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Found 7 results

  1. ***POSSIBLE TRANSACTION PENDING, SALE ON HOLD UNTIL WEDNESDAY 1/11/17** ~ Sugarfoxx 9:35pm PST Coastal Deliverance Deed Misty Moon Terrace In-Game Map: H26 Community Map: x-50, y-16/17 Roughly 10 tiles from the Eastern Deli Border! Settlement Information [17:41:27] <Moonfoxx> The monthly cost is 1 silver and 74 copper. [17:41:41] <Moonfoxx> The settlement has 10 silver, 88 copper and 35 iron in its coffers. [17:41:53] <Moonfoxx> The upkeep will last approximately 175 days, 3 hours and 16 minutes more. [17:42:09] <Moonfoxx> The size of Misty Moon Terrace is 30 by 29. Deed Images A view of the front of Misty Moon Terrace, featuring five 70 QL brazier pillars at the front. A view from the Southeast. Two of the four buildings on-deed. These crafting buildings have BSBs and forges included, full of materials that will come with the purchase. The courtyard. There are five altars (blank one in the mine) and an 83 cast mailbox on deed. The house to the right, and a view of the deed from the top. Fenced in grape orchard in the SW Corner of the deed. A view of the deed from the bottom farm area. 4 The farm, which is 200 tiles, or 8x25. Another view of the farm from the top. The enchanted grass pens; there are 40 total enchanted tiles on deed. The road from the docks to the two tiers of the deed. The building on the farm tier. Additional Information: Access road from the mainland. Southeast from Trinsic along the mountain's edge. Price: 30s or best offer. Please contact Sugarfoxx in game via PM Or SugarFoxx directly on the forums. PM Joelle for Emergency offers.
  2. I am selling up Hunters Port on the South Coast of Exodus. 18u on the IG map Starting Bid: 20 silver Increments: 1 silver Buy Out: 50 silver Snipe: 1hr Accept Private Bids, will post on here when received The size of Hunters Port is 26 by 26. The perimeter is 5 and it has 0 guards hired. The settlement has 3 silver, 21 copper and 2 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 1 silver, 35 copper and 20 iron. The upkeep will last approximately 66 days, 11 hours and 36 minutes more. On deed mine:- Copper Gold (used transmutation rod) Iron (used transmutation rod) Zinc (many, best is vg ql) 7 Forges Rare Gold Mag altar Central Area Gold Vynora altar Gold Fo altar Small Stone workshop Farm area Spirit Castle (courier 75 cast) Lower Area 7x3 Farm all tiles with enchanted grass 2 floor Trader House with bed Guard Tower Separate off deed mine Other Features Fully complete boat mine leading to on-deed mine Fountain/Well/Oil tub/trash heap/lamps/BSBs Largely open for easy alteration Goblin Hut spawn right next to guard tower Market Stall Room for expansion Includes Birchwood Wagon (usable on village, but owner set to Pryath as I forgot to transfer to me before selling Pryath a while back) Some decent horses included, like these ones:- [22:00:45] It will fight fiercely. It is a tough bugger. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. It looks unusually strong and healthy. [22:02:10] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It looks unusually strong and healthy. It has a certain spark in its eyes. Photos:-
  3. Hi I want to try new neighborhoods, so I'm planning to move to another zone, same island. The deed is very well kept, just where the boat bridge to Exodus starts, at SE of Deliverance. It has 5 terraces with 10 buildings of differente sizes, including a temple and one for building ships. The neighbors are friendly and helpful. There is a spirit mansion with 89 courier cast on it. It has 3 pens for animals and farming, lots of cedars, maples and grapes. It has an extensive mine, with lots of reinforced walls and lamps. There are at least 9 iron veins, varying from poor to good (4 of them) and a very good zinc vein. Most veins are almost untouched, as mining is not one of my passions (I buy lots of good ql ores) There are 3 floor looms, 6 forges, 12 BSBs and 5 FSBs scattered through the deed, as well as some large anvils, 3 beds and other containers (oil and wine) Starting Bid: 10s Increments: 1s View from the north: Second terrace Third terrace Harbour View from the harbour Temple
  4. Received a satisfying buyout. TY
