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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Everyone! All items & more that used to be listed in this forum post can now be found at -- Official launch of Red HQ (Wurm) Shop: Of course, if you have any questions, requests, or can't reach me in game you can use this forum post (for now) to get in contact with me (I'll receive notifications). Happy Wurming!
  2. Per the Wiki for Chain Barding: Steel, silver, seryll, glimmersteel, and adamantine barding do not show visually on a horse, but still offers protection and reduces speed. At least in the case of steel, this is no longer true. Model is in-game and visible. Can't vouch for the other types. See image below. Normal iron chain barding (left), Steel chain barding (right). A bluish color. If a better picture (against a stone wall perhaps like the others on the page) is needed for Wiki, PM me and I'll do one. Thx. --Mirax
  3. Please update Horse chain barding to indicate that both Silver Chain barding, and the Steel Chain barding, are currently visually bugged. When a horse is equipped with chain barding, of either Silver or Steel. The armor does not currently appear on the horse. But the horse is slowed down while wearing either. Testing: I tested 3 sets, Iron, Silver, and Steel. All three sets slow down the horse while equipped on the horse, vs. having none equipped on the horse. The Iron set shows visually on the horse as equipped. The Silver set and the Steel set, appear to be equipped but visually invisible. I assume the visually invisible sets still protect the horse, however I don't' want to assume and will test this out later on to confirm. At that time, I will also include screen shots.
  4. Looking for a couple price checks. First, PC on 70 QL iron chain barding. Second, PC on a full set of 70 QL gold chain armour. Also PC on 70+ QL gold lumps in general/.