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Found 2 results

  1. Heya, I am looking for a group of people to play Wurm with. im a pretty tech savvy aussie chick. i have played Wurm before but a while back. i have a wicked sense of humor that is probably way too innapropriate at times. just not that keen to play Wurm alone, its always better with a group. i would like people on TS or some other form of comms. thanks, QueenofMeme
  2. *THREAD UNDER CONSTRUCTION* Location Epic - (Desertion - Mol Rehan) Why choose us? If you are looking for a clan with an organized, and growing military, then you are looking for the Valigarths. We are a great group if you are just looking to hone your fighting, mining, farming, or engineering skills. We emphasize on having fun and our staff does everything in their power to assure that our clan is as organized as possible. Our primary focus is to control territory and unite fellow Vikings under our banner. We are friends with the loyal people of Mol Rehan and proud ourselves on keeping that relationship strong. When we watch our fellow allies lead their people it saddens us to see the way they do things. There is a lack of order, the roads are unsafe, and people are under constant threat. Our warriors train constantly day and night to assure the safety of our citizens. We are currently working on our capital city and we are doing everything in our power to make it perfect. From the beginning our primary focus was on building an organized clan from the ground up ridding all of the flaws. Economy One hundred iron coins (100i) = One copper coin (1c) One hundred copper coins (100c) = One silver coin (1s) One hundred silver coins (100s) = One gold coin (1g) 1i = 0.01c = 0.0001s = 0.000001g 100i = 1c = 0.01s = 0.0001g 10,000i = 100c = 1s = 0.01g 1,000,000i = 10,000c = 100s = 1g The Valigarth Economy is completely player driven. Players will be taxed to live under our banner and ways of doing so are by coin, labor, and military service. Taxes are placed on the Jarls by the Chief and in order to fulfill their requirements they tax their villagers accordingly. It is very expensive living in the city but living in the city has it's perks. Trade We do our best to build up strong trading relationships with the people of Mol Rehan. We trade coin, labor, military service, and our natural resources, in order to improve the wealth of our nation. Players may worry about how they are going to transport goods that are a decent distance away but we do so through caravans, and trading ships. Our caravans and trading ships are fairly guarded so you should rarely run into trouble. Requiring the service of a trade caravan or trade ship does cost you though and the methods of payment vary and are very flexible. Jobs We are currently looking for citizens of Wurm to fill positions in our great civilization in order to stay strong. Farmer Hunter Blacksmith Carter - Delivers goods to our settlements and allies Carpenter Mason Inn Keeper Priest Messenger Soldier There are many more jobs available you just have to check the village board for work! Social Structure King - Nasgarth Jarl Karl Thrall Three social classes existed in Norse society. The classes were nowhere near as rigid as they were in other parts of Europe at the time. Mechanisms existed such that a person could move himself from one class to another. The vast majority of Norsemen belonged to the middle class, the karls. These people were freemen and land owners. They were the farmers, the smiths, and the just plain folks. Families of karls usually lived in clusters of two or more buildings, typically longhouses supplemented by barns and workshops. Above them were the jarls, the noble class. The stories indicate that jarls lived in fine halls and led refined lives filled with a myriad of activities. But archaeological evidence to back up these details is lacking. Jarls were distinguished by their wealth, measured in terms of followers, treasure, ships, and estates. The eldest son of the jarl was on the fast track to becoming the next jarl. But, by gaining enough fame and wealth, a karl could become a jarl. The power of a jarl depended upon the goodwill of his supporters. The jarl's essential task was to uphold the security, prosperity, and honor of his followers. Below both of these classes were the þræll. These included the slaves (usually booty from a raid) and bondsmen. If a Norseman of any class could not pay his debts, he was obliged to become a bondsman and to work for another man until the debt was paid. Icelandic law (Grágás K229) allowed for someone convicted of theft to be handed over as a slave to the victim of the theft. The þrælar must have led very hard lives.