  5. WTS Sovereignty of The Fallen Want to sell deed in the middle of the southern coast of celebration server. location x28 y48 on http://dl.dropboxuse...bration map.jpg Deed size 25 x 25 Deed tiles 2601 Multiplier 1x Free perimeter 5 Free perimerer tiles 1120 Citizen limit 236 Full perimeter size 7 Extra perim tiles 504 Guard count 1 Real deed size 51 x 51 Total tiles 3425 Max guard count 53 Deed cost 52s 2c Base deed upkeep 5s 20c 20i Real deed upkeep 5s 20c 20i Perimeter cost 2s 52c Base perimeter upkeep 25c 20i Real perimeter upkeep 25c 20i Guard cost 2s Base guard upkeep 1s Real guard upkeep 1s Total cost 56s 54c Total upkeep 6s 45c 40i Coffers have 123+ days and/or 28silver 42copper 15iron DEED ALBUM Deed has a trader house "1x1" with a trader in it on deed. Deed will come with: 2x 5 speed horses 2x 4 speed horses Many imported cedars growing on deed. Handful of Oaks and a few willows on deed. Main temporary building is made of wood and has some forges and a stove. 4 beds and a loom in the main building, plus a coffin. Good number of BSB's laying around the deed mostly filled with wood and stone and few other things. many water tiles, many already have fountains or wells on them. 1 guard tower Many gold lamps mostly around 40ql. Mine is full of lots of very good ql iron and silver Didnt have much mined out so must be tons of good stuff under the deed. 1 mail box with mid range cast, though still not great. 1 catapult I have finished the road that runs along the coast and much of the flattening on the main level. Still alot of work to do for someone if they wanted to do something like I had in mind, also lots of flat ground to do what ever you want already. Have done extensive land shaping to the front of the deed and flattened the back end. Willing to explain what I wanted to do to anyone that buys the place, if interested. I know it needs some love, but the spot is amazing and the view is great. I just need to sell the deed to start a new deed on indy. So no auction. ONE gold and its yours! TL;DR: Selling Deed ONE Gold! Any interested parties please pm me here on the forums or on celebration server @ nexangelus for a walk through/visit Also if interested in something a little more built up in the same area almost same size, check out Cormanthor. Just a few tiles to the East.
  6. WTS Cormanthor Want to sell deed in the middle of the southern coast of celebration server. location x28 y48 on Deed size 13 x 52 Deed tiles 2835 Multiplier 1x Free perimeter 5 Free perimerer tiles 1420 Citizen limit 257 Full perimeter size 5 Extra perim tiles 0 Guard count 1 Real deed size 27 x 105 Total tiles 3155 Max guard count 57 Deed cost 56s 70c Base deed upkeep 5s 67c Real deed upkeep 5s 67c Perimeter cost 0i Base perimeter upkeep 0i Real perimeter upkeep 0i Guard cost 2s Base guard upkeep 1s Real guard upkeep 1s Total cost 58s 70c Total upkeep 6s 67c Coffers have 24 days left and/or 5s remaining. Deed Album Deed has a trader in a 3x3 "Trader house" Lead in N/E corner of the deed Tin in the North end of deed - RIGHT off deed by a few tiles Silver by the stairs down into the mine on deed. LOADS of iron all over many high ql including a few utmost probably a few thousand stone tiles to search for anything you can imagine. possiblities are almost limitless. Very Large Tree farm: grown oak trees probably 50+ grown cedar trees 100+ easy grown willow trees, North side is covered in them. Large range for catapult skill gain or archery. All 3 deity alters at token all made in gold and blessed. 2 mail boxes with low cast of courier. Large animal pen setup for breeders or tamers. Comes with some 5 speed horses and many 4 speeds. Work shop with many forges for smithing activities and a side setup for cooking. Cooking area has around 500 pans *not sure some may of decayed* for power leveling hot food cooking. Residential area has many houses both large and small. They do not have roofs, but are on flat ground so plenty of options. 2 large houses for owner/s Comes with 1 Cedar Cog, but key is missing 1 sail boat also missing a key and 1 "dredging" row boat And other small things like BSBs and FSBs and random things inside said containers. Starting the Auction off at 1 gold coin - no reserve Buyout @ 1gold 50silver Auction goes for 7 days starting now ending @ next thrusday at midnight *aka July 11th, 2013 1200am eastern standard time* "sorry for any confusion on that" Any interested parties please pm me here on the forums or on celebration server @ nexangelus for a walk through/visit Also a similar size deed Sovereignty of The Fallen RIGHT next door to the west is selling for 1 gold, no auction.
