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Found 16 results

  1. Hello Im buying a full set of chain armour medium QL! I can pickup anywere in Release / Pristine at the coast
  2. Hi Everyone! With the European summer nearing it's end, it's time to get back into gear, and what better way to do it than with some shiny new gear! -Excessive use of puns warning- But First... Patch Notes 16/AUG/16 Cooking reviews! Our cooking teaser generated a lot of excitement among you all, which is good, because I'm excited too! We'll go further in depth as we get closer to their release, going over some parts in depth, as well as providing a total overview (and tomato farms!) To arms! ... and legs This weeks update saw some new clothing options go in, with the black sleeves, white sleeves and white pants! Now you can customise your look even further, hanging on your deed grooming sheep never looked so stylish! All chained up It's time chain armour got some love! This week I have some tantalising tidbits, Saroman has been hard at work with his fingerpaints and clay and has two new textures for chain armour, adamantine and glimmersteel! Silver hasn't been forgotten though, and is still being worked on. Adamantine Glimmersteel Iron plate This weeks graphics update also saw the iron plate textures sneak through, causing some questions and concern. I'd like to say that absolutely nothing is set in stone with this armour, it not even necessarily being something that would be coming to the game, so rest assured! Unstable client update Another unstable client update has come out, addressing a few dynamic lighting performance issues, as well as more stability issues. Feel free to jump on and try it out again! Community Content This weeks community content is a mod for Wurm Unlimited! Taking a bit of a change from Wurm Online content, as well as more visual things, this mod by Xyp, the admin of Mythmoor allows players to craft the awesome pauldrons in Wurm Unlimited. As you all know, the pauldrons are only available via rift loot drops, which of course don't exist in Wurm Unlimited. Check out the mod here: That's it for this week! I hope you all enjoy looking fashionable in the new clothing, and have an awesome weekend of Wurm! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  3. Nippy General Store Helping you play the game you love, your way Leather works Blacksmithing Bulk Workload: Empty Blacksmithing Workload: Empty Armour Workload: Empty ***Special offers*** Currently no special offers Masonr​y Bricks - 1s per 500Mortar - 1.5s per 500Slabs - 1s per 75Carpentry ​Planks - 1.5s per 1kSmithing Small/Large Nails - 75c per 500Iron Fence Bars - 2s per 100Iron Ribbons - 1s per 100Rivets - 75c per 500Blacksmithing Tools 50ql - 15c60ql - 35c70ql - 50c80ql - 90cHorseshoes x4 50ql - 1sx4 70ql - 2s 10cLarge anvils 50ql - 30c60ql - 60c70ql - 80c80ql - 1s 60cLamps 30ql - 80c per 1040ql - 1.2s per 1050ql - 1.5s per 10Armour Leather 40ql - 40c50ql - 50c60ql - 60c70ql - N/A Studded Leather 60ql - 1s70ql - 2s80ql - 4s90ql - 7s Chain armour 40ql - 50c50ql - 1s Leather Goods Toolbelt 50ql - 40c 60ql - 50c 70ql - 60c 80ql - 1s 90ql - 2s Containers (standard 30ql containers, higher ql on request) Backpack - 5cQuiver - 5cWaterskin - 5cHorse gear - Bridles 50ql - 30c60ql - 40c70ql - 50c80ql - 75c90ql - 1s - Saddle 50ql - 60c60ql - 70c70ql - 1s80ql - 2s90ql - 6s- Leather Barding 50ql - 60c60ql - 70c70ql - 1.5s Nature Enchanted grass/trees - 70c per tile Merchant in Freedom Market last stocked 02/09/2013 Contact Shads or Boobaby in-game or on the forums either via pm or comment below to place an order. We're located on the independence server, our co-ords are 24x 46y. Deed name is Nippy shores. We do NOT deliver to other servers Fast service, good bricks as always, excellent on site brick crafting service. Would recommend any time.
  4. Hi everyone, If you're looking for cheap good quality armour than look no further than the Taronaul's smithing services at Poolsclosed market on the south coast of Spawn lake right in the middle of the map. Iron Chain Armour Sets 50ql - 1s 60ql - 1.2s 70ql - 1.5s Leather Sets 50ql - 70c Studded Leather Sets 50ql - 80c There are also a selection of cost effective tools ideal for new players available. I also offer bartering deals if you don't have the coin, but have goods of equivalent value - just PM Taronual for more details. If you can't make it to Poolsclosed there are also merchants at Lotus Landing and Puddlesby too, but obviously it's limited to just the stock available there.
  5. 80QL Chain Armour set from gold Start Bid: 4s Min. Increment: 1s Buyout: 8s Sniper protection: 1h
  6. Chain Armour Location : South Eastern Inde Whispering Waters, Elysian Bay Starting bid: 1s Min increase: 50c No hidden buyout. Duration: 2days
  7. Post is nerfed keeps saying </div> before and after everything. Lock. Will make new one.
  8. Support Beams for sale 3.5s per 50 missing one ribbon, ribbons are included Chain armour, Iron 80ql Jackets and Pants 70c each All other pieces 50c each Chain Armour, iron 70ql Jackets and Pants 55c each All other pieces 35c each Mortar 3S per 1000 1S per 300 50c per 120 PM me here or in game.
  9. Location: Shadowthorn, 5 minutes south of FM. Bulk Support Beams for sale missing one ribbon, ribbons are included Chain armour, Iron 80ql Jackets and Pants 70c each All other pieces 50c each Chain Armour, iron 70ql Jackets and Pants 55c each All other pieces 35c each Mortar 1000 / 3S 300 /1S PM me here or in game.
