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Found 4 results

  1. Just logged in today...and once again, I'm in my passenger slot on my boat. (On top mast position of the caravel) I previously logged at : ...with this examine : ...and today I logged in once again at : So it is definitely not fixed, as per the locking of my previous thread. Also : Tell me if you need some other info, because I don't know what else I can provide...all I'm doing is logging out on the boat. Selecting to Embark : Commander from my dock tile which is a wooden floor-boarded tile with tar on it beside the boat, and I haven't even moved the boat for a few days.
  2. I was traveling with my supreme rowboat today with one alt logged out on the boat and my main. When i got to my destination i disembarked the boat with my main (commander) and left the alt logged out on the boat for awhile. When i logged in the alt later he was the commander of the boat and not a passenger as he was before. I tested this again and the same thing happened again. (only tested on the supreme rowboat not sure about other boats)
  3. Boarded ship carrier, disconnected a few times, got kicked from commander position, unable to board again. No one seems to be able to board it. Changing settings around doesn't fix it.
  4. Multistorey Completely Bugged

    #1 I stored 6 items (foot board, head board, bed frame; 2 each, each set on separate tiles) on the first floor level a few days ago, without assembling the beds. Decay hasn't set in yet, but after a server restart 3 items were missing. I thought it would be a single occation, but at todays server restart, when I was building the walls up there and had 4 piles of 38 stone bricks and mortar each, all piles vanished, leaving only 2 bricks where the whole pile stood. Instead they reappeared on the ground floor, bare the two items from the first floor. The bed parts reappeared too, but only on 1st floor when nothing else was occupying the tile. So, it seems as follows: Server restarts now teleport items from first floor level (and maybe above) to ground level, if there's more than 2 items on one tile. In addition some objects can't be reclaimed if there's a proper floor on ground, as they sink in (but this is a graphical/client bug mostly). This is annoying, to say the least... #2 Stand on the first floor, commander a large cart with hitched horses standing on the ground floor -> the cart teleports to first floor level, with you embarked. You are able to drive up there, unencumbered by the walls below, so you are on 1st floor actually. Disembark the cart, and you glitch through the floor, dropping on the ground (and being hurt). #3 Leave said cart on the 1st floor, climb up again, plan your walls. If one of the walls goes through the cart, it can't be accessed any longer, from no tile nor floor, even if you remove the walls. This may be even true if you don't plan walls at all, but just embark (for teleport) and disembark again. Relog, and the cart is on the ground floor again. This might as well be a communication error between client and server, as you're not obstructed by any walls below when driving the cart around on the 1st floor, which shows it's not entirely client side (as the relog would suggest). #4 Plan stone walls on top, which have no other stone wall underneath - it looks horrible. Haven't tried that with wooden walls as of now...