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Found 3 results

  1. Selling a bunch of rares I need to get rid of, Everything will be CoD'd at buyers expanse. At this time I won't be able to log in and meet someone for trade so CoD is the only option. This list will be long, I'll do my best to keep it order-ly PLEASE MAKE SURE TO POST THE NAME TO COD TO! TY Rare Small Anvil 90.13ql WoA 87 CoC 72 - 8s Rare Large Anvil 86.92ql WoA 67 CoC 59 - 8s Still Available! Rare Needle, Iron ql 84.29 WoA 21 CoC 72 - 6s Rare Shovel, iron ql 68 WoA 62 CoC 62 - 8s Rare Carving Knife, Iron ql 79.53 CoC 88 - 7s Rare Sickle, Iron ql 81.21 WoA 84 CoC 87 - 9s Rare Hammer, iron ql 90.50 WoA 63 CoC 77 - 10s Rare Trowel, Iron ql 88.34 WoA 37 CoC 44 - 5s Rare Pickaxe, Iron ql 90.34 WoA 81 CoC 30 - 12s Rare Statuette of Vynora ql 79.00 CoC 87 (CoC believed to NOT effect cast) - 8s Rare Leggat, Pinewood ql 57.02 CoC 68 - 2s Rare Spindle, Cedarwood ql 66.01 WoA 65 CoC 84 - 6s Rare Fruit Press #1 Olivewood ql 27.19 WoA 59 CoC 66 - 3s Rare Fruit Press #2 Oakenwood ql 53.66 CoC 77 - 3s Rare Bow, Willow ql 50.30 CoC 62 - 5s EXTRA'S --------------------------- Regular Seryll pickaxe #1 ql 5.02 CoC 96 - 4s Regular Seryll Pickaxe #2 ql 4.73 CoC 88 - 4s All prices are negotiable, Just trying to get rid of them all. so if you want something, but don't want to go so high, don't be afraid to PM me a offer! I'll be listing some of my supremes soon, so keep a eye out for those too. Soon to come - Supremes, Dragon plate set, 2 dragon hide sets, Fountain pans, rare weapons, and possibly rare/supreme forges. Keep a eye out!
  2. As I wander the world of wurm I stumble across the wildcat. A wonderful hunter built to prey on small woodland creatures. The problem is, in a lot of forests, small woodland creatures consist of giant spiders. Not really condusive to good health. Thus I propose the addition of critters. Creatures weak enough for a wildcat to kill and, more importantly, creatures that can be killed "right off the boat" if a player is smart. These creatures will try to flee when engaged, their only defence mechanic. However they can be baited. Carnivores will always try to hunt down critters for food (aversion to starvation). A quick note on the drops. Critters drop a lighter variant of items, so a critter paw would be a 0.1 weight rather than a 0.3. Etc. Squirrel : Drops paws, fur and meat, will gravitate to any nuts on the ground and will not flee if on a tile with nuts. Rabbit : Drop paws, fur and meat, will gravitate to any vegetables/fruit on the ground and will not flee if on a tile with nuts. Grass Snake : Drops hide and meat, will gravitate to critter corpses and moves slowly but is hard to see. Mouse : Drops meat, fur and a tail, will gravitate to any food left on the floor and is killable in a single blow.
  3. I want to sell a large part of my gem collection, its just under 7k in ql. Price: 70s preferably pickup on deli