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Found 5 results

  1. With new update for sitting in the past few months, get yourself a chair, sit down, and enjoy. There is nothing like sitting down with your fellow wurmians and watching the sunset/sunrise or enjoying a hot meal. 4c each, will COD or can arrange for pickup on deli at bear lake area
  2. So I finished my public pub and invited my friend over to check things out. He tried sitting in one of the chairs but could not interact with it. I do not want to change permissions on the building so someone could come into the building and haul everything out, perhaps we need a separate interaction permission for buildings concerning chairs, or perhaps permissions for chairs themselves such as beds have?
  3. I was not sure where to post this at but there are a few things i think needs to be addressed on the new furnishings that are coming out. I have been making a bunch of the new things on test and the biggest trouble i am having is with the hodgepodge of different colors and wood textures. I was thinking it would be a set and all the wood would match at least if we could not have it showing the wood we choose like barrels. The bed, wardrobe, and bedside tables all match but then the bookshelves and chairs are all different and the two bookshelves don't even look like they match all that well. I know they are not in the game yet but lets hope they get a makeover...granted the chairs and bookshelves look better i think so the bedroom set needs to be changed to match more with them. Also the chairs and bookshelves do not have any move function to them and the bookshelves are extremely hard to get lined up trying to drop them in the right spot. I have not even started with tables but if we don't have any new tables then the ones we have are not going to go with any of the new chairs...lets just hope they give us a set and not this hodgepodge job. Edit: I don't want to seem ungrateful but i have just been waiting for this kind of stuff to be added to the game for a long time and want it to be good.
  4. We really need more to a village then just homes, warehouse, farms, pasture. How about making NPC bartender/barmaid like the one in blossom that players can buy just like merchants. Then we can sell meals and drinks to players. We could make taverns/bars if we had usable bar tables and chairs and stools. This would give Wurm a new avenue for income and players too. Newbies could buy food from villages. Food and drinks should not be able to decay when on the bartender/barmaid. Another village item would be a citizen board that lists their stats and maybe jobs available. Which could be placed in a village square or next to the village tavern. Thank you, Btrod - mayor of Bitburg - Pristine server