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Found 3 results

  1. Mandalor`s House of Armour - All Armour Types and Shields available in premium 95+QL /Blacksmithing 97+ Heya folks, I welcome you to my little Shop. Have fun browsing (open reveal hidden contents) and if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask them! For an indefinite time -10% on leather goods!!! Current skills: Leatherworking 99.999+ Clothtailoring 98.09+ Shieldsmithing 93.68+ PlateArmoursmithing 97.15+ ChainArmoursmithing 97.39+ Blacksmithing 99.43+ Armory All my armors have the same price/quality. You can also mix different armor classes to create your own armor style. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leatherworking Quality <50 60 70 80 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 [Studded]Leather Armour 1s 2s 3s 5s 8.5s 10s 12s 15s 18.5s 23s 28s 35s 45s Saddles 30c 50c 80c 1.6s 3.5s 4.5s 6s 8s 10.5s 13.5s 18s 23s 30s Leather barding creation 0.75s 1.2s 2s 3.5s 5s 7s 9.5s 12.5s 16s 20s 25s 32s 40s 0.50s creation ql Backpacks / Waterskin 2c creation ql Bridles / SaddleBags / Animal rug 10c creation ql Toolbelts 0.4s 0.6s 1s 2s 3s Almanac/Archaelogy Journal 0.4s 0.6s 1s 2s 3s without paper !!! Atlas 0.6s 0.9s 1.5s 3s 5s Cloth Tailoring Shield Smithing Plate Armour Smithing Chain Armour Smithing Blacksmithing Something is not listed? Or do you have a special request? Don't be afraid to ask! Have a nice wurming your Mandalor My recommendations: Achillis Weapons 97QL+ and Tools 99QL+ Kupferlisa's Pottery Shop “Southern Shore Brews” – For all your caffeine, oil, juice & alcoholic needs Annuile's Dyes + Imbues Dragon Valley's Market (Benediction Vynora services: CoC, WoA, Nim, MS, FB, FP, G, LiTD, AoSP, Demise A/M/L, Mend)
  2. Fur armor would be a nice addition to wurm being somewhere around the strength of leather/studded leather. Would go well with some of the helms and give additional stuff for fur to be used for in game. Would really complete the viking feel this game has. As well, can we finally get capes? As well as some kinda holiday themed cloth armors, and some priest style clothing. I think god based would be cool to work similiar to kingdom tabards possibly to identify the type of priest you are. Even something to be worn in the tabard slot that would do this would be great. Also if we could make it so we can wear kingdom tabard of different kingdoms on freedom as well. Possibly some holiday themed things, that could be only craftable during the holiday associated with it would be cool too, some items such as scarfs that could be worn in jewellery slots. Obviously scarfs or the like could be purely cosmetic items. If you have additional ideas to expand upon this please add them to thread.
  3. I'm currently looking to fill orders for Cloth Armor and Satchels. I currently can make up to QL 20 (will update as I skill up). Please let me know if you are in need! I'm currently on Volcano Island. Post any needs or orders! Thanks.