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Found 36 results

  1. selling Holiday fragments and decorations. mostly xmas decor, but some haloween left as well.
  2. WTA Supreme Wooden Fir Tree, Willow 🎄 [01:00:11] A decorative tree-shaped wooden ornament. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is made from willow. [01:00:11] A seryll rune of Jackal has been attached, so it will increase the chance of successfully enchanting the item (5%) and reduce the quality change when repairing damage (5%) (PSA: this item can be dyed) Starting bid: 1s Increment: 1s No buyout No private bids 30mins snipe protection
  3. A decorative star-shaped wooden ornament. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is made from lindenwood. Starting bid: 3 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No Buyout: 7 s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Not accepted
  4. Multicolored festive balls twinkling in the candlelight. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is made from birchwood. Ql: 26.272953, Dam: 0.0. Starting bid: 5 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: not accepted
  5. Supreme Candy Canes Starting bid: 5s Increment: 1s Buyout: 15s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes
  6. Welcome to my Hamlet's first ever event! It's almost that time for giving and we want to encourage people to do so. "Zuelatek's Hamlet" will be hosting a White Elephant sometime around Christmas. We're going to do our best to bring out all the festive cheer with themed food/drink and decorations. If you have any special requests let us know in a reply and we'll try to fulfill it. Time: Expectations: Bring a gift of at least 20c in value with you to the event. We may turn you away if it's any lower. Location: F24 on Cadence (Top Right). Inland between 3 guard towers. Our highway connects with Sonata. What is a White Elephant? How are we going to run the White Elephant? Reasons why we're running things this way If you have any questions/concerns/whatever just leave a reply and I'll try to check up on this Daily. Otherwise, you can easily reach me at where I stream Wurm practically everyday or you can DM me on Discord @ Zuelatak#6607
  7. Hi Everyone! A late happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Wurm, we give thanks to you all playing and enjoying the game, and especially to your feedback! There's been a lot of upheaval and questions that right now we don't have answers to, and I know that makes things uneasy in your confidence in the game. I can assure you that we are here and going to be here for a long time, we know our goal of continuing to polish the game and address bugs and your suggestions and we are working towards it every day. Anyways, on with the news! New Keybinds Heading off from the pinned suggestion thread, we'll be adding the following keybinds next update! These are all aimed at making the game much smoother to play, and we'll likely be adding more as we go on! Hoist the main sail! The artwork for sail furling is now complete! Ships will be able to go full, half or no sail and will have models that match it's state, see below for all of them! The farming box art is also complete, with a few surprises included: This unfortunately won't be going live in this weeks update, but we aim to have it out before Christmas (Which is scary close!) The stronghold is revealed Last weekend the beacons were weakened enough to reveal the location of the stronghold, the hidden base of the creatures of Jackal! This led to a countdown of 144 hours, with a large fight expected. If that the end of it? Maybe not... The stronghold is revealed (Hey, they're not knowing for being the wonderful designers Freedomers are, maybe that's why they raid?) Shrimpalong! I refuse to call it a Christmas Impalong because it ends 10 days before Christmas, but it's on! Expect Shrimpiies usual slew of games, prizes, deaths and of course, impings! Last year we had the famous The Public VS Dreammaster trial, will the acquitted killer return? It runs from the 6th to the 15th of December, so plenty of time to celebrate with your Wurmian friends before the real world drags us kicking and screaming away... Wulfgar joins the dev team! You may see forum member Wulfgar with a shiny new developer tag on our forums (And I totally wasn't reminded by him posting beneath) Wulfgar has joined us to work on the game bringing a vast amount of knowledge on coding and has been working on bringing in quality of life changes including the new keybinds and the paper decay removal suggestion to come soon! Everyone give a big warm welcome to Wulfgar before demanding he fix things! What Retro is up to: I smartly decided to rebuild my PC, having purchased another 8GB of ram and a new 500GB hard drive. I forgot how difficult and time consuming it is to set everything up juuuuust the way you like it. What a pain! I also have a new keyboard coming and phone adjustable LEDs... for purposes My schedule is going to be long this week... That's it from us this week, I'll be on this weekend streaming on our official channel, taking questions from you and discussing the world of Wurm with you all Until then though, keep on farming, playing with daisies, and Wurming! Regards, Retrograde & the Wurm team
