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Found 7 results

  1. I have been searching for a while now, And am having trouble finding any sort of documentation regarding what the "Minimum Computer Specs" For Wurm would be. I was also looking for examples of High end setups which where able to preform very Smoothly, especially ones that are capable of running multiple clients. Also, if a knowledgeable player or Dev was able to recommend which brand of graphics card is better to use with Wurm, that would be great!
  2. Just curious what people use to play wurm with under the format of processor: ram: gpu: monitor: peripherals: cooler: hdd/ssd: and so on... A thread to see what what people are using to play the game.
  3. What specifications would be good and ideal for a Wurm Unlimited server and is there an officially sponsored hosting company somewhere? The few hosts I've found have had different prices of servers for basically the same specs. I'm not looking for a huge map (maybe as small as 2048x2048) and the max amount of players would be from 10-30. Explain good host server specs to me like I was am a noob, and if you know, about how much it'd cost.
  4. I run Wurm Online with 2 fps. I have played wurm on and off for 5 years. I am done always in caves or looking at the ground to keep my fps above 5. I am looking to build a computer. I just don't know how to pick the parts. I am on a small budget of 320 dollars. I could spend an extra 30 bucks, but I am sure shipping will round that up. If a few of you guys have some spare time. Could you surf the web and link me to all the parts I will need to build a computer. I am only going to play Wurm with this computer nothing more nothing less. Please and thank you.
  5. As many of my friends know, I have this habit of crashing and lagging extremely bad sometimes. At the moment I have this crappy little HP Pavilion Slimline s5503w. Not even sure how it runs wurm tbh. I have about $500 to play with and would like to get a new PC, just the tower would work. What would be a good thing I could buy to stop this lag and crash habit I have?
  6. So I'm in the market for a new computer for gaming.. preferrably under 5-10,000 usd. Though 1-2k would be more reasonable of course. Games I plan on playing... Archeage (when its out), Diablo III, League of Legends, Wurm Online. I also Watch movies via Hulu and Like listening to music... Now Obviously I need a system that operates all of these quite well... I want to be able to run on maximum graphics and not lose a beat. Also I typically will run somewhere between 2-4 clients currently of wurm... use to be 8-10... before version1.0 I would like to be able to run 8-10 again... on maximum graphics if that is at all possible on any system... I also tend to run diablo and league of legends in the background... and watch my shows with constant alt tabbing... yes terrible for skill gains on wurm but hey I like to have options at my fingertips Most computers Seem to have the same problem with me running this hard... Fans overheat and stop working. It has to be a laptop as i play in a semi truck. So.... Let the talks commence! What would you guys suggest I look into buying for my 2013 Computer? If it isn't terribly expensive it doesn't have to last too long... 1 year or so... maybe more... if its over 5k I'll plan on using it for atleast 3 years. probably more. =] I use USB for headset/Mouse and Prefer a full keyboard built in but I don't mind using another usb for an external ergonomic keyboard. =] Thanks for your time!
  7. just curious and all. I prefer XP and despise the new ones not because it's "New" because its no longer about the user, only about the features the glitz and glam, on top of what can make the bigger $$$. Windows XP in my opinion was fine, easy to work with great for gaming and servers. As far as i can tell. then Vista comes out and online life becomes a nightmare because nearly everything not made by Microsoft was so incompatible. Vista and Seven has some nice features yes, but it don't beat the fact Windows XP wasn't your PC-Mommy telling you what you can and cant do. it's YOUR computer why the heck should it be secured beyond our control? Then 7 came out and the security isn't as nagging but still its just as resource hungry as vista, like why is it XP can run games with min 1gb but vista/7 just HAVE to have another 1-2? in short, A little more effort in XP could have gone a long way. And with the prices of the new windows OS 199$? that's just pathetic i'm not paying 200$ for something they will eventually marked as "Not genuine" I'd sooner go to Ubuntu/Linux and wait another 5 years for something that isn't sales orientated. These are just my thoughts i dunno all the details so correct me if i'm wrong about things but don't be ignorant and rude. How about your opinions? Please share, if you used windows before but switched to something else how come? what turned you away?