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Found 3 results

  1. I have been trying to put a drake statue together since my archeology skill was high enough to find statue fragments, Last night, I finally had all 133 fragments needed to put one together, a combined stack of 127 fragments and another one of 6 fragments. My main character is called Slowmo and he was out on Independence doing archeology for the last few fragments, Shyruban is my alt and was on my deed on Xanadu and was holding the large 127 fragments stack of drake statue, he does not have much skill at all in restoration. Once Slowmo, on Independence has the 6 fragments needed to complete, he combines them and mails them to Shyruban, who once received selects the combined stack of 127 fragments and tries to combine it to the combines stack of 6 fragments. I'm expecting a nice drake statue to result, instead the 6 combined fragments disapear and the stack of 127 fragments now reads -124\133 ( yes negative 124) instead of the 127\133 it was at previously , so I logged off Shyruban and waited a few minutes, logged back in, in case it was just some passing fluke. But the stack of fragments still shows as being -124\133. I then mail the whole thing to Slowmo on Independence to have him try to add 1 fragment to the stack. After trying this, the stack read -123\133 instead of -124\133, so basically now it would take 256 drake fragments to put a statue together. All this was quite an anti climax you can imagine, hopefully this can be fixed, I want my drake statue, it was a whole lot of work to get there. Thanx
  2. CoC Iron Lump Combining Bug My in-game name : Spazzthespazztastical I had made a ticket and the GM who assisted me told me to open a ticket. Here is what happened, I was working on my blacksmithing and had a coc lump and was combining to make it larger and going to work. Everything was going fine until I combined and thought maybe i didn't activate the right one and lost my first lump. Thinking it was me I bought a second lump for 1.5 silver. It was a 97 coc iron lump. I heated it up activated it and dragged it over and pressed combined and to my fear it happened again. I tripled check then triple checked my triple check and made sure it was activated properly but it still combined under a normal lump losing my 97 coc second lump. If you could look into this and if I could get a replacement lump for a game bug that would be amazing!
  3. It would be nice to be able to combine preexisting writs into one larger one. The motivation behind this is lets say you have a bunch of three story longhouses that you made when you had little carpentry skill. Then several months later you now have enough skill to combine some of them into a larger one. Although currently the only way to do this is to destroy one of the long houses (leaving the deed open to attack) and extend it out. I have a feeling this would not take too much to implement due to the "Add to building" feature that is already in the game.