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Found 1 result

  1. I have read several of the discussions about equipment appropriate for playing Wurm. My current laptop is Gateway FX from about 6 years ago and it had an NVidia 9800M card in it. It has never done java based games well and recently has started overheating and more. I replaced the GPU fan and it still isn't working right so my wife (much to my surprise) reminded me that I need to do something before we go on vacation in a month and mentioned that with school coming up this would be a good time for a new one! (shock, amazement!) Anyway, looking at TigerDirect, I found two that are the same price ($1499) but have somewhat different features. I have seen from the discussions that Graphics Memory, System Memory, and CPU are all pretty important. CyberpowerPC - Has 6GB video memory, 2.5GHz CPU speed, but other wise pretty similar, but it has 12 month warranty MSI - 3GB Video memory, 2.25GHz CPU, 24 month warranty, but claims to be able to take hardline and wireless internet connection at the same time for better speeds. My internet connection is pretty shaky it would be nice to be able to use both my main (intermittent 3M connection) and my backup (750K but tends to have higher ping rates) at the same time. It also talks about NVIDIA's surround view. I'm guessing the Cyberpower must do the same since it's virtually the same card, but I don't know. I would appreciate feedback on which would be the better overall gaming system, both for Wurm and the vague possibility I might want to play other games. I like to run multiple windows when I wurm... so that's a big point of interest Time is fairly critical, we go on vacation in barely over a month from now. Thanks!