  10. Location: Shadowthorn, 5 minutes south of FM. Support Beams for sale 3.5s per 50 missing one ribbon, ribbons are included Chain armour, Iron 80ql Jackets and Pants 70c each All other pieces 50c each Chain Armour, iron 70ql Jackets and Pants 55c each All other pieces 35c each PM me here or in game.
  11. WieselTrupp's Armour Store This Merchant is located in the Tap Dance Market Stores, just left of the Altairs. The stock gets refreshed Daily, if he ever runs out of a ware that you would like to buy, PM me ingame. (Wieseltrupp) Iron: Chain Armour Parts QL 60: 18c (Jacket and Pants +5c) QL 70: 25c (Jacket and Pants +10c) Bardings QL 60: 1s 20c QL 70: 2s (All sizes)Shields QL40: 10c For Larger orders or custom materials other then Iron send me a PM.
  12. Blacksmith items Various tools: (hammer, pickaxe, shovel, rake, hatchet, saw, small anvil, file, trowel, leather knife, needle, awl, and the like): 15c, 25c, 45c, 70c, 1.4s, 2.8s, for ql 50, 60, 70, 80, 85, or 90, respectively. Lamps: (street lamp or torch): 20c, 35c, 50c, 80c, for ql 50, 60, 70, or 80, respectively. Imperial lamps: 40c, 50c, 70c, 90c, for ql 50, 60, or 70, or 80, respectively. Large anvils: 25c, 40c, 70c, 90c, for ql 50, 60, or 70, or 80, respectively. Horse shoes: (4 pieces): 40c, 70c, 140c, 180c, for ql 50, 60, or 70, or 80, respectively. Chain armours Full set (9 pieces): 1s, 2s, 3s, for ql 50, 60, or 70, respectively. Individual parts: 12c, 23c, 34c, for ql 50, 60, or 70, respectively. Weapons All weapons and tools improved using weapon smithing (carving knife, butchering knife, sickle, scythe): 1c per ql (currently up to ql 75). All weapons come with "lifetime warranty", meaning I will re-improve them to their initial quality for free (transportation not included). Enchanted tools and weapons Vynora enchants on tools and weapons are also possible thanks to the fellow priest Golllum. For now, expect moderate-power casts, around 50 (or more, with some luck.) Price is 1c per enchant power, adding up to the price of the tool/weapon itself. Boats All boats come with lock and anchor. Quality of every boat will be at least 71. Rowing boat: 1s. "Dredging pack" (rowing boat plus dredge ql 70+): 1s 60c. Small sailing boat: 2s. Corbita*: 7s. Cog*: 10s. Knarr*: 18s. Caravel*: 26s. (*) The above prices for Corbita or "bigger" ships are for ordering; your order will be ready in one to three days, depending on the boat and my free time. Immediate sell is also possible in some cases. Other services Guard Towers: 6s for a guard tower ql at least 70 (maximum number of guards). All materials will be provided by me; building time is about one day. Price is reduced to 2s, if you have the materials needed, and if they are of appropriate ql. Improving existing items: It is possible to improve any existing items you have, usually enchanted or rare items you just want them to be of higher quality. Prices vary depending of the item, as well as existing and desired quality, according to the price list above. Note, however, that I will not improve any boats made by someone else. Notes I am currently located at Deliverance (4x, 21y) and Celebration (30x, 28y). For blacksmithing/weaponsmithing items or chain armours, I don't mind delivering, especially if you order several things. I can also CoD the items. Delivery of boats is also possible, but that depends on the case. Some discounts/round downs might be possible, for large orders or for my old, well-known customers.
  13. Cathor's Link 'n' Clink Chain Armour Smithing is back to Independence! Based on Independence located at the eastern side of the Eastern Plains. There soon will be a merchant at FM. I have several sets of 50-70ql in stock and any ql up to 70 can be made to order 50ql sets sell for 1.25s and 70ql for 3.25s Chain bardings made to order. Also have a rare chain coif willing to sell @ 70ql for 3s PM me in game (Cathor). Reply here, or PM on the forums and order your set today! Will deliver for 35c to most accessible parts of Independence. More if harder to get to. (Can do up to 50ql copper sets too) *Also free repairs and imp's back to original ql providing you come and drop off and collect, PM to arrange a time and imp while you wait! (Only suits with You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Cathor'. or any variations on made by '.at...' will be accpeted) Can imp up to 70ql~ on any other makes for a small fee. Cathor
  14. Hello there I am locatet at Germania, this town is located on Celebration at http://forum.wurmonl...salpha-edition/ AB31 http://forum.wurmonl...elebration-map/ X25/Y29-30 For requests, send me a mail in the forums, a PM ingame or a letter over the mail system or simply reply to this topic. Due to the nature of the mailing system i wouldnt like to sell it via cod, it just is far to expensive for such a low quality armour. i will deliver if you are located 10-15 minutes near us with a sailing boat. Chain Armour Set 1x Chain Coif 1x Chain Jacket 1x Chain Pants 2x Chain Sleeves 2x Chain Gauntlets 2x Chain Boots QL50 - 1s Chain Armour Parts Chain Coif QL 50 - 10c Chain Jacket QL 50 - 32c Chain Pants QL 50 - 32c Chain Sleeves QL 50 - 12c Chain Gauntlets QL 50 - 10c Chain Boots QL 50 - 12c
  15. Hey guess what, more armour for sale. 70 and 80 ql chain armour.
  16. I have sets of 80 ql iron chain mail armour for sale in the Freedom Market area. I also have support beams for sale with 200 of them currently on hold. In one week all 255 will be up for sale as well if not claimed by those that have reserved them. Please Make offer on AoSP Armour. Set 1 Set 2 SOLD