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Found 5 results

  1. The things that always frustrated me whenever i came back to this game is being unable to ride horses, command carts, and destroying a wall that i misplaced. Stuff that might not seem important to others make the whole game for some. most of you said to me and any new players that joined "just get premium, or call someone to destroy your walls", yeah all that is sound and proof, but for some people contacting others to do something for them might be a barrier, maybe a language one, maybe anxiety problems, maybe they just want to be solo, and getting premium for some is just not financially possible, (for me) the time i can have in the game because of work and other chores is limited, as well the cost of premium takes a good chunk of my pay (whilst i did buy premium, but others may not be able). being able to get your characteristics(and possibly skills) to at least 21 would hugely improve the willingness of new players to stay and even consider getting premium later on. 2s for the first month of premium is not much i know, it's obtainable actually pretty easy, but for new players needing to grind just to get that premium time, is no enjoyment, we just want to explore the game, get to know it, find out how stuff works and have fun, being limited on such simple things is a big turnoff i would like you to be honest to me on this post, thank you all in advance
  2. Note, these are NOT Mind Logic/Body Strength/Soul Depth/What have you. The main Body/Mind/Soul characteristics are not being raised. This is on Xanadu and several people in kchat and gchat have reported this issue. # What happened Body/Mind/Soul stats are not being raised at all. I mean 0.00000000000 gains. I've tried mining, digging, and woodcutting. # What you expected to happen Expected my Body/Mind/Soul stats to go up at least once in 200 actions (I don't really have high skills, in the lower 20s range they should be going up pretty fast). No gains whatsoever. # Steps to reproduce Mine, dig, then cut wood. Basically do anything in game since most actions will raise these characteristics. Nogainz.
  3. Back with some more small sample sizes. This is as always not meant to be an exhaustive study, as much as it is a guideline on how/where you can do testing yourself if you're so inclined. Otherwise feel free to take this with a grain of salt. I do this for myself, but I publish my thoughts in case anyone else wants to read. Mining: It's a relatively known fact (so I'm told) that mining skillgain only happens when the ore produced is above 1ql, and below 40ql. It seems quite likely that mining produces results closer to the surface, and as such I believe that's actually the skill roll you achieve (it takes into account your skill, your characteristics, your tool and is hard limited to your skill or the ore vein's quality). I did some testing to verify, and indeed can confirm that 39.99ql ore gives skill, 40.03ql does not and constantly. Interestingly, this does not apply in any way to digging, which clearly indicates not all skills are working off this as a base model. Hats off to the devs for the obscurity this system manages. I've also noted that using skiller picks below lvl 50 mining is a waste. I'm getting *very* good gains at 52 mining off rock tiles with a q1 pickaxe. Higher than I've ever had off rock in the past using my q1 pick, and far better than iron or lead. Since rock is the easiest minable substance, it's pretty clear I shouldn't have been using a skiller pick up to this point. Final point to note: Skill tick sizes are purely based off action time (excluding CoC) in mining. Doesn't matter what you mine, gain value is the same size per second for your skill level. Success range for tick values is unaffected by CoC (40.01 still does not give skill with a 50coc pick) Farming: So the first thing I noticed about farming was the tendency of the messages to have an increasing order of... complimentariness(?) The field is tendedThe field is now tendedThe field looks better after your tendingThe field is now groomedThe field is now nicely groomedSo I thought to myself, what if these aren't random? Sure enough, the pattern across crops is different. Hard crops I'm far too underskilled for (garlic) always gave "is tended" while easier crops like cotton gave me a mixture. And so I revised the descriptions with success ranges that made sense. The field is tended - 1, failureThe field is now tended - 1.01->25, weak successThe field looks better after your tending - 25.01->50, mediocre successThe field is now groomed - 50.01->75, good successThe field is now nicely groomed - 75.01->100, excellent successAnd interestingly enough, it shows the same pattern as mining does (albeit rounded because the success is harder to read directly in the 25->50 range). The field is tended - never skill gainThe field is now tended - always skill gainThe field looks better after your tending - usually skill gainThe field is now groomed - never skill gainThe field is now nicely groomed - never skill gainBefore you ask, no the value of success doesn't seem to influence crop output volume. I get the same volume of cotton as I do corn even though I succeed a lot on cotton and not nearly as much with corn. And to sum all of this up, yes rake quality does seem to have an impact. It also works like mining with regards to that. This is my data for raking corn with 54 farming skill. Where would optimal skillgain be? I'm estimating that 1 "is tended" per 3 "looks better" since ~1/3 looks better will be overkill on the skill and fail. But the skillcurve might not be that easy to guess. Certainly this requires tinkering with rake quality in order to optimize your gains. Characteristics: These seem to work quite differently than skills do. Namely, it seems that the success check for them to gain skill appears to ignore tool quality/skill level entirely, and instead only goes off the relative difficulty of the task compared to your current Characteristic level. This is predominantly seen in priest Soul Depth gain. Stew holds as a steady source of Sdep, and outperforms meals, until much higher Sdep value ( According to mamadarkness, by 50 Soul depth meals had edged out stews). I've also noticed further support for this when doing my raking: Farming corn gives much worse Soul Depth to my 27 soul depth priest than farming cotton seems to. And doing high level tasks like raking garlic almost never gives gain of any characteristic. My Conclusions: Farming does have skill success feedback Rake quality matters and adjusts crop difficulty Characteristics will likely be benefited most by doing tasks that are well below high end skill values Skiller tools shouldn't be used for mining (possibly other tasks) until 50 skill roughly.
  4. Who doesn't love small things? Champion is larger than normal mob size miniature would be smaller than normal mob size. Also, characteristics on domestic animals like sheep, deer, pigs, bison, chickens, cows, bulls, horses, pheasants, etc. would be nice. Angry horse. Scared cow. Fierce chicken. Alert deer. Champion horses or chickens. Champion horses would be like Clydesdale/shire horse size. There would also be things like miniature horses and crocs and such. Wurm uservoice:
  5. As the titles says. I'd like this tool so I can investigate combat in general. Ideally I'd like a line break down of what makes up my CR but that's probably too much to ask. A single total would be good.