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Found 5 results

  1. farming in wurm online seems lackluster and really bland, the quality of the seeds do not dictate the quality of the crops and you can grow things in the winter out in the open like it was summer or spring, which really does break my immersion a bit, i'm currently growing a small garden for personal consumption, but it would be nice if we had more than just the bare-bones definition of farming in the game, so here are some suggestions from me, you're friendly neighborhood moogle, Kupo! 1st~ Drop crops growing in the winter, this adds another layer to the game, though the seasons are not that long in comparison to IRL, this means players would need to start preparing food for the winter, or storing things away for when winter season comes, towns would need to build granary-like buildings or food cellars in order to last the season 2nd~ make crops seasonal, though some crops grow during multiple seasons, make them bear the most fruits/vegetables during their preferred season, or make them have a higher chance of producing higher quality crops during their preferred seasons (locked by only your skill at farming for example you could never grow a crop who's quality would be higher than your skill) 3rd~ watering plants should be considered part of tending a farm, not just taking a rake to it and removing weeds, watering could also be used as a means of improve crop quality once per day, a small increase for people taking care of their farms properly. 4th~ (and my last suggestion) rain could possibly water crops for you, so on rainy days, players would not need to water crops, but still need to check for weeds. this suggestion will probably be met with a lot of backlash from players who think farming is hard enough, but in truth, it is not hard at all. the amount of skill gain for doing farming is minuscule in comparison to other skills, and a small garden like mine nets next to no exp on a daily basis, but adding changes like these would make farming more in-depth like cooking, maybe even take multiple people to work on a large farm just to keep the work at a minimum, you know, like a real life farm. and in the winter months people would have more open time to focus on other things instead of just growing crops year round. you also already have growing seasons for trees and their produce, why not do it to farming too? Kupo!
  2. So, I came back after a while to this game, prem'ed just to find out that all my effort I've put into this game was a waste of time. Good job! Long story short: some time ago I settled on Xanadu at Glasshollow. I've build my pens and farms at Glasshollow perimeter which was all good. I put there my fences and repaired them and imped when needed. Just FYI, Glasshollow's never had build permission on, and it's fine, since I was able to build on the perimeter. The owner of the deed was/is fine with it too. So, after a little vacation I came back and saw some of my fences missing. And I went to rebuilding them. I put a fence back on and tried to imp it. And it told me that I cannot improve it (even I was able to build it!). Then I tried to repair old fences and got the same message. So, I submitted a ticket. A CM came, investigated into the issue and told me that I am not allowed to build/repair/imp on the perimeter if the deed doesn't allow it. BUT how come I was able to do all of these before for a year if it's not allowed to? Now, I still can build fences (even the perm says I cannot) but I cannot repair not imp it? When I asked if something has changed about it I got the answer that it's been like this for 2 or 3 years.. ????? This is such nonsense since I was able to BUILD and REPAIR and IMP fences on the perimeter just two months ago... Surely something's changed. Something in the code about it. But without any advance notice. And that probably should make me feel great about all the time I've put into my areas... NOT! Since I cannot do anything about it. The CM told me that no GM will contact me and that I shall start a thread on forums. 'Good' customer service! I must tell you - this is not the way you should attract old experienced players back into the game. I love this game. But such things just make me put it away on the shelves in hope that some day the devs would think before making such radical unthinking changes.
