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Found 10 results

  1. When I log in, my armor does not show correctly. I appear solid black. If I unequip or equip anything, appearance changes and is correct. Also, in the paper doll, the background is solid black and I cannot see where to click to bring up the wounds view. It's been this way for a few months. I haven't tried reinstall of game files yet. JS
  2. Wurm Pirate Hats. Ahoy wurmian mates! it has been frightfully apparent, to me, and most of my fellow wurmians, for a long time that the wardrobes and closets have been very empty, the clothing options are very limited, to say the least. i believe its time for a change of clothing! i offer a few ideas to kick it off, ive been brewing these for a while and since this seems to be the season of change so i offer these for your consideration. Pirate Hats there are a few possibilities for this one. One option would be to give the adventurers hat the option to use a string and fold the rim a tailor could do it up to three times and every fold is a different look. the second option would be to add new models and recipes to tailoring skill for a Cavalier Hat and a Tricorn (Pirate) Hat. Jesters cap this one will require a model i'm sure but would love to see it just to add some fun i know one of my alts would ware one of these forever Capes someone else has brought this up here is the link to their post i mean we have the item slot for it and its just filling with dust soooo.....? Priest Robes this image i found was perfect for what i was thinking because the robe would replace the chest item be it a shirt or jacket it would be dyable and seen in this image is a long tabard that is worn over and would use the tabard slot, it is cinched with a rope belt the two items that would need a model is the robe and the tabard because the hood already in game would work for the hood for the outfit already. if anyone has any more idea i encourage you to post here. thank you
  3. I am sure that this is not a new subject, altho I looked back through forum posts and couldnt find much of anything. I was curious if there had ever been a thought to giving priests a unique set of clothing that set them apart from others? The kingdoms in Wurm have different colors of clothing, banners, flags, wagons, etc. It wouldnt be a stretch to have the priests of Wurm wearing attire that set them apart. Each god having a specific look (color scheme) to their priests. Just a couple of examples. These could have the hoods added for head and face protection. Looking at the gods, we see that Vynora is in light blues, seafoam greens, and golds. Magranon is browns, reddish browns and silvers. Fo is, well Fo. But I imagine greens, browns, and golden colors. Libila in darker blues, mauves, and golds. I think the biggest thing is that these are more cloth like and that with that comes qualities and enchantments that will protect a priest while out in the lands of Wurm. This would also give tailoring a boost. I understand that priests make up a small amount of the Wurm universe, but many I have spoken to about this feel that it would be a very cool idea! Thanks for reading!
  4. Hello not even sure it can be done but is there anyone working on mods for new avatars and clothing? Is there even a way to add them to WU?
  5. Requires tin sheet. Uses tailoring skill.
  6. Hey Everyone! You join us this week under the premise of a new title and a little bit of a theme. Firstly, we've decided to change the format of the title to just be News, the number of the post and some information about what's inside. That way, you know what's in every news post and they'll also be easier to keep track of, especially now that the Weekly Update titles have gone on for over a year and some have the same number. Secondly, as we discussed last week, dev focus for the next few months will be on bugs and small updates. We came up with a theory that if a news header is worth doing, then it's probably worth over-doing... The B Word Hmm... Boats? Bridges?! Bugs! Starting from this week, we'll also be including all of the week's patch notes in the weekly news, which ought to help you keep on top of them. In un-noted news, devs have also began work on a server management tool to generally help with maintenance. Fixes that apply to all servers will be in black, to purely PvP servers in blue and to purely PvE servers in green, which will make it easier to work out what applies to you. 1/6/15: Changed display of received mail items, so can look in containers Fix so cannot charm animals when you are not allowed to tame them Merchants no longer may be threatened from another floor level Attempted fix for mycelium spreading to lawns Relaxed the checks for structures blocking tunnelling Allow fungus spell to work on lawn Fix for deity loss due to alignment changes A bug with faithful setting on spells was fixed 2/6/15: Fix so ballista darts do damage Creatures may now be blocked by doors when entering from bridges War machines now work a bit better against bridges but still needs tweaking 4/6/15: Removed enchant decay on weapons due to extreme rarity but overwhelming impopularity. Humid drizzle should now properly save the disease state when used so that it doesn’t reset on server restarts. Added