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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone! As a business minded individual I have a concept that I think would work quite well in such a community driven game as Wurm. I am setting out to create a job agency that will archive all players who are looking for work and looking for workers. Of course the forum already does an excellent job of this so I have a system to differentiate myself and to give new players opportunities to work and earn money. My formatting may be kickstarter-ish but it's a tried and working model The Plan: Short term: Step one of the agency will simply be collecting contacts and archiving them whether it be workers or employers and matching people up accordingly. Say that you need to flatten some ground I will look through my records to see all people who are looking for that particular job, contact them, and whoever is willing to take the job will be transported to the job site by me.The worker will complete the specified job, and on report from the employer will receive pay (This will be talked about more later) After the completion of the job I will contact both the employee(s) and employer to ask their experience and create a sort of "reputation" system. Needless to say your reputation will speak volumes and will either ensure your future as a paid worker, or expose you as a scammer, bad worker, etc... This concept is rather simple and as such there will be a minimal "referral fee" (again will be covered in depth later) We will start by managing anyone who wants work but favoring new players as they are more in need of work in order to get a foot hold. It should also be said that your reputation with the agency will also put you as a higher priority individual. Your orders will be met first and your services will be considered first. Due to the nature of the work I will also need to know any specialties you may have. for example I wouldn't send a plate armor smith with a good reputation to plan a building when a carpenter would be needed instead. Specializations are also what will allow for more experienced players to consistently offer their services and get the most out of their hard work. Long term: Long term I would like to branch into as many labor tasks as possible, and work on a centralized location (ingame) that will have employee housing, training areas, and of course a job board which will be updated frequently. Along with this I would like to work on optimization of the services asap. Most of the money I will be receiving will go into furthering the agency as to make it easier and faster for work to be completed. Most investments will be things like rare utilities that will increase efficiency in training. Workers will be able to use the grounds as they like. The central location will be decided by where most of the work goes on. When we start picking up steam funding will also be spent on hiring individuals who will work specifically for the agency. As builders, recruiters, cab service, etc... The main point will be having everything run as smoothly as possible and for workers to realize their full potential in their fields. Progress Concept(x) Everything looks good on paper Means of transporting workers (X) Means of contacting workers (X) Means of contacting employers (X) Archive of individual's reputation (x) Central location Upgrades Agency workers Community Involvement: Since the entirety of this idea is community based it would be great to hear what services you guys want! Perhaps your creative minds are greater than mine. As a player who has limited knowledge in most fields I would love to hear what ideas you have. Along with this I will be creating a docs sheet with important contact info, and various other useful links/notices. Think of it like a newspaper. Most of this doc will be things that you guys want to be heard. I will also be keeping public profiles (if allowed by the individual) that work as a sort of resume that potential employers will be able to look at and determine if they want to take on the worker. For employers I will keep the same sort of resume, but create a nice well kept "classified page" Since the sheet will make it easy to find what you are looking for you can think of it like the forum classifieds but more centralized. Since this is more of a referal service than anything we will also feature merchants and players looking to sell on our adboards. The business model: To make this simple I will create a "scenario" New user "Marco" is looking for an opportunity to make some coin but doesn't know how to go about making said coin, he only just joined the game after all. Marco has 3 options 1)Google "How to make money in wurm" (This isn't that helpful, trust me) 2)Post on the classifieds (This is a very viable option) 3) Ask other players I think that asking other players is one of if not the single best way to learn about a game. If only though there were some all knowing oracle who could assure Marco some well earned coin, and could show him how to do it. That is where I hope to help. If Marco were to come across my agency, and I could show him all the available jobs right now he could decide what he wants to do and who he wants to work for. After making this decision I give a brief run down of how to do this job wile taking him to the site. Since most people want a job done right they will also almost certainly tell you how to do it as well. Let's say that Marco is matched up with a builder who we will call "Polo" Polo posted an add with the agency that he needs 1k planks cut for 1s. He is willing to supply a good saw, and the logs. Wow, what a stand up guy, Polo will likely be reputable according to the agency. Marco arrives on the site and he works HARD for that money. REALLY HARD I can appreciate that, and Marco deserves the money he made However this wouldn't work as a business unless there was something for everyone Since Marco is a new player he would be charged a low percentage of what he made (This is all based off of the scale of the job, what the job is, how many workers, and other variables.) The employer would make the payment to the agency and Marco would receive his pay. (Everybody wins) After the job has been done I would contact Marco and have him answer a few questions about his experience on the job site. (How did the employer treat you, how did fellow employees treat you, did you like this kind of work, etc...) Then I would contact Polo and ask questions (Did Marco work well, are you satisfied, would you hire him again? Basic customer service stuff) This data will be archived and used in the future to improve both the employer and employees experience on future endeavors with the agency. At the end of the day this is in no way a replacement for the forums. Just a way to keep everything neat and build relationships between players. As well as create reputations and opportunities for newcomers and pros alike. Thank you for reading, and make sure to let me know what you think -Jeszter Edit (9:20)(11/03/16) Thank you for the few that have shown interest. Templates have been created for workers and employers. The info will be sent via a personal sheet to only the parties involved in any specific job. I will now explain the spreadsheet and worker profile system: Upon registry with the agency (Just send a pm or something it's not as formal as I'm making it sound) an information sheet will be created for you that displays very rudimentary info such as your IGN, in game location, and acquired reputation with the agency. Workers sheets will also include their skill sets, previous jobs they've been on. Notes made by those who deal with them while working, and what services they are offering. Employers sheets will show previous jobs they've had done, notes from employees and the agency, and what services they are seeking. These sheets will be archived by myself and kept organized meticulously. The only people who will see these sheets are employers considering an employee, and employees considering an employer. Down the line I will work on some sort of ad space system, however I can't work out a fair way to do this right now. If you would like more information on the sheets and how they work please PM me. I am willing to explain anything