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Found 12 results

  1. A crystal vial containing the vicious fumes of Sol that twisted the demons and fuels their madness. It has one charge left. Start Bid: 3g Minimum Increments: 10s Private Bids: Accepted - not reported Sniper protection: 30 minutes
  2. White cherry tome Spell granted: Rust Monster (Attacker's Weapon Takes More Damage) Resistance: Water 15% (Decreases Water damage taken by 15%) Weakness: Disease 10% (Increases Disease damage taken by 10%) Tittle: Enchanter(m), Norn(f) -asking 20 silver or euro per charge
  3. Hey Guys, I've got 1 singular green cherry charge for auction here, let's have tons of fun! ***PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY NEGATIVE COMMENTS, FREE BUMPS ARE LOVED, BUT NEGATIVITY WILL NOT BE TOLERATED*** **Don't shoot the Auctioneer, I only bring love to my auctions** [12:11:10] This giant cherry wasn't mature when it was picked from the tree on Valrei, home of the gods. God food that may contain strange powers! It has one charge left. * Spell Granted upon use: Stoneskin. Attacker misses their next 3 attacks * Resistance: Internal 15% (Decreases internal damage taken by 15%) * Weakness: Fire 10% (Increases fire damage taken by 10%) * Costs 500 karma to cast. Start Bid: 70s Bid Increment: 50c minimum increase Sniper Protect 1hr Pm me here, or ingame (Sugarfoxx) for any questions or inquiry, comment and concerns
  4. EDIT: SOLD TO PERSON WHO OFFERED A BUYOUT Hi, I was lucky enough to be involved in the discovery and capture of a Forest Giant and my reward was 1 of the charges on the White Tome that dropped, which i am now putting up for auction: only 1 of the charges is up for auction Description: The white leather covers will reveal the secrets of high magic for the one who dares open them. Usage: Spell granted(male): Fire Wall (Summons a wall of Fire on Tile Border) Spell granted(Female): Ice Wall (Summons a wall of Ice on tile Border) Resistance: Bite 15% (Decreases Bite damage taken by 15%) Weakness: Pierce 10% (Increases Pierce damage taken by 10%) Item Use Requirements: - You need to be standing in a 3x3 flat area in order to use this. - You need to be in the vicinity of a holy altar. - You need to be high up towards the heavens, closer to the gods. - Can be used at any altar in a 3x3 flat area, at least 1000 slope above sea level. starting bid : 60s minimum increments: 2s sniper protection : 1 hour after last bid no reserve Happy bidding
  5. Hi, I would like to auction a blue tome, with 1 charge left: [15:38:51] The blue leather covers will reveal the secrets of high magic for the one who dares open them. It has one charge left. http:// Starting bid : 70 silvers increments in bidding: 5s Reserve : 80 silvers Buyout : 150 silvers Sniper protection : 1 hour after last bid Happy bidding!
  6. I have a single Uttacha Slime charge left and waiting to be Auctioned [14:53:43] This crystal vial contains the paralyzing slime of Uttacha, a giant slug living leagues deep in the Shaded Depths of Valrei. It has one charge left. Spell granted: True Strike (Next hit is 100% Crit) Resistance: Slash 15% (Decreases slash damage taken by 15%) Weakness: crush 10% (Increases crush damage taken by 10%) Title Obtained Upon using the charge: Witch Hunter Starting Bid: 2.5g/250euros Sniper Protection: 1 HOUR Bidding Increments: 10s/e Buyout: 4g/400e Paypal will be the method of payment, unless you crazy wurmians carry around all that in your banks!
  7. Buyout done. Tada!!
  8. Looking for a price check on one Smoke from Sol charge. From Wurmpedia:
  9. looking for a charge of uttacha slime or 2 (one for tuanta xP) 3 is also fine
  10. WTB green cherry x1 charge blue cherry x1 charge black cherry x1 charge Please PM me with offers if you have one! NOM NOM! also looking for the uttacha charge x)
  11. [01:07:42] This giant cherry was fully ripe when it was picked from the tree on Valrei, home of the gods. It may take you there to join the deities! It has 3 charges left. Info on sorcery items: How to use it? You need to be on a 3x3 flat area, with any type of altar there, on a very high altitude (think Dragon Fang, afaik there is an altar up there already). Also keep in mind that valrei items are now dropping a lot less often then before. Starting bid: 30s/charge or 90s for all 3 charges Min. increment: 1s Buyout: make me an offer that I can't refuse Sniper protection: 1h Current highest bidders: Charge 1 JasonSwift 50s Charge 2 Xor 45s Charge 3 Stormcrow 1g
  12. And why not? finaly some use for other weapons like spears and two handed weapons. Now you have to ride to the target and stand by the target and wait a while till you make some hits...