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Found 5 results

  1. Chain mail Shields (any type) Casting* (80 channeling) Name Price Name Price Name Price 70ql set, iron 75c 70ql iron/oak 25c AoSP / WA 25c (2s set) 75ql set, iron 1s 75ql iron/oak 30c BotD 30c 80ql set, iron 1s 50c 80ql iron/oak 35c Demise 10c Corrosion 25c Bloodthirst 30c Essence Drain 40c Rotting Touch 30c Nolocate 15c Bless Lamps 5c (3c over 10) Tools Weapons (any type) Name Price Name Price 70ql, iron/oak 10c 70ql iron/silver/oak 15c 75ql, iron/oak 15c 75ql iron/silver/oak 20c * All casts assured to be minimum power 70 and charges are flat rate. As with all things casting related, explosions and shattering can occur. Current Items for sale Name Notes Price 70ql rare lamp, iron RGB 225 2s 50c Blessed 14ql rare pickaxe, iron BotD 97 4s 50c 18ql rare pickaxe, iron BotD 91 3s 50c 16ql rare pickaxe, iron BotD 90 3s 50c 14ql rare pickaxe, iron BotD 81 3s 18ql rare pickaxe, iron BotD 89 3s 40c 75ql rare shortbow, willow Botd 87 2s 50c Bloodthirst 57 90ql bowstring 75ql Leather Barding AoSP 73 30c 74ql Cotton Barding AoSP 73 30c 78ql Scythe, iron BotD 79 30c 10x Sleep Powders 1s each, 9s all 2x rare unfinished forge 4s per 80ql rare forge 5s per 73ql orangewood sprouts 300x 90c per 100 56ql lemonwood sprouts 1900x 90c per 100 48ql applewood sprouts 1500x 90c per 100 55ql cherrywood sprouts 700x 90c per 100 75ql Chain mail set, pre-made 3s (Coming Soon) Name AoSP Power coif . jacket . pants . sleeve All pieces 70+ sleeve . gauntlet . gauntlet . boot . boot .
  2. Selling Cheap Lump And Chain Armour.

    Iron chain armor - 50 quality: Full set --- 1 silver Jacket or Pants --- 20 copper Other parts --- 10 copper Iron chain armor - 70 quality: Full set --- 2 silver Jacket or Pants --- 30 copper Other parts --- 20 copper Silver chain armor - 50 quality: Full set --- 1.5 silver Jacket or Pants --- 30 copper Other parts --- 20 copper Silver chain armor - 70 quality: Full set --- 3 silver Jacket or Pants --- 50 copper Other parts --- 35 copper Gold chain armor - 50 quality: Full set --- 2.5 silver Jacket or Pants --- 40 copper Other parts --- 30 copper Gold chain armor - 70 quality: Full set --- 4 silver Jacket or Pants --- 75 copper Other parts --- 50 copper 50kg 50ql iron ore, 25 copper 5kg 50ql silver ore, 35 copper 5kg 50ql gold ore, 50 copper 50kg 70ql iron ore, 50 copper 5kg 70ql silver ore, 70 copper 5kg 70ql gold ore, 1 silver Note one: I'm currently looking for gold and silver veins to use in my new home. So prices of those ores and their respective chain armor prices may change as I actually get an idea for how hard it is to get said ore. Note two: I also have a vynora preist but I haven't bought premium for it in a while. So some AOSP casts may be possible in the future. Note three: I'll do copper chain armor too for the same price as iron. Post here if you want to buy something. If I don't respond right away PM me (Ingame name: "Azjherben") ingame.
  3. 58Ql Rare Chain Mail Cap

    I bought drake set recently so this cap is for sale now. Let it protect you as it was protecting me... Starting bid: 2s Buyout: 15s Min increment: 50c No hidden reserve or sniper protection.
  4. Price Check

    I was curious on how much a 30ql chainmail set goes for on independance server
  5. Wts Ql68-69 Chain Mail Set

    Chain Jacket QL 67.90 Chain Sleeve QL 68.72 Chain Sleeve QL 68.75 Chain Coif QL 69.11 Chain Gauntlet QL 69.02 Chain Gauntlet QL 68.90 Chain Boot QL 68.81 Chain Boot QL 69.14 Chain Pants QL 68.49 Pick up from Smelly island Exodus Y23 X48 Or CoD Looking for 3-4s but will entertain other offers.