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Found 6 results

  1. Send offers to Bosslady ingame or comment here,whatever. All must go. Pickup for bulks and non-mailables at Inde M25, NO DELIVERY
  2. Allowing more items to be combined such as Cochineals - we all know that for large amounts of red dye you need to create them 1kg at a time and add them together which tends the dye towards grey. Allowing cochineals to be combined means you can make large amounts of dye without them tending towards grey. Herbs - Natural Substances is an absolute pain in the ass at higher levels if you dont have 4 and 5 potency ingredients to mix together such as 1000s of teeth and glands. An alternative would be to grow lovage and rosemary in large quantities. To do this would require one or both to be combineable (so you can enchant them) Leather - allows maintainable enchant for LW These would both be great QoL improvements and also stimulate the sale of herbs in large quantities. Something even a low skill character can do. Any other suggestions and reasons are welcome on this topic.
  3. Sarmatian Forges Contact: Losik (Game and Forum). Where to place an order: this thread, forum pm or try to catch me online on Exodus server. Where to pick up an order: Sarmatian Stronghold [X45, Y37] Iron Tools*: 40ql for 10c (+5c for Large Anvil) 50ql for 20c (+5c for Large Anvil) 60ql for 30c (+5c for Large Anvil) 70ql for 40c (+10c for Large Anvil) 80ql for 60c (+30c for Large Anvil) 90ql for 1.2s (No Large Anvils, sorry!) * Awl, File, Hammer, Hatchet, Leather Knife, Metal Brush, Needle. Rake, Pickaxe, Saw, Scissors,Shovel, Small Anvil, Large Anvil, Stone Chisel, Trowel, Lantern, Horse Shoe Imping Iron Tools 40-70 Ql 30c 50-80 Ql 30c 50-90 Ql 70c 50-70 Ql 20c 60-80 Ql 20c 60-90 Ql 60c 60-70 Ql 10c 70-80 Ql 10c 70-90 Ql 50c 80-90 Ql 60c Steel Tools* 40ql for 15c 50ql for 30c 60ql for 45c 70ql for 60c * Hatchet, pickaxe, leather knife, shovel, horse shoes Iron/Torch Lamps: 40ql for 10c 50ql for 20c 60ql for 30c 70ql for 50c Silver/Brass Lamps: 40ql for 15c 50ql for 25c 60ql for 35c Dredge: 40ql for 15c 50ql for 30c 60ql for 50c 70ql for 70c Plate Armour Set: 40ql for 3s 50ql for 4s 60ql for 6s In Stock: Unfinished obelisk 3s+ CoD 20 x 60ql brass lamp 35c EA Small maul 79Ql 5s [13:30:31] It is enchanted with Animal's demise, and has an aggressive aura towards animals. [13:30:31] Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [79] [13:30:31] Frostbrand has been cast on it, so it will cause frost wounds. [66] [13:30:31] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [88] [13:30:31] Mind stealer has been cast on it, so it will steal knowledge from non-players. [75] 1 x rare great helm 60ql 7s rare butcher knife 80ql coc 47 7s rare butcher knife 80ql 7s Full rare plate set 60Ql 40s Rare unfinished forge 10s Horse shoe steel ql 70 WoA 76 1s 06c horse shoe steel ql 70 WoA 80 1s10c Horse shoe steel ql 70 WoA 76 1s 06c Horse shoe steel ql 70 WoA 71 1s Horse shoe iron ql 80 WoA 81 1s11c Horse shoe iron ql 80 WoA 84 1s14c Horse shoe iron ql 80 WoA 79 1s09c horse shoe iron ql 80 WoA 73 1s3c 6x 90+ Ql whetstone 30c + CoD EA 4x 100 QL Pelts DMG 0 60c EA + CoD (no ench) 14x 90+QL Pelts DMG 0 20c EA + CoD (no ench) wild cat pelt ql 76 dmg 0 coc 32 woa 86 90c + CoD Acorns (about 140) ql 15-80 (PM me for this) Cochineals (about 430) ql 24-100 (PM me for this) Woad (about 260) ql 11-72 (PM me for this) In progress Tool. Orders in progress: In progress. Filled Orders: . I Highly Recommend: For Bulk Orders - Sarmatian Traders
  4. Price negotiable. Delivery can be arranged with my new delivery guy Necromancer! animals: 5x 5-spd + keen male + female horse pair 12x cow, 8x bull, all 3-4spd + healthy boats: olivewood caravel, 80ql, lock + anchor small sailboat apple, 80ql, lock + anchor pinewood corbita, 80ql, lock + anchor few enchanted tools and weapons: needle 70ql 69 coc long sword 50ql frostband 39 file 70ql 80 woa saw 80ql, 76 woa 71 coc sprouts: 319x grapewood sprouts 252x lemon sprouts 128x apple sprouts 121x olive sprouts 116x cherry sprouts 87x pinewood sprouts the rest is below 50 misc: rare cloth glove, 80ql rare leather sleeve, 70ql rare pinewood fruit press, 80ql 80ql cloth set with shirt (10 pcs) 2x exquisite rugs 80+ql 8x exquisite rug 70+ql lots of 50+ql BSBs 7x large sign ~65ql 542x cochineals 22ql 1071x olives 540x strawberies
  5. #1 Rare opal 29,66ql [21:06:30] A dark green, blue and black opal. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Starting bid: 1s no reserve Buyout: 4s #2 815 Cochineals 27ql highest bid for now: Evitagen 2s Starting bid: 2s no reserve Buyout 10s Min increment on both: 1s Buyer pays the cod for opal, delivery on cochneals can be discussed. Happy bidding!
  6. Have a bunch of cogs to paint? A thousand red barns? Well I've been hoarding just for you! Here is the ql break down (I sorted them in satchels) 7ql (in a bsb) - 92 10-20ql - 40 20-30ql - 63 30-40ql - 171 40-50ql - 126 50-60ql - 74 60-70ql - 68 70-80ql - 46 80-90ql - 17 90ql+ - 5 For a total of 702 cochineals! I've put them all into a bsb to refresh the damage so these are straight and precise amounts and qualities. These are available for pickup on South Cele or delivery is negotiable for a small fee dependent on location. Starting bid: 3s Minimum increase: 1s Buyout: 10s Happy bidding, friends!