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Found 2 results

  1. I was skilling my pottery & weapon smithing at the same time and thought "It would be cool if we could make ceramic knives". Not sure if a ceramic carving knife is very realistic, but I'm sure a ceramic butchering knife would make sense. Figured I'd throw it out there and see what the rest of you think.
  2. Large & Medium flower pots Usage Medium - bon sai trees - mini versions of trees need to be tended to look good. Large - Fruit trees in a house. Yes, i know what i wrote. I remember that in my kindergarden we had a lemon tree in the "classroom" and it even got fruits. Pottery oven + bed. Usage Cooking and sleeping. Info - till the end of II world war, many pesant homes had, beds on the oven especially in the central europe and further east.. It was special construcion, that allows to use heat from the oven to praveil harsh winter / fall conditions. Amphoras - (i bet it was mentioned before). - Usage - to keep wine and olive. - this would add immersion. Since we can make columns so we can have more mediterrenian style liquid containers. Tiles (Wall tiles) Usage - To decorate internal walls of stone buildings. Need clay or mortar to attach to the wall. QL of a file should determine the overall quality of a picture. Better pottery skill more atractive picture. It can be chosen from few patterns like shopsigns and banners. Or using dyes we could change color of the tile, and have option to choose chess pattern or lines vertical and horizontal. Possible "colored" options Half on half (need 10 red tiles and 10 blue per wall) -sub option chess pattern. Stripes 1 - 2 red tiles 18 blue (colors are just example, it could be 2 red and 18 uncolored) 2 - 4 red 16 blue 3 - 6 + 14 and so on. Glazed pottery products. Info- Adding sand glaze maby with lye ? to all pottery products. Efect "durability" of a finished stuff is increased by 10-20%. and visual effect. Decay rate of food and liquids decreased by 50-70%. Pottery lamps. Crude lamp pottery flask + oil/tar/animal fat. + cotton string or bowstring. Light radiuous - QL/10 Light duration 10-20 mins per QL Lamp - decorative version, rest is the same. Amounts of clay should be determined yet. ! Crude lamp could be used as a weapon. When you throw lit crude lamp you have 70% chance to inflict burns equal to lamp ql additionaly you have chances to inflict burn in neighbouring tiles equal to lamp ql. Damage is reduced at least by 50% Similar possibility should be made with pottery flasks and lye (since its a caustic substance, it should make acid wounds). To be precise it shoud bypass most of animal "armor" Of course high end creatures like trolls dragons, hell hounds / hell horses/ hell scorpions/ lava spiders and lava fiends should be restistant to fire. Spiders / goblins / scorpions / should be resistant to acid. I belive it will add a depth to game and combat itself. Moreover it would increase or to be honest, make pottery skill useful, and make market for such products. Pottery figures - Purely decorative. Pottery whistle / flute Music making - increasing game depth. Urns Usage - as gravestones. decorative / informative. ---Curiosity--- Pottery sicle & knife - According to the archeology book, very first sickle was made of finely crafted clay and fired to pottery state. Not as durable as iron or metal one, but still functional. In terms of wurmlogic it cant be repaired. Similar could be done to butchering knife. --> Additional method for crude tools. Pottery jewellery - Finely crafted, fragile pottery trinket.