marble planters as craftables. Should function in the same way as flowerpots. Possible fix for minedoors not opening for enemies trying to enter shortly after passing. Skillgain for battle camp guards were brought in line with kingdom guards. Fixed so water doesn’t get the rarity when tempering and improving. Fixed so you now can select a player when hovering over their face mask or ring. Fixed bug in skill tracker where the “show progress to next skill†button is always unchecked by default. Fixed for client crashing with out of bounds. Permissions We have a few news updates on the permissions changes that Tich is currently working on. In the long term, Tich will be working on new permissions options for *deep breath*: settlement roles, buildings, ships, wagons, carts, gates, mine doors, house doors (likely to be last due to complexity) and (potentially) animals. It's a comprehensive set of updates that will give far greater control over your possessions. This week, Tich has a preview of the new settlement roles window to share. Existing options are combined with an easier to use UI and a number of useful new permissions, such as "harvest fields," "modify buildings" and "mine iron veins." As with the old system, permissions are configurable for every role, allowing a huge number of possibilities - ranging from only allowing skilled farmers to harvest fields while letting newer players tend them for skill, to allowing the modification of buildings without allowing a citizen to build new buildings. We expect the new permissions features to come out over the next few months, either steadily or in groups. There are still a number of problems to solve, including more difficult tasks like how to get boat permissions to co-operate with changing servers - but it looks like it'll all be well worth the wait! New Clothing Items We also have some new clothing items to share this week. Wox has been hard at work on some new shirts for the fashionable Wurmian! They may be liable to changes before release and will be a part of a wider range of new clothing items. Serendipity Bridge, Deliverance Building new bridges around previously bridge-less servers seems to be making for a few big community projects, and so we're going to get into a habit of featuring a bridge every week for a little while. Serendipity bridge on Deliverance connects the Serendipity Peninsula with the Deliverance mainland. The main segment is a staggering 36 tiles long, just two off of the maximum. Has anyone built a single bridge that's longer yet, and who has the longest of each material type? Credits go to the Deli community and Yaga for the organisation. You can find out more here. Screenshot of the Week Lastly, it's time for our favourite weekly screenshot and is bridge-related too, and this week's is courtesy of Journeya. We really liked their creative use of bridges as roofs and archways, which isn't a way that we expected to see them used! More pictures of the building are here, including its roof made from bridge which is also worth a look. That concludes the 67th Weekly News of Wurm Online. 67, 'ey? How time flies when you're having fun. Happy Wurming!
  7. Hey Everyone! This week has seen more of the same from devs, with a continued focus on bugfixes and small additions. But Wossoo, what are these Fancy Pants that you talk of? Well you'll just have to keep reading! We also welcome Warlander to the team as a volunteer client developer. His focus will probably be on GUI improvements. The Week in Patch Notes The bug crusade has continued, and below is a roundup of the week's patch notes in full. Fixes that apply to all servers are in black, to purely PvP servers in blue and to purely PvE servers in green. 8/6/15:Fix so chopping a tree down leaves the grass (or mycelium) at same length (except lawn goes to short grass/mycelium).Fix for fsb and bsb becoming unplanted over server resets.Fix so can’t dig at the end of bridges.Fix so the max ql of floors and bridge parts is not restricted to 80.In order to prevent various annoying situations, siege shields (and unfinished ones) are now notake and must be created where they are supposed to be used.Turrets should now properly revert to unenchanted ones if dispelled.Removed false disease status which occurred in certain situations.Fix for fatigue going into the negative and blocking certain actions while mounted.Bulk container double turn menus removed.Scissors now take proper damage when shearing.Fix for floor/roof damage using certain tools.Blocked removing bulk items into tents due to certain exploitability.Harvesting now properly using 100 item inventory limitation.Exiting through a door with enemies players in local should now unlock it as well as when entering.Removed possibility to change creator by dealing damage to items.You can no longer tame creatures led by another player or hitched to a vehicle.Hens and chickens no longer autofollow due to disease issues.Summoned skeletons and wraiths should no longer attack same kingdom but other kingdom players.Made it so newbie tents can’t be put into containers due to exploitability.10/6/15: A few bugs that may have prevented Nathan from ascending were found, and he was ascended manually since Fo won this scenario.Powers and vitality for deities on Valrei are now recalculated