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Found 9 results

  1. Highest skill chainsmith, low prices! I keep at least one suit of each kind in stock so orders are sent out swiftly. CHAIN SHIELDS MASONRY
  2. Need myself a decent set of chain armor (minus the helm). If it can be dyed purple that's a plus as well. Thanks for your replies in advance Bought
  3. Grott's Steelworks Sanderling Priory, Harmony About me: I am stonebreaker, miner, trollslayer Grottenolm and I love to be underground. After my last mayor was gone, I found a new home at Sanderling Priory. Because I am a scaredy cat I searched after the best armour for the world above. Steel chainmail is the best I could get my hands on for these monsters (except Scorpions). It is not without reason that I think it is superior to the plate armour, so don't think chainmail is a worse choice than plate. Quite the opposite. I am a real steel lover, but maybe you guys can't afford it, so I will add the iron option soon for half the price to protect you and your purse. Have a nice time shopping Grott Open Steel chainmail 50QL (20% Discount until 01.10.2020) Iron chainmail 50QL Raw Steel Lumps (0,4 Weight)
  4. Looking for one supreme iron chainmail gauntlet and one supreme iron chainmail jacket. Ql and enchants do not matter. I can do trades, silver, or even mob slaughter. Please Pm what you have and I'll get back with you as soon as I can. Tyvm and have a good day
  5. Want to sell various rare and supreme chain pieces. 6s per supreme piece or fair offer 2.5s per rare chain piece or fair offer
  6. Smokes' Smithing, Enchanted Tools and Things Located at L - 26 on Xanadu Payments Accepted: Paypal (1s=1euro) Silvers If your requested tool is not in stock, a small wait time may be needed. Can pick up any item at the Smokes' Landing deed, as shown above. Buyer pays all COD Mailed items with be sent using a 83 power mailbox To order an item, please either post in this thread, or PM me in the forums, or in-game. My accounts are Smokes, Smokez, and Smokespriest. Blacksmithing Enchanted Horse Shoes Chainsmithing Vynora Enchants Current Stock
  7. Hello, fellow wurmians, and welcome to the auction house. This time the following items are up: 1. a rare bow, ql80, maplewood starting bid 1s, buyout 5s 2. a rare diamond, ql66 starting bid 3s, buyout 6s 3. a rare chain sleeve, iron, ql92, 81 AosP starting bid 3s, buyout 6s 4. a rare chain gauntlet, copper, ql92, 71 AosP starting bid 1s, buyout 3s Miimum increment for each is 50c, no reserve, no sniper protection. Happy Bidding!
  8. Hello Wurmians o/ This time a Chainmail armor. Free from casts. Starting bid: 20s Bid incr: 1s No reserve, No private bids Buy out: Make me an private offer Sniper Protection: 1hour Buyer pays cod or i could deliver for fee. Good Luck
  9. Hi all, I'm running a 5 day auction on this lovely set of 90ql chainmail. I'm generally bad at remembering how to start auctions so bear with me. Bid increases by 50c please. Pickup is available at 8y27x on Indi, should the winning bid go over 10s we'll work out where to meet Starting bid of 50c to get things rolling. Good luck! Start: Today, the 27th. End: The 1st.