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Found 9 results

  1. Either prevent things in the feeder box from rotting or allow us to remove things from the box without having to unload the chickens.
  2. I built a chicken coop and moved my hens into it. They are eating, drinking, laying eggs no issues. I also have 2 roosters and a baby chick, then I led into the new fenced area near the coop and dropped grain on the ground for them. But a day later, they are still right exactly where they were when I unleashed them. They haven't moved at all. I would expect that they are running around like busy little beavers like before.. perhaps they are sad that the hens are isolated? Or maybe they think because the hens can't run around, that they shouldn't either? Anyway, thought it was worth mentioning.
  3. I have a suggestion, domesticated chickens!! Lead with a rope right click domesticate, take home and groom with in 24 hours egg spawn for chicks increase's!! we need to be able to have more chick. Has it stands right now, are hens grow old and die, with no baby's, please fix soon
  4. I would love to suggest what I think would be a wonderful idea. Having/keeping Hens is really nice, especially for getting eggs with the new cooking update. I was thinking, how great would it be to have a container/item "chicken coop" that you could fill with feed to keep your hens happy and not starve? Just by having it on the same tile as where the chickens are would keep them nice and fed. No more worries about having to drop piles of whatever to keep them from starving. Or it could even work like the new bees addition, where a hen inside a coop would perhaps live longer or produce more eggs that you can go collect! Please I hope other people find this idea as cool as I Thank you, Wrecker.
  5. noticed we aren't able to lead chickens anymore. was told that they now follow roosters, which is a problem.... tested and found the following problems... Can't lead hens regardless if they are tamed or not, and whether or not a rooster is near Tame hen will follow a rooster, even if the person leading the rooster isn't the owner of the tamed hen (leaves possibility to steal other peoples chickens) Now required to tame each chicken to move them to an individual tile to prevent diseased hens. (if they follow the order to move) All chickens will follow a rooster if it will come within 3 tiles (another chance to steal) Please test and reconfirm my findings, and fix asap... Thanks.
  6. Hi After the last Graphic change of Hens and Chickens I realised, that something changed it their "lifestyle". Before any changes, I was trying to breed Hens. Old players were telling me, that it's very hard to multiply them, but I did it. First I cought 1 Hen and I cared about it much. Feeding, grooming etc. She started to lay eggs. Soon after that I had 2 Hens. Everything was in a good way to multiple them more. Both of them were laying eggs. I had about 20 eggs after 2 weeks, they started to decay, and 1 chicken have born. It reached "Adolescent Fat Chicken", and then the second chicken have born. I still had about 16 eggs left. And then the patch came, where the Hens and Chickens graphic changed. After that Hens stopped laying eggs. They are still on the same tiles, eating the same seeds and I am keeping them in perfect shape all the time, but they didn't lay ANY egg since then. From 16 eggs I have 2 now, almost decayed, without any chicken born (but that is ok I think, because that's a lottery). Also I think that chickens have stopped growing. The younger chicken reached the same state "Adolescent Fat Chicken", and they doesn't seem to plan changing to Hens. Ah, and I keep Hens and Chickens separated. Hens have like 10 tiles of free space, and Chickens 4 tiles. All of them are kept on the grass. Were there any changes made except graphics? Thanks in advance
  7. Okay, so we had a an aged fat hen hiccup and die yesterday and I'd like ot know why. The wiki says they die at venerable, so I'm a bit confused. Our chickens are fed grass regularly. We had a problem with them becoming diseased. We had a 3x1 area with 3 chickens and so we thought it might be the amount of space and the fact that they're so social, clumping together, so I added 3 tiles and put up fences between so each would have a 2x1 space with food. Everthing seemed to be going fine. Occasionally, I'd find them together, but an hour or so later, they'd be apart again, so I didn't mess with separating them. Egg output seemed fine. Nothing overly excessive. So, my question, how many tiles do chickens need and is it a bad thing to separate them, because up until yesterday we hadn't had any problems with deaths and the diseased thing had ceased.
  8. Selling Horses, Cattle, Bison, Poultry & Deer Sales Spreadsheet (Updated Daily) We are located on Celebration server south of Tap Dance Dump Map - http://forum.wurmonl...elebration-map/ Explusalpha Map - http://forum.wurmonl...salpha-edition/ Feel free to pm Ingame, IRC or Forums with questions or to reserve a critter
  9. I am starting a small farm and i have a small bit of money to start out with, i'm looking for any animals to start breeding with, i would prefer animals without bad traits, but if its super cheap let me know about it. Of course i am willing to come and get them, i am located towards, the north but will consider picking them up from anywhere, either contact me below, message me through the forums or in game my username is Williamscott. looking for Cows & Bulls, Stallions and Mares, Calfs and Foals.