  8. Autumn Evening at Crystal Bay Estates, Independence - Finndar Another short and sweet News this week as we gear up towards the end of the year, with the final Valrei International for 2017 being released next friday. Christmas is around the corner, and I hope you're all getting your shopping done and not leaving it until the last minute (like me!) But anyways... Ongoing work The two main focuses of our work currently are ongoing discussions and balancing of the 1.6 update based on your feedback including: Mission requirements and rewards - High difficulty missions and balancing, rewards splitting, champion creature availability Archaeology mechanics and fragments - high failure rate at high skill, low frequency of archaeology specific fragments Restoration results - Enchant powers and rune frequencies have been mentioned as being a little low. Epic skillgains - Stat gains, action skillgain vs speeds Many of you have taken the time to provide feedback (and report bugs) and it's greatly appreciated, there's likely others apart from the ones listed, but we'll continue to look at addressing each issue as we go. The other main focus is the previously announced features of saddlebags and animal crates. They're ongoing works (though some may have noticed the graphics slipped in in the last update) and the creature crates will likely have a public testing round prior to launch, so keep an eye out for that when it comes up. There's no ETA yet though. Client Update As mentioned in last weeks news, yesterdays client update introduced a new system of rendering player models, with improved memory footprint and performance, we'll be popping around to check out gathering and be relying on your feedback too, if you encounter any high memory usage situations with many players in local, please be sure to provide feedback, every little bit helps us! WU Beta We've received a fair few questions about the WU beta, and it is ongoing, we have no firm ETA yet, but are reaching a point where we consider the current system stable to go into WU, so watch this space! Christmas break As stated earlier, next week will be the last Valrei International for 2017. Over the next week or so we'll be winding down to the Christmas break, there's still a bit of work to be done, but after that we'll be taking the Christmas and New Years period to rest, spend time with family, and get ready for next years work, there's plenty we've shared coming, and a lot more we want to get out of there. Community Content It's the second annual Shrimpalong! Also known as the Blackmoor Christmas Impalong, hosted by Shrimpiie (I prefer Shrimpalong) Launching today in approximately 15 hours and running until 17th, The impalong is the perfect way to get to know people from other servers, and work together in games, imping, and all round fun. We'll be dropping in from time to time to slaughter the locals, as well as turn shrimpiie into a carrot. Hope to see you all there! For the full details, check out the thread here! That's it for this week, I hope to see many of you at the Shrimpalong this week, and as always, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  9. Hi Everyone! This is just a quick news this week to wish you all a wonderful Christmas, and an awesome new year. There won't be any news next week and possibly the week after as I will be away with family, and letting the devs relax. The Christmas gifts are now available in game, I won't spoil the surprise, so if you want to find out yourself, don't read this spoiler! On behalf of the Wurm team, I'd like to thank you all for your feedback, voices, and input in the past year. A community is only the sum of its people, and by that qualifier, ours is pretty damn awesome. I'd like to wish you all have a very safe and happy Christmas, and not get too drunk on any strange recipes found on troll corpses over the holiday period. 2017 is already shaping up to be massive, and I'm honestly really excited to see what comes of it. Until then though, Keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  10. WTB Garden Gnome. Please send me a PM if you have one.
  11. Bring back ,,wrap" option before Christmas. To avoid abuse there can be expiration time (for example one month). After expire gift box would disappear leaving item on tile (or in container).
  12. Yule reindeer (yule deer)...they all have to come to my deed! Sell yours to me, they will be very happy in the deer flock we have already We need more deer.....more and more and more. Pm Fairyshine in game or here.
  13. Yeah yeah its early. But hey never hurts to get started early. Don't think this would involve much work, aside from maybe voice acting. The model and animations are already ingame. A tiny little animated model of the GM, perhaps even with a very deep, gravelly voice for its size. Or a high pitched, sped up voice. Either is amusing. Watch it wave its little scythe as it pronounces your doom!
