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Found 1 result

  1. Celebrity Seaway Market Has a New Owner, New Merchants, and New Spaces Available for More Merchants! The new owner is Caelohh in game, and jacobw on the forums. PR rep (will be posting on behalf of CS) is Pintadragon in game, Pinta Dragon on the forums. We have many new spaces open! There is no fee to move in anymore. -To request a building space or to get more information, PM Caelohh in game or Jacobw on the forums We are currently finishing up with renovations, but there is a new Directory below as well as a map to CS Here is a map to show you where Celebrity Seaway Market is: This is the Directory for the Market Here is the map with the merchant spots numbered: green=available space yellow=coming soon(terraforming needed) blue=reserved Here is a list of the Merchants with details about their stocks: 1. Slayerspear's Shipyard 2. Pinta's Ranch Sales -Horses -Bison 3.Dragon Forge Weapons -Merchant Dragon Forge Arms --70-90ql iron and steel weps,most enchanted 4-7 Open spaces for new merchants to create their buildings! 8. Ropes for sale 8.a.-Merchant Cristhel --60 quality studded leather,60 quality toolbelts and misc quality mooring/coordage ropes 8.b.-merchant Frathen Drothan --70-80 quality unenchanted tools and brass lamps 8.c.-merchant Enchdtools --misc ql enchanted tools 9. Space which will be available when renovations are complete 10. Waiting on merchant to build/stock -bulk goods,floorboards and support beams 11-12 reserved currently,PM caelohh in game or forum PM jacobw 13. Kruggan's Lamps and Tools -13.a. Merchant Kruggan's Lamps --Lamps 50ql -13.b. Merchant Kruggan's Tools --Mid to high quality tools with mid to high enchants 14. Uian's Construction and Carpentry -Merchant Uian --fence kits and house kits, 1k bricks and/or mortar 15. Open spaces for new merchants to create their buildings! 16. Waiting on merchant to build/stock -90 quality tools and weapons 17. Space which will be available when renovations are complete 18. Tpikol's Carpentry -Merchant Tpikol's Carpentry --70-90 quality carpentry items 19. reserved currently,PM caelohh in game or forum PM jacobw 20. Smith Them All -Merchant Smith them all --70 quality weapons, some enchanted; 70 & 80 quality tools, some enchanted 21. Wine and Cellar -player quit, glitched merchants, waiting for the glitch to be fixed so they can be removed. 22. Xallos Legendary Warcrafts and Artifacts -Merchant Frank --Life transfer weapons, 100 quality pelts, 90 quality leather barding, 8-9 slot toolbelts, drake armor, high quality tools with high enchants, saddles 90 quality with high Wind of Ages 23. Dredorra's skillers and Caelohh's lumps -23.a. Merchant Dredorra's skillers --10-30 quality tools with Circle of Cunning -23.b. Merchant Caelohh's lumps --down for restocking --will have 50, 70, 80 quality lumps of: tin, gold, silver, iron, copper, zinc. 24. Thunders Black Market -Merchant Quick fingers --40-70 quality tools with no enchants, some weapons with enchants, various goods of all kinds 25. The Awesome Sauce -Merchant I love you --70 quality tools, most enchanted 26. Ragnaroks Steel -Merchant Bob the steeler --Steel tools and armor-temporarily inactive player 27. Metal and Chain -Merchant Chain armor --70 quality chain armor 28. Korner Market -Korner industries -- 50 quality lamps, misc goods 29. Space which will be available when renovations are complete 30. Pinejon's Shop of Enchants -30.a. Merchant Enchanted weps --70 quality enchanted weapons -30.b. Merchant Enchanted tools --Unenchanted 70 quality weapons and tools 31. The hillbilly -Merchant Billy Bob -70-80 quality tools and lanterns 32. Airwalkre's Bowyery Shop -Merchant Huntress labow --60 quality bows, 50 quality quivers, 41-65 quality arrows: hunting and war 33. The Magic Factory -33.a. Merchant Elven armor -- 70 quality studded leather, 60-70 quality misc. leatherworking good --- 60-80 quality enchanted leather armor -33.b. Merchant Thor's Hammer -- 60-80 quality iron tools ---60-80 quality enchanted iron tools 34. Open spaces for new merchants to create their buildings! 35-36. Spaces which will be available when renovations are complete