when receiving immortality. The calculated attack and vitality values generated that are higher than 6 will start at 6 and add 0.1 per full point above 6. So a value of 11 will result in 6.5. This will balance the playing field better. Existing deities have had their values recalculated according to this algorithm. More New Clothing Following on from his new line of shirts released last week, Wox has continued working on Wurm's fashion range, with 3 new designs of pant. You can catch some sneak previews below - it's beginning to look like Wurm will have a pretty expansive range of clothing once he's done! Wox's next fashion venture could go anywhere... although a contact on the inside has informed us that he is currently designing new shoulder pads (pauldrons,) an optional armour slot made possible a while ago but not looked into until now. They're intended to be decoration-only. Marble Statues Continuing the trend of new art assets, we can confirm this week that we'll be releasing marble versions of all statues. For now, Saroman has given us a preview of a marble Lady of the Lake. Feedback Structure Here at the PR Team, we've also been looking into improving the ways that we collect feedback from the community. It will be an ongoing process - but to get things kicked off, we've created a new e-mail address,, for general bits of feedback. Any issues with moderation should still always be raised with the moderation team, either through forum PM (or the in-game /support system where appropriate); bugs should still be reported in the maintenance area, where they will be picked up by staff and added to our lists of bugs; and suggestions for game features/changes should still be posted in the suggestions area. It might not feel like we listen to feature suggestions, but the simple fact is that the game is so huge with so many ideas that it will always take time to implement anything. Hopefully, recent dev work (like more clothing items, permissions and bugfixes) will help to emphasise that we do listen to suggestions, just that it always takes time to act on them. Most things are covered by the above, but we'd like to trial the feedback account as a way for you to communicate any other more general issues. The account will be staffed by numerous members of the PR team, and that will allow us to reply to all feedback within 24 hours - something not always possible under the current system of trying to find a team member to PM (who may be away or too busy to reply.) Handling feedback is difficult but is a top priority, and so we'd like to experiment with some slow expansion to see what works best for us and for the community. Tap Dance Bridge, Celebration It’s been exciting to see all the new bridges being created across the lands of Wurm! This week we continue to take a look at some of these bridge projects with the Tap Dance Bridge completed on the Celebration server. The folks from Mercenary Camp took it upon themselves to provide a quicker, safer route between Tap Dance and Southern Celebration. Hats off to them for such an impressive building project! The unique center arch-section allows larger ships to pass through and gives the bridge a fun, roller-coaster effect. You can learn more about the Tap Dance Bridge project here. GM Jberg/Logi also took some aerial screenshots of the bridge for us, which look pretty cool! Screenshot of the Week Our screenshot this week is courtesy of Calimdor. A fine example of covered stables now that the Devs have made it possible to plant thatch (i.e. grass) indoors. Looks awesome, Calimdor! Join us next week for a brief period of regret at changing the title format of the news. Happy Wurming!
  8. We have tabards for kingdoms, how about something similar for Priests? The idea would be to make a tabard with a symbol for the god of the priest. Perhaps a tree symbol for Fo, rock (or even cooler fire) for Magranon, water for Vynnora, and a skull for Libila. This way they can still wear armor and such, but be identified as a faithful priest of their religion.
  9. So, with the new look of merchants and traders, I've developed a problem: Everytime I go to buy something, the entire time I envy their robes! Now I agree Wurm does have many different armors, but this would be different. Would not be armor Would be purely for looks(Similar to how players wear cloth armor now) Not worn for protection Allows fast movement speed Nice with the addition of the new sorcery ability!(sorcery robes/mage's robes) Clothing and robes would not be considered armor. It would provide little protection in combat, if any at all. There could be many different models, and each model would be dyable. Armor should not be dyable as many of the materials are undyable in the real world(chainmail, plate armor, and dragonhide dying would defeat the purpose of the colored dragons.) Clothing could allow some of the more casual players(players not entirely interested in combat) more freedom to express themselves in their wealth and interests. There could even be clothing that is trade-specific! This has been brought up many times before, but I'm curious what Wurmians think about the way I've proposed it. .
  10. I think it's a legitimate request.It's been mentioned in other forum posts. Can we just get this topic recongnised?