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Found 18 results

  1. Connecting to server: has been an issue this morning; was playing fine for a while on Xanadu this morning, I started to lag and chalked it up to normal server lag. Now i am stuck in a void on both accounts, one on Xanadu and another on Pristine. Things take an abnormally long time to load and when they do i cant move, only look around and nothing will load, i.e. inventory, clicking on ground tile, etc. I run a Mac OS X El Capitan V 10.11.5, and have not had any issues in the past of this sort. I have already tried updating Java, of which I was already up to date. Any information on this would be much appreciated!
  2. Today, 5/26, I had some 30+reconnection moments. Game would freeze for a second, then the loading screen with the message would appear. It is not CTD thing. Message would say trying to relog, connection timed out, try again in some 180 seconds. Happend when I was creating pegs, indoor, like every 5 min or so, then it was ok for some time, and then issue came back. At that point I was already out, attaching those pegs. No fences, no gates, no monsters, no special events of any kind. It would just happen out of nowhere. Needless to say, it ruined my hype on the skill gain on lvl 21 to be able to ride horses. Well anyway, I am attaching some files and hoping someone will be able to help me pin down the troubled bug on my pc, otherwise...Well anyway, any help is appreciated and all questions are welcomed. Jimbean, the only Wurmian who was pi''ed at Wurm when he reached level 21 in BS. Spoiler = Console.log Have a great bug hunting guys and gals. Jimbean
  3. Cannot connect from either computer with stable or unstable client... Just get message: Update failed, Error opening connection to pack server. I have never seen this before. I cannot even connect.... Anyone have any ideas? Other people don't seem to be having trouble. UPDATE: finally went to a cafe in town, and Viola: instant connect Apparently my ISP is not talking to wurm just now? Update: 10 hours later still cant connect. Researched more and went to irc.. followed directions to add wurm to host file and changed my dns servers to google... no joy no joy..
  4. Found a topic about this that already exists! My apologies!
  5. Repost:
  6. What is this? My end? Wurm's end? Host's end? EDIT: It's obviously not my router as I am connecting here (forums and internet) just fine.
  7. As the topic title says, that is the message I get when I try to login with my character. I have had this character for a while now, although I haven't played in a while. I have tried using several different passwords on several different accounts that I have already and they all get the same message. I'm not sure what other information I should provide, but please, ask and I will do what I can. I just want this problem resolved, as it is very aggravating. EDIT: My character names are: Allyatra, Alyatra, filppilp, and Sceritha. Sceritha being the main one I want to get on. EDIT EDIT: Also I should add that I have tried password resets on all my accounts and everytime it would say it's an invalid email.
  8. Hello, i've never had connection problens with wurm since i started to play but now its freezing for 30seconds and it's beign frequent. This week i'm playing all day long and sometimes its normal but when it start to freeze once, it seens to never stop, keep freezing each 30seconds and sometimes i keep waiting for 30seconds without answer. I already tested my network and connection, its fine. I'm not the only one with this problem, i checked it in-game with others every time it freezes. Please any information about it will help. Thanks!
  9. User cannot access forum page (says permission denied). That is even accessing web page as a guest viewer. He's created two characters, both which were playable for a short time after creation, then the game-start loading screen (with the tower) stalls on "Connecting". When wrong password is used, it does connect enough to say it's the wrong user/pwd. It seems to me he's being blocked on the Wurm side. Is there an adaptive security thing that's blocking play? He's connecting through a VPN, is that part of the issue? I'm using the same OS as he is, I can access game fine. (Had some graphical issues on my end at first but now it's fine)
  10. This is solely intended for P&R players who are actively engaging in the community. This does include Multi cluster players, but does not include people who solely play on the Old Cluster or Epic. If they run into this poll though, there are options for them to participate without skewing the opinion coming from the P&R community. Please understand that EVERYONE has their own best interests in mind. I'd really rather not see harassment in this discussion as I have seen elsewhere on the forums over this issue. Please only choose to comment if it can be done without personal attacks. Edit: And fyi the poll is made public simply so people can verify (if they choose to put out the effort) which accounts are tied to which servers. I sincerely hope that isn't going to be abused.
  11. Hello, Not sure if i should post this in here or in server issues. Anyway, here's the matter : i installed the game and java runtime environment (1.7.0, so the latest one i believe) yesterday. I let the launcher update run at night, woke up and tried to log in. It succeeded, and i came to this screen : * And it all went downhill from there. First, the "unable to connect" message : So i first tried it again a few times. Then, by launching it as admin. Then, by launching as admin and by disabling my antivirus. Then, by flushing my dns and some other windows commands. And of course, i've been rebooting between each try. I also tried to uninstall and re-install twice, with JRE reinstalled as well. I've done all i could think of. I tried to mess a bit with the options (not the compatibility setting though), with no more success. So here i am. - OS : Windows 8.1 x64 - Hardware : Asus RoG g75V (RAM:16 Go, processor : intel core i7 2.4 0GHz) - Antivirus : Norton 2012 P.S. : And the issue can barely coming from my livebox, i've spent so much time opening every port/slot and disabling every additionnal security filter on this damn thing that it's as open as fallout's world. P.P.S. : here's a screen from a ping check i did in my cmd.exe : seems like the problem is there as well. It's french, so translated it says that from 4 data clusters, 4 were lost. P.P.P.S. : sorry, this post has grown bigger than i thought (better kill it before it lays eggs). Hope it's still as clear as possible. Many excuses if i mistaped something, i'm still practicing english. And good luck to the devs & GMs. Being myself in a game design and programming formation, i wish you all the coffee in the world. Thanks ! edited : damn english words. spelled wrong and stuff.
  12. I was in Wurm (Pristine) until about five or ten minutes ago, and I got booted from the game and can't seem to reconnect. It sits there saying "connecting to server" for a while, then says "Network error: failed to connect to the new game server". I have no other problems with my internet connection, and even the Wurm login screen says all the servers are up, but I can't get in. Anyone else? ETA: I see now that 0 players are on Pristine, so yeah, not just me!
  13. I've been having this issue for awhile now. It seems I get disconnected in-game (people see me disconnect), but my client stays open and just lags out. No disconnecting errors or anything, it just stays open until I re-launch the client. Is there anything that can be done about this? It's getting really annoying, and I can imagine how devastating in a PvP situation this could be.
  14. The game just stops at "Connecting to server..." forever (15 mins and still trying), and don't want to connect. I can see the server status and the number of players from the forum, and my tracer doesnt show anything unusual:
  15. So about 20 minutes ago I was in the middle of something and then it shut down on me for no reason, there wasnt even one of those red reports popping up. So I logged back in and it said 'Connection Denied: The Server is currently not available. Im in Exodus, and was wondering if anyone else is having problems.
  16. Client get stuck on connecting to server from time to time with no end in sight, your forced to shut the client 3-4 times and try again for it to go through and gain access while servers are on.
  17. why if i click play and it starts it say connection dennied ,password incorrect>pleasetry again or create a new player?
  18. Had this problem a while back too, but it miraculously dissolved by itself. But now I want to know what I can do about it. So I'm trying to connect to the Exo server with an unstable client. I get an connection time out for all PC's in the same network here at home. Trying ping and tracert resolves in OK stats; (image) What can I try to make the client connect?