  7. Deed for Sale: Yoitsu SOLD Asking Price: 40s, or best offer Location: 44.5T on Darkmalice Map Size: 21x21 Perimeter: 6 Templars Hired: 0 Monthly Upkeep: 1s Coffers: 2s, 19c, 42i as of 10/2/12 leaving 61 days, 10 hrs 30 min upkeep Description: This is a coastal deed conveniently located in in the center of the map. Moderately near Tap Dance and very close to Amish Paradise. It is in the Deadnoob Sea. Room to expand: There is some area to the south and east that is available at the moment but with the way new people are coming to the server this may not last. Buildings: 4x6 Stone House, with 2-2x2 wings Mining Gate Dock Gate 4 Other Gatehouses for ease of Access Farm & Trees: 2 Oak 5 Willow Mix of Pine, Cedar, Birch, Apple, Lemon Animals: none Resources: Iron mine with 5 exposed veins within property. Clay to the north. 2 Public tar to the southwest. Public Moss to the southwest. Furniture & Fixtures: 3 Beds Rare Sm Cart, Sm Cart 4, 50+ ql forges 1, 50+ql oven 52 ql Guard Towerl 52 ql Vynorian Altar 13 Lamps Bulk Storage Bin Food Storage Bin Weapon Rack 3 Coffins 2 Small Bins Misc. & Notes: There is an unfinished Corbita on the deed that comes with the sale of the property. Pictures: This info was taken on 10/02/12 Here is the front of the property at 3am with the lanters still lit. As you can see it's two levels. And full day so you can see the unfinished boat. The lower gardens with a Willow and Oak. Between them you can see the gate around the mine. It was fenced because there used to be multiple villagers and this was to keep people out who were not intended to mine. The entrance to the mine. Nicely done, not tacky at all. You can tear this down if you don't have fellow villagers. Upper gardens. Opposite view of upper gardens. Here you can see the house and guard tower. Above view of house, Guard Tower, upper gardens and trees. All the trees you see are deeded. The area I am standing on is also deeded. There is a coral behind me with another cart in it but I did not take a photo. There is also another heavily wooded area behind me. This is how the Guard Tower connects to the house. Coming into the house you see the altar and the door to the Guard Tower. Behind the door, inside the tower, is the deed token. To the immediate left is where the oven and FSB resides. Currently the rare cart is there also. If you make a right at the kitchen you will find the forges and one of the coffins, along with the rack. Here are a couple of other views to give you a complete look: To the right of the altar is the bedroom. Under two of the beds are small chests for your personal belongings. For those of you who are spoiled and need to be assured you have the best view in do. You have a splendid view from any window in the house. The gatehouses and main house are unlocked and you can go view the place at any time. Please make an offer, no serious offer will go unconsidered. If you have any questions please feel free to send myself (Harvest) or Lucard a message in game. I will try to check on here as often as I can for messages but it's best to send something in the game. We are usually available between 3pm-2am CST (-6 GMT). Thank you for your time.