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Found 4 results

  1. WTS 14k Stone Brick 1k/2s 2k Colossus Brick 1k/3s Rare Ship Materials 50c/each Rare Pickaxe Iron 67,17QL W71C72 7,5s Rare Carving Knife 21,7QL 6s
  2. currently on Chaos a dirt wall is considered essential for survival and personally i think it's a great improvised idea but quite frankly they're ugly and disregarding the principals of logic diggers should not be able to do this it would only be logical to give this ability to the masons so my idea was a colossus wall which also gives colossus bricks a practical use now i know the time it takes to build a dirt wall so it should cost quite some materials i was thinking of a thousand colossus bricks and that would finish the wall on 1 tile after that you can add more colossus bricks depending on your masonry skill how much bricks you can add making it higher and stronger the exact numbers need to be discussed by people who have experience in making dirt walls it has to be equal to a dirtwall thats the most important i think
  3. I've been playing Wurm for a few years now, and from what I can remember we've almost always had the same type of Colossus: the samurai guy. Not sure exactly why it's a samurai by the way. It would be interesting if Wox and the dev team could implement new designs or variants of the Colossal giants we love to build. Perhaps there could be a Knight, a Cyclops, a Scorpion or even a Dragon. These are just a few ideas that would make Colossai even more interesting and worth while to build. As it is now, everyone has the same ol' boring Colossus that has lingered for far too long. Please Dev team look into this. I know you all are talented enough to create and imagine such beautiful works of art. Image does not belong to me, it was taken from as an example.