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Found 4 results

  1. I climbed to the top of the Eastern Wall mountain range on Release looking for a champion hell scorpious, clearly a bad idea because I died right at the top, and I don't have the karma for a summon corpse. I'm looking for someone who can get to the top of the mountain and bring my corpse back down. I will double whatever price we agree on if you can find the champ hell scorp and lure it into my pen at the bottom of the mountain. I've got a deed right at the foot of the mountain, so I can add you for a teleport if that helps. Send me your offers.
  2. Ok, I'm listing this as a bug, because it is frustrating as heck and can't possibly be "intended". If this kind of thing is intentional, then Rolf/Devs hate us. I am making a surface canal and mined out the bottom edge to just the right amount, the climb mode up the slope, to do some surface mining up above, to smooth out the harsh edge. While in climb mode, I stay put, even when stam is gone, so long as I don't try moving. I can mine like this for hours, but sometimes, for unknown reasons, climb turns off and I drop to the water. I can kind of live with the drop, as a hazard of climbing, but what I consider the "bug" is that I am continuing to mine as I fall down the mountain. Inevitably, I succeed all too frequently in mining out some shards, in exactly the worst places, such as impossible to concrete places and the entire project gets ruined. Like Completely botched. No choice but to scrap weeks of planning and working to create just the right look. Possible solutions: 1. If characters never move, Don't Drop them out of climb mode. 2. If not #1 above, then please make it so all mining actions stop if moving. 3. If not #1 or #2, then make concrete sticky, so it won't slide down 40+ slopes like dirt. In RL, they have been making concrete that can be plastered onto vertical surfaces for ages. Why does Wurm concrete only work on 40 and under slopes? Finally, is there some intended reason for falling out of climb mode & somehow still mining on the way down? Maybe that is the ultimate macho miner in action, but I think most of us are more like Zoolander and not tough enough to drop 10 stories and keep swinging our picks.
  3. I was thinking if there could be a new way to connect high points besides the know dirt ramp. So maybe wurmians can invent a primitive elevator? This can be a new structure type akin to colossus building, taking lots of materials to build, like logs, beams, planks, ropes, nails, tackles, wells, and maybe some new items like rails, huge chains ( made with the same links we use for the fence) huge wells, and so on. The skill can be either carpentry or masonry or maybe a combination of both skills. Some restrictions, max slope 300x tile, max span 3 tiles, all tiles must have same slope (so if the first tile is 70 slope, the other 2 must be also 70 slopes) must start and finish in a flat tile (maybe the base and end should be something like 3x3 or 3x1) About the way to drive this, probably the best way will be with bulls or horses. lets say once it is finished you need to lead 4 bulls and "attach" them to the structure, once you do that the bulls banish but the structure have "power", the bulls attached don´t starve unlike normal bulls in the game, but they age and finally die as same as normal ones, once one of the animals die the rest also die so you need to replace the entire crew with another 4 bulls.
  4. Most creatures in real life are faster then a human so I thought it would be good if you have no where to run like on a mountain or if your fight skill is not good enough and get attacked to climb up a tree. You get agro so you run to the nearest tree right click tile climb up. You can look down at the tile below you and right click and select climb down. Once up in the tree you loose agro and are penalized stamina from climbing up. If you don't have enough stamina to climb up it says your too tired to climb up. If your not close enough to the tree it says your not close enough. If you don't have enough stamina to climb down you fall getting hurt. If your fighting you have the option to escape if you have enough stamina. Trees cut down with a player in them is just like not having enough stamina to climb down. Would be up to player versus player people if you could perhaps shoot a bow at someone while up in the tree. Maybe also some creatures can climb to make it not the perfect alternative to not fighting like swimming.