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Found 8 results

  1. 1# Rare Oak Spindle sold buyout 2# Rare Oak Spatula 3# Rare Oak Clay Shaper 4# Rare Oak Spindle Stating Price : 1s 33c 33i (each) Min Increase : 33c 33i Snipe protection : no, kill them off reserve : no, hell NO Buyout : 2s 44c each
  2. Item up for Auction: 80QL Rare Clay Shaper, Oakenwood! Item will be COD from Release. [17:36:30] A small pointy wooden stick used to mould and make decorations in clay . This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is made from oakenwood. You will want to polish the clay shaper with a pelt to improve it. [17:36:30] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [92] [17:36:30] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [93] Starting Bid: 4s Min Increase: 50c Reserve: None Buyout: 12s Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Happy Bidding All
  3. Hello my fellow Wurmians! Those two shinies up to auction. #1 Rare Rope Tool 92ql 97 BOTD (Oak) [09:50:58] Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [97] #2 Rare Clay Shaper 90ql 93 BOTD (Oak) [09:55:22] Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [93] Few words about Blessing of The Dark cast: Starting bids: #1 - 8s #2 - 4s Min incr.: 1s No buyout No reserve Sniper: 1 hour Cod is free. Good Luck!
  4. Delivery via Cash On Delivery mail (buyer pays postage/mailing fee, 10c same server, 20c cross server), or pickup on Independence C24 (ingame map, Ussta Delmah, on north-east island), or pickup on Independence E24 (ingame map, Targoviste/Three Lanterns, north-east main land), or free delivery for orders of 10s and up, or delivery by agreement. Enchantments are, W = Wind of Ages (WoA), tools are faster to use, shorter timers, C = Circle of Cunning (CoC), increased skill gain when used to work with. 1) mallet, oakenwood, QL90.52, W54, C35 - 1.1s 2) mallet, oakenwood, QL90.51, W70, C72 - 1.4s Sold. 3) mallet, oakenwood, QL90.51, W73, C40 - 1.3s 4) spindle, oakenwood, QL90.52, W62, C47 - 1.3s Sold. 5) clay shaper, oakenwood, QL90.53, W77, C59 - 1.3s 6) spatula, oakenwood, QL90.50, W70, C48, 1.3s 7) dredge, QL90.01, W99, C79, 2.5s Sold. (all dredges default to birchwood, because they don't actually have wooden components but improve like carpentry items) 8) fine fishing rod, oakenwood, QL90.50, C84, 2.5s (cannot be mailed, no effect for WoA) Planning on adding more carpentry-made tools, feel free to PM if you need anything specific. I also like building ships (all).
  5. Here is a 90QL Rare Oak Clay shaper up for auction. Starting Bid: 4s Increments: 50c Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Buyout: 8s If you intend to have item mailed please leave character name in bid. Pickup from i-8 Xan available as well.
  6. I do accept private offer/buyouts. Buyer pays CoD, pickup at O16 on Xanadu Rare iron hammer, 89ql Starting bid: 8sMin increment: 1sBuyout: 12s Rare clay shaper, Lemonwood, 80ql Starting bid: 4sMin increment: 50cBuyout: 7s Stone Chisel, 86ql, woa91 *Not rare* Starting bid: 6sMin increment: 1sBuyout: 10s
  7. I still have a few obscure tools that i need to find to complete my rare tools set. If you have one of them then pm me here with a price and we can talk about it more. Rare Clay Shaper (Oak) Rare Laggat (Oak) Rare Spatula (Oak) Rare Sacrificial knife Rare Pliers (I know there is no real use for them but to have a full set i need one) Pm me is you have one of these obscure items and want to sell it...thanks
  8. I'm looking to buy the following rare items: Leather Knife Spatula: oakenwood prefered, but will settle for other wood-types most likely Clay Shaper: oakenwood prefered, but will settle for other wood-types most likely Mallet: oakenwood prefered, but will settle for other wood-types most likely Awl File Whetstone: 90+ql (less then 5 damage) Scissors Stone Chisel Pendulum: gold one (could settle for silver to, no iron) On all of those, ql doesnt matter (besides the whetstone), prefer with no enchants (to keep the price from going up to much) PM or reply here which one you have and how much you are asking for it. I follow the auctions almost daily so I got a good knowledge of fair pricing on blacksmith/carpentry rare tools. Many thanks in advance.