  3. Hi Everyone! Last week saw the Grand Tour of Independence, and it was a lot of fun! There were a few hiccups, mostly with the new talk feature requiring an item to be active to use, but otherwise went quite well, feedback has been positive and we will take note of what areas need working on for the next event. The treasure huint on the other servers did have more issues, but we've taken that on board and know what to look out for next time (camouflage chests) But first... Patch Notes Wurm Online Wurm Unlimited Domain changes Next week's update will see a change to how domains currently work! The new domain code completely replaces the old system. Previously the map was split up into predefined zones that altars effected with their power, this was fairly un-intuitive as the zone boundaries could be in weird positions in relation to any altars. This is now changed so zones are bound to the altars, and effect tiles in a range from the altar dependent on the altar QL. Each tile as you get farther away from an altar will lose strength, and the base strength is linked to the altar QL. The altar with the highest strength for a tile will have dominion over that tile, and equal strengths will prefer the closest altar. For an example of how this works with two 10ql altars, see here: The other big change to do with this is that now domains are shared across the surface and cave layers - they will no longer be separate. This means any altars on the surface will still have influence when you move into a cave, though at 50% strength compared to the surface. Similarly, altars inside a cave will have 100% influence inside the cave, and still have 50% influence on the surface. By doing it this way, we hope to not overly break any existing setups that have domains set up in each layer, as altars on the same tile with the same QL, but on different layers, will each continue to have dominion over their respective layer due to their halved strength on the other layer. For example, a 50ql altar on the surface will have 25 strength on the same tile below ground, and radiate for 25 tiles - where as on the surface it will be at 50 strength and radiate for 50 tiles. This should make it easy for current setups to remain, while still allowing domains to be shared between layers where wanted. Breeding and creature counts One of the biggest questions on older servers has been about certain wild creatures being hard to find, namely horses. We've looked at the totals vs bred creatures and have found that on most older servers, there are few, if any wild horses (xanadu doesn't count!) So we've made a few changes regarding this. We have reduced the percentage of certain creatures (bison, dog, rooster, pheasant and hen) and increased the percentage of horses. This will mean there's some breathing room for wild horses to spawn. The other issue stems from over-breeding, or large populations of breeding stock. To combat this, we have increased the chance of getting a rare coin from killing a bred creature to make it five times more likely than killing a wild one (about 1 in 20 now). This will hopefully promote culling of unwanted creatures rather than simply letting them loose or taking up space. We'll keep an eye on these two updates and see how they go. Non premium changes One of the suggestions raised in Factional Fights' video was how returning players struggle due to characteristics being reduced to 20, after a discussion among the dev team, we've decided to remove the reduction of characteristics! This means a player who has previously been premium, but since lost premium does not have their characteristics capped at 20, just their skills. This means they may pilot a boat, ride a horse, and carry their tools (provided they could before!). This will go live in the next update, and hopefully make returning to Wurm that little bit easier to get back into. Other tweaks Examining slopes will now give "the border is x slope up/down". Changing paths for Path of Insanity will go live. Continued updates for the unstable client. Community Content Firstly a little bit of our content! I've updated most of the twitter feeds for individual servers, with the Wurm logo and a screenshot from each server! A couple are awaiting the work, but they should be done in time, we're also looking at unifying the twitter handles, but will have to organise that with those who run third party systems. Another piece is the interesting " Alcifer Initiative" a decorative little safety zone for new players, it definitely looks interesting! Thats it for this week, we'll be looking at the suggestions over the next week and taking notes on what we can improve! Until then, keep on wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  4. 1. Was thinking what if someone put a wave simulator at edge of the ocean next to land like small waves crashing just to test if it would work nothing to fancy untill someone in that department was satisfied it would work also implement the sound of waves crashing on beach. 2. If the wave idea worked the second step it would be cool to have a storm factor implemented into the games graphics nothing over the top at first just get a feel for it. Like gale winds that will make ur boat go other way and also a skill gain from weathering the storm. Other player can avoid the storm if need be by the dark clouds that surround the area it is at. As well as weather on land like the worst living on the coast and the lest inland. Also weather damaged houses and buildings like lower skilled players who made a 10ql house would face a storm of 60ql and after storm a house wall would be damaged. And you would repair it. The stronger the storm the higher chance that a wall will be ripped off leading lower skilled players the opportunity to rebuild parts of there house for skill gain. Needless to say the storm would keep you from falling asleep while waiting to make 1k of something lol as well as would be pretty i have my graphics on as high as you can go and its already pretty i think you guys can incorporate this into the game. 3. Fighting style is it possible to make a real time system like you click your mouse and it makes you swing your sword. and you right click and it makes you block ive played new games that have this feature and it has same chance like Wurm has of hitting or missing depends on skill. But it is a bit more fun to actually control whenever your character swings his/her sword and blocks. Just throwing that out there. 4. With the fighting idea on number 3. I will ask is it possible to make fishing look more real? Like when you click to fish show you throwing the line out and it landing into the water with splash animation and actual fish jumping out of water literally not all the action in a text format. 5. add new species to game like whales for meat or tame for the Animals protection lovers, as well as cougars in trees,Mountain Goats, Ect new animals that fit into there said environment. Also animals that fly and you can tame like avatar lol hey nowadays it is possible. Please Wurm workers and Rolf please continue to impress our imagination don't be afraid to explore the boundaries of a video game surpass the limitations of said technology make this game into a masterpiece that the world will come to love like our small community does now. Please I ask that you consider theses small ideas and im sure there is more to come in the future thank you Wurm and Wurm team
  5. Ok, being dense today, I read the whole thing again, but didn't notice any changes. Sounds pretty much like I remember it. Could anyone point this out to me?