer as I own a desktop and cannot leave wurm that long because I have animals to take care of. I tried adding wurm to my this computer but it will not work. It just gets stuck on downloading application. I have tried removing wurm completely and re-adding it but whenever I do the install location at start wont show up and it just says downloading application again. I have uninstalled java and reinstalled but still it does not work. I cannot get into the javas -viewer thing because whenever I try the box is just white and doesn't load anything. Im really stumped and I would like to know if anyone knew how to completely remove wurm from my computer so I can re-add it again. Thanks -Doobster
  10. WARNING: Can't set attitude of creature 57031343997184 because it doesn't exist Null tile type: 32 at (314,91)! Please let client developers know! Null tile type: 32 at (240,23)! Please let client developers know! WARNING: Cannot play animation for 161467097678099 because it doesn't exist. WARNING: Cannot play animation for 557325274317058 because it doesn't exist. Can't add effect to 1389527549609218 because it doesn't exist. Can't add effect to 419934907663618 because it doesn't exist. Can't add effect to 3125377287324930 because it doesn't exist. Can't add effect to 2688327505413378 because it doesn't exist. Can't add effect to 2330414190429442 because it doesn't exist. Can't add effect to 2688348929918210 because it doesn't exist. Can't add effect to 2866737410213122 because it doesn't exist. Can't add effect to 2855020739429634 because it doesn't exist. Can't add effect to 2866712680596738 because it doesn't exist. Null tile type: 32 at (240,23)! Please let client developers know! I'm guessing it needs a fix