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Found 4 results

  1. We encountered this today, and it happened without any changes made to permissions. A champ wildcat on deed with no branding and no cared for, was charmed by a fo priest with full permissions on the deed. The fo is mayor of an allied deed to the deed where the cat was located. The cat was charmed successfully (priest has done this many, many times before as the priest is the char used to breed the champ animals and hellhorses). After being charmed on the deed, the cat pet was handed to another char, not allianced. The other char is the mayor of a deed not in alliance with either the fo priest's deed or the deed where the cat was located. The pet was successfully given to the other char. This char then took the cat off deed to care for it, brought it back, and untamed it. The deed's mayor then tamed the cat, branded it, and untamed it. The original fo priest then tried to charm the cat again. It was "illegal". A support ticket was lodged. Ticket #142605. GM Prawn attended and we tried different things namely Removing the fo priest's role on the deed, removing all alliance permissions on the deed, then making a role specifically for the fo priest and ticked ALL boxes, (it was still illegal for the fo to charm on deed), then allowing alliance to cast deity spells on deed (still illegal for the fo to charm on deed), then making animal specific permission allowing the fo priest all permissions for the specific cat (still illegal to charm the animal). Prawn the teleported the fo priest and the cat off deed, at which point the fo priest was able to charm the animal. Teleporting them back, it was once again illegal to charm the animal on deed, for this fo priest. While off deed, the animal was still branded for the original deed, but the priest was able to charm it, but ON deed the priest could no longer cast charm on the animal. The fo was also not able to charm any other branded animal on this deed which was branded to this specific deed, despite being able to charm all other animals on this deed which were branded to either another deed (for which the exact same permissions were granted), or not branded. It was only "illegal" to charm the animals branded to this specific deed while actually on this deed. Also, the priest can actually TAME this wildcat, just no longer charm them. GM suggested I make this forum post as neither of us knew what went wrong and had no further ideas to try resolve it. Please help resolve this before the cats die Want champ wildcat babies. Thanks
  2. This has been going on for ages and it's driving me demented. I can't seem to find a pattern in it, but here's an example. A new troll is born and I want to brand it. I take my Nahjo priest and click 'dominate' just to check. It starts dominating, so I think I'm ok. I back away and activate the love effect so that the other troll in the pen doesn't attack me. I walk forward again and try to dominate, but it's suddenly bad for my karma and disallowed on the server! I log my main on, but my computer doesn't do well with more than one Wurm window open at a time, so by the time it's finished freezing, my love effect is gone. I manage the role for the Nahjo alt, which has everything ticked except branding and lock picking. I tick and save those at least once a week, but whenever I log on again, they're unticked! Why, please why?? Anyway, I tick and save branding and try again to dominate, but it's still illegal. I go back to manage roles (branding is now unticked again) and tick branding and lock picking. Then I can dominate, but of course, my love effect is gone now. Since I have two characters on, my computer freezes and when it unfreezes, I'm dead. The last time I tried doing love effect with my main logged on already, to make necessary changes if I suddenly couldn't dominate, my computer froze and when it unfroze my love effect had run out and the animals in the pen had killed me. This is just one example of absolute mess that I can't seem to make any logical sense out of. The same with charming. One day, I'll be able to charm the animal, and the next day, without having made any changes, it'll suddenly be illegal. I've tried it with branded and unbranded animals, as well as animals I specifically unbranded with my main and re-branded with the Fo/Nahjo alt, and the results are still the same: it seems completely random whether on a certain day I'll be able to charm/dominate. Sometimes just logging on my main without doing anything lets me charm/dominate, others I have to redo my brand and possibly lock picking roles. Other times unbranding the animal works. Other times there's no problem. Please, please could we fix this? It's driving me utterly batty. Here the relevant logs from today. If it'll help, I can try keep trying and come up with more logs showing different examples of this insanity. Nahjo alt [19:49:35] You start to cast 'Dominate' on a young fierce troll. [19:49:36] You must not move while doing that. [19:49:36] You stop dominating. [19:49:37] The wooden fence gate blocks your attempt. [19:49:42] The wooden fence gate blocks your attempt. [19:49:53] You feel the love stream towards you. [19:49:59] That would be very bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server. [19:50:29] Attenia left the world. [19:50:33] That would be very bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server. [19:51:11] That would be very bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server. [19:51:24] Attenia has logged in. [19:52:53] The stream of love fades. [19:53:12] That would be very bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server. [19:53:14] The wooden fence gate blocks your attempt. [19:53:50] You start to cast 'Dominate' on a young fierce troll. (computer froze here) [19:54:08] You leave the old fat Zarahunting. [19:54:08] You are dead. Main [19:53:04] The role "Alt 2" has been updated to your specifications. (branding) [19:53:43] The role "Alt 2" has been updated to your specifications. (branding and lock picking)
  3. I've got a deed owned by my main, and all my alts, including my Fo alt, have permissions to do anything on deed. They have individual permissions, and are also members of the village, and village permissions are set the same. According to all permissions, any of my priests should be able to tame/charm/dominate, as well as cast deity spells. What really confuses me is that it was working just a little while ago. I used my Fo priest to charm a champion crocodile. About an hour later, I tried to charm a champion cave bug and I couldn't. It said that would be very bad for my karma and was disallowed on the server. I hadn't changed my permissions at all. I checked, and they were still all the same. I tried with other animals, and I can't charm any of them now, but I don't get what's changed or how to change it back. All I did on my main was feed some animals and do some farming; there's no way that should have magically changed the permissions, and even if it did, I checked and all the same boxes are ticked that were ticked when I charmed the crocodile. All of my animals are branded, the crocodile is now untamed, I had enough favour and permission to manage all animals on deed. The Fo alt can still do other spells like Genesis. I've tried reclogging and ticking some other boxes in the permissions just in case they needed to reset, but nothing is working. How on earth am I supposed to change whatever it is back so that my Fo can charm again?
  4. When attempting to cast charm on a pet (deer in the case below) on freedom it gives : [21:30:41] That would be very bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server. I am not sure if this is intended or not.