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Found 9 results

  1. If you want to get peak of Dragon Fang or get achievements ('Mountain Goat' and 'On the Way to the Moon'), or just for your own satisfaction and wunderfull view, you can use new western mountain trail. We give (me and my friend Teeebomb) you for public using mountain hut, where you can use fsb, larder, oven and bed, all for free (if you want to repay you, thank you in advance), leave safely your vehicle or horse. The first part of the trail leads through the forest. That part is paved by gravel. After that is first safe spot is a cave. After that u can climb using fence ladder to second cave safe spot. Dont use fence above second cave! From the second cave you will need sandwiches and/or wine. To get to the public mountain hut you need to use Green Ring Express tunnel. Hat is on a left from exit. To commemorate you can bet gravestone. There are already two. The mailbox is w/o spell, so if someone wants to activate it, it will be an additional convenience for others absentminded Dragonfangers. If you have any idea or questions, just share here or PM in Wurm. My Dragon Fang Alboom Good luck
  2. Played on a server in WU a while back that had somehow relaxed the restrictions on the slopes a horse can climb. I've always felt the horses in Wurm Online were strangely limited. A horse can climb a pretty steep hill, even with a person on their back if the person leans forward to help out (weight over withers). Having that restriction relaxed a bit was a really nice difference. So... a few ideas. @JockII suggested a new trait of "Goat legs" here. Another option: I think a current trait like Very Strong Leg Muscles could be used as well. It currently allows less speed penalty on a slope. The algorithm could be tweaked to allow a steeper slope w/ speed penalty && the regular slope w/ less speed penalty. Carry More Than Average could also come into play. Perhaps require both traits on a horse to unlock the extra slope capacity of Very Strong Leg Muscles. Or, relax the limit across the board on every horse everywhere without condition. Sounds a bit boring as a solution and a missed opportunity to add a bit of value to animal husbandry Problems? PvP: Defensive designs are based on current horse climbing slopes? If the steeper slope carries a speed penalty with Very Strong Leg Muscles, that would leave the enemy vulnerable even if they could get over a slope on horseback...? PvPers ain't afraid o' no slope. Thoughts? If you're going to -1, please remember to encapsulate that in |..| as we will only be considering the absolute value of responses for now. Thanks!
  3. Hi So I had a short look through the first few pages and didn't see these suggestions so after some uhming and ahhing here goes: 1. Some form of climbing 'anchor' or brace that you can use to secure yourself to a point on an incline (for surface mining or clearing dirt to surface mine.. or just rock climbing I guess?) This would be a craftable item combining metal and rope (with a limit of say 1-2 tiles movement away from the anchor). I believe this would help with exploration as well as trying to squeeze the coast of it's spaces to deed. 2. A new boat!! An "Ark". The ability to transport animals would in my opinion help the community who say live on an island or just who want to move or trade in animals that don't swim. Obviously it would need a limit of say 10 animals per ark at any given time and would need quite a deep draft (yay canals..) but would actually add something to sailing that has felt altogether the same since .. well since Independence. 3. Tying horses. This is more a convenience thing that any game altering all can do feature. The premise is that you could tie the horses reins to a tree or fence maybe even add a 'Hitching post' as well to add to the in depth feel of an inn. It would help those who travel but for whatever reason need to log out or do a task that doesn't suit horses. Of course this would not be a 'safe' method of storing horses as the tree's would still be choppable (and rightly so or we'd have tons of horses keeping forests from lumberjacks) And the fences could be demolished if you leave the horses there too long .. Maybe include a 'permission' for deeds to unhitch a horse belonging to someone else if it's left on your deed (rather mean spirited but such is life). Obviously these would take some work but I genuinely think they would add to the game.
  4. The page linked above describes a process of climbing up a wooded area by moving in front of a tree, and letting it stop your fall back down. Now that trees do not have collision, this method is obsolete, and should no longer be listed on the wiki to mislead players. Thanks!
  5. I'm certain this has been suggested before... I like discovering new places and the challenge of reaching the top of a mountain that very few others have made it too. But I hate having to alter the natural slope of the mountain and creating fences to get to the top. I'd love to see rock climbing tools added to the game and have the climbing skill be used in conjunction with them. Here's a cool site with some old tools and their names etc. Additional functionality: Could use climbing rope to tie people together and have them share the skill of the person with the highest climbing skill. So rock climbers could be hired to take people to the top of mountains.
  6. Pitons, hooks, boots, ropes... You still have to climb but using a "climbing rope" that represents a mountaineering kit, you will fatigue slower and regen stamina at a greatly reduced rate while standing still. Skills on climbing. Fatigue from the action is based on climbing + QL of the climbing rope. Add in a harness that you wear in your belt slot to provide a small measure of safety by protecting you from falls. But remember, it's slow going up but coming down can be deadly fast. EDIT: Additional thoughts about the belt. Climbing skill + QL of the "harness" provides a better safety net to break your falls. My idea still includes the chance to become one with the force of gravity and come face to face with the sharp rocks below but with a chance for a safety harness to catch you and spare you.
  7. I've been wandering the world of wurm now for over a year, yet I still move at a similar pace when I started! It would be nice if people who travel a lot got better at it over a period of time. To this end I propose adding 4 new skills and shifting climbing under one of these. Wandering - Hiking - Sailing - Climbing - Riding What do these skills do? Wandering gives a base speed bonus (1% per 10 points, ending in a 10% speed bonus), it levels VERY slowly. Hiking reduces stamina usage while walking by 3% per 10 points (ending with a 30% stamina reduction for walking). Sailing gives a 1% speed bonus per 10 points against the wind and a 2% speed bonus per 10 points with semi favourable wind and a 3% speed bonus with favourable wind. Every 10 points in riding allows mounts to be ridden up 1 steeper inclines. Climbing is unchanged These skills are intend to be slow gain and a bonus for people who are around often and travel often. I will say I am not a PvPer and have not taken PvP balance into account. However, if there is an issue then just make the bonus only take effect on PvE worlds (so PvP players can still gain the skills but they just gain nothing from them until they enter a PvE world).
  8. I was climbing up to the 4th story of my house and I was wondering why there isn't there a option to climb to floor level X. Just a little nuance but I think it might be nice to add in if they have the time.
  9. Most creatures in real life are faster then a human so I thought it would be good if you have no where to run like on a mountain or if your fight skill is not good enough and get attacked to climb up a tree. You get agro so you run to the nearest tree right click tile climb up. You can look down at the tile below you and right click and select climb down. Once up in the tree you loose agro and are penalized stamina from climbing up. If you don't have enough stamina to climb up it says your too tired to climb up. If your not close enough to the tree it says your not close enough. If you don't have enough stamina to climb down you fall getting hurt. If your fighting you have the option to escape if you have enough stamina. Trees cut down with a player in them is just like not having enough stamina to climb down. Would be up to player versus player people if you could perhaps shoot a bow at someone while up in the tree. Maybe also some creatures can climb to make it not the perfect alternative to not fighting like swimming.