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Found 2 results

  1. Note on new containers listed: similar operation to trash heap or cooking vessel; tick occurs when contained items change state based on hidden timer and criteria. Cider - not a complex process according to DIY guides. Cider barrel Put apple juice into a cider barrel. Leave for 10 days 12 hours gametime (12 Wurm weeks) for apple juice to become cider. Quality of cider affected by quality of cider barrel and beverages skill. Suggestions of benefits: 1/2 stamina benefit of wine of equal quality. Beer from scratch I know beer is oft suggested, but I couldn't find any active references to method or benefits. Producing barley malt Steeping vessel Put water and barley into steeping vessel, leave for 3 hours gametime (24 Wurm hours). Barley becomes barley, sprouting. Malt bed Put barley, sprouting into malt bed and leave for 15 hours gametime (5 Wurm days). Barley, sprouting becomes malt, green. Put green malt in an oven, campfire or forge. Oven + malt, green = malt, pale Campfire + malt, green = malt, brown Forge + malt, green = malt, dark The finished malt should be BSBable Brewing Grind malt, 'colour' into grits, 'colour' with a grindstone. Mix 1 kg grits, 'colour' and 2L of water in a liquid container to make mash, 'colour'. Put mash in brewing kettle and heat in oven at boiling status of water for 7.5 minutes gametime (1 Wurm hour). Produces wort, 'colour' (liquid) and grits, used. Mix hops with boiling wort to produce hopped wort, 'colour'. Pour hopped wort into fermentation barrel. Wort becomes frothing wort, 'colour' within 3 hours gametime (1 Wurm day), of being cool. Leave for a further 36 hours gametime, (12 Wurm days) until wort become brew, 'colour'. Mix boiling syrup and brew to create sweetened brew, 'colour'. Pour into beer keg and leave for 10 days 12 hours gametime (12 Wurm weeks) to become beer, 'colour'. Quality of beer affected by beer keg quality and beverages skill. Suggestions of benefits: 1/2 stamina benefit of wine of equal quality, alters nutrition value towards 50% but does not fill food bar. Mix 1 kg of grits, used and 2L of water to make mash, weak Boil in oven to produce wort, weak and grits, spent. Do not add hops. Ferment weak wort as for hopped wort. Produces brew, weak. Mix with boiling syrup and leave to mature into beer, weak. When examined, should not include the word 'bitter' in the description. Suggestions of benefits: Alters nutrition value towars 50% but does not fill food bar. Grits, used or spent, can be fed to animals by the same rules governing grain with lower nutitional value.
  2. As i have started wurm i have discovered many new things. Yet as i have started an apple orchard i thought of all the wonderful things that apples could be made into Apple pie, apple cider, apple sauce, apple butter, apple cobbler as well as additions to other meals. Yet none are available. It is my suggestion that such should be implemented. simple apple+syrup+nuts+handle = candied apple/caramel apple, variants of ingredients. Apple pie could be same, sugar/syrup plus dough and pie pan, plus sliced apples. This could be repeated for all of the fruits as well..i spose. <,< Apple butter is just cooking down the apple with vinegar and spices, lemon juice as well. Apple sauce is just well..pulverized apples. apple stew essentially. Good with cooked boar meat/porkchops. Apple cider would be the fermentation of the apple juice, which would be a shorter fermentation making it a seasonal item as well. Using a sample of these recipes to spread amongst the entire fruity world it would give seasonal foods more flavor. Who knows if we can make dried fruit soon to make fruit cake and candy canes to give that certain season a bit more remembrance. Stat bonuses aside the skill it would be nice to be able to make a various regime of food with a purposed abundance of said cultivated produce. The apple.