  14. WTS Yule Reindeer. Make offer. Contact in game or by forums. Thanks
  15. 4x Pottery valentines 3x Yule goat 8x Snow lantern Reply here or pm me offer
  16. Item is located at J11, Xanadu This item is Original full size, and QL, with no damage. Transmutation liquid was given out by Santa to all premium players who visited him during the week of Christmas 2009. 0.14kg of it comes in a 60QL glass flask, which can hold .25kg of liquid total. The 99QL liquid loses weight per use, however it may not be apparent it has lost weight because it appears to lose amounts less than 0.01kg or a random chance to lose between 0.01kg and 0.02kg.More Info if you view the Wiki Link above! Starting bid: 2s Min. Increments: 50c Sniper Protection: 2hrs Reserve: 2silver, Buyout: 10s I will COD items, or pickup from J11 Xan. Happy Bidding! AUCTION CLOSED
  17. I put this in Town Square, but probably should be here?
  18. I was surprised to log in and see a message that Christmas was over. Sadly, I had not put up my tree yet and checked for gifts. I had just assumed it would run through the end of December, or we would at least get a warning message somewhere, like the "server is shutting down" or maybe email? Anyway, I vote for an extension to the end of December
  19. [13:08:58] A proper snowman is guarding this area. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. Ql: 90.0, Dam: 0.0. And yes it looks like he was put right under a disco ball.
  20. Nice christmas sale: Awl 73ql, BotD78 - 1s 50c Carving Knife 72ql, CoC77, WoA 77 - 1.5s 75c Fruit Press, pinewood 76ql, CoC81, WoA80 - 1.5s 75c Hammer 91ql, CoC76 - 1.3s 65c Hatchet 1ql, CoC80 - 80c 40c Needle 70ql, CoC81 - 1.2s 60c Needle 76ql CoC66, WoA60 - 1s 50c Saw 79ql, WoA87 - 1.5s 75c Saw 90ql, WoA85 - 1.5s 75c Spindle, pinewood 45ql, CoC87 - 1.3s 65c Shovel, steel 8ql, CoC84 - 1.2s 60c Sickle 62ql, CoC57, WoA98 - 4s 2s Grindstone 47ql, CoC73 - 50c 25c Scythe 4ql, CoC73 - 50c 25c Small tortoise shield 69ql - 2s 1s Hammer 56ql, WoA70 - 50c 25c Spatula 70ql, CoC76 - 50c 25c Stone Chisel 60ql, WoA75 - 50c 25c Large Anvil 50ql, WoA50 - 50c 25c Rake 28ql, CoC70 - 50c 25c Oil of the armour smith 54ql, 52ql - 2s 1s each Oil of the armour smith 25ql - 1.5s 75c Potion of Acid 68ql, 7ql - 50c 25c each
  21. Top krimbo time fashion available now! Santa hats! 96.03ql 96.541l 96.56ql Ginodeal 1s. Bidding starts at 1s EACH 25c increments No reserve 3s buyout Buyer pays COD unless you pick up from Nexus Landing, P22 Xanadu.
  22. [15:03:23] Santa Claus says, 'You have been a bad person this year, Volix. No gift for you!'. What I was very good this year,lol
  23. Well it is getting close to that time of the year where we all get a present from the staff if you have been premium long enough in the year. So have you been naughty or nice?... What do you think that this years Christmas present will be or better yet what would you like to see under the tree this year? I am happy with another gnome but i would like to see themed ones like a farmer, carpenter or a blacksmith things like that. Well what are you hoping to see this year??
  24. The Holidays are Coming! Make sure you're ready with one of these fine little fellows. Only one left in stock! Price: 3s/ea Location: Deliverance Mail: Buyer pays shipping. A small serious gnome stands here ready for Christmas. Plays music when used on the ground that can be heard by everyone in local. (Unless music is disabled in the client settings.) >
  25. Dear Santa! I know this is a busy time for you, organizing your elves, solving the traveling salesman problem for 7 billion nodes as well as grooming Rolf, your red nosed developer. That's why I think a single thread with wishlists for Christmas would make your job a lot easier then having to plow through all the other topics. First and foremost, I think I have been a good wurmian. I work hard and recently took in a newborn wurmian into my fold. I didn't do it just because Christmas times are soon upon us, I promise! Here goes, Dear Santa, for Christmas I want: Reindeers and to be able to put their antlers on my walls (I would never kill them of course, only antlers from reindeers who died of old age, promise!) Snowballs, by activating hand and a snow-covered tile. Missiles should instantly obliterate abandoned noobshacks. Mulled wine, (Glögg!) to make more people around the world accustomed to this fantastic drink. Body temperature system. To make us wurmians appreciate a warm campfire even more. More and warmer clothes for tailoring. Combined with sheep and above this could be really cool. Pepparkakor (Gingerbread), higher quality would benefit the next point which is: Glasyr (No idea what it's called in English) to write cute messages to those you like on your Pepparkakor. For everybody else to write their wish lists in comic sans, the ultimate font.