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Found 29 results

  1. Now that we can build underground, there are plenty of people living in caves. Most people have at least one animal (a horse), so it would make sense that now caves are a living area, we should be able to plant enchanted grass for animals to graze on. I suggest we get an option to 'plant' dirt in a cave instead of dropping it, then make grass the normal way. Maybe it would only grow if there were lamps nearby for light.
  2. (at the end of this first post, is a list of mobs that do not respect and may pass through locked doors, building walls, or locked or unlocked fences underground) Ok, I put my dog inside a building (building name: South Three Interchange) underground on 12 Nov 2016, around 2am-ish EST on my deed Cornersville on Independence. The building has 3 locked doors and is a 2x2 underground. Once I released the dog (branded to my deed, Cornersville, Aged dog 'C0r f f2016111') I untamed it. I later found the dog wandering the mines outside that building. So I had to run go do other thing, when I came back, that same dog had wandered out of the area I had spotted it in and then thru another building I have underground (building name: Cornersville Long House, which has 4 doors on it, all locked), and it had wandered off deed. No way for it to get off deed underground, in that area, unless it passed thru a building with locked doors. THE PROBLEM: The problem is, my dog is walking out of a building underground. As far as I know in wurm, such an animal as a dog, should not be able to just walk out of a building that only has doors as access? right? Plus, the doors all have locks on them, with permissions set. Forums was down that day, so I submitted an in game ticket (#54917 12/Nov/2016 08:55). CM Moogien responded and stated that there may have been a forum post on this bug before, but wasn't certain. Dogs are not supposed to be able to just walk out of a building that only has doors on it for access. CM Moogian suggested that I submit a forum post, this topic, as soon as forums was back online. That is the reason for this post. Work around: My dog is not lost. I have my dog. I put it in a top side (above ground) fenced in area w/ gates. This dog appears to have no problems obeying the 'do not go thru gates game rule' above ground. Please fix this, so that I can release and rest assured my animals will not wander out of closed buildings underground. Thank you for your time :-) TeeeBOMB PS: I did look, but did not find any other post on this forum area 'Server Bugs'. So I am opening a new thread. If someone else finds such a post, sorry I missed it. LISTED: These animals will/may pass through locked doors, building walls, or locked/unlocked fence gates underground (pre Jun 1, 2017 testing): dogs, branded (Alectrys, Teeebomb) wolves, not branded (Teeebomb) champion wolf (JakeRivers) champion goblin, not branded (Teeebomb) champion wild cat (Uisge_Beatha) brown bear, not branded (Teeebomb) trolls, not branded (Zigozag) < my 2 test trolls in buildings, have not escaped in almost 2 weeks now escaping animals after June 1, 2017: Dogs & wolves & champion wolf escape from underground fences/gates brown bear escaped from underground fenced in area w/ a gate ven troll entered locked building door undergound, 18Jan2018
  3. Invisible small cart

    Issue has place at the border of the cave, when you're leaving/entering it dragging small cart. at some circumstances you can become a proud and happy owner of the "invisible" small cart. you can hear, that you're still dragging it, your speed is slowed accordingly, but you won't be able to see/iteract with it until relog. To reproduce: 1. Find a cave, start dragging a small cart 2. Enter the cave, when you'll got a message "You enter the cave" - move back backwards, i mean - don't turn, just push "S" button. At the moment when you will leave the cave - your cart gets stuck on the edge: From my experience, it will always stuck if you'r moving backwards from the cave. And this is an issue in itself, but more funny things will follow. 3. Now, physically, cart is in the cave. If you will enter a cave again, you can open your cart, you can drag it deeper into the cave, and everything will work fine. But you cannot do anything with it if you're leaving the cave. For ex., you can open cart's "inventory" being in the cave, make few steps outside the cave, and inventory will just dissapear. Similarly, you can start dragging cart being in a cave, step outside, and you will stop dragging it without having appropriate message in events. 4. Now, main part of the trick: step outside the cave and Pull your cart. Somehow it will work, but if after the pull you will try to drag the cart - it will simply... dissapear. You will hear it, you will be slowed down, but there will be no cart. "Imagine: there is no spoon" (c) Matrix
  4. I just noticed this today, but it looks like ambient light has been messed with in caves and mines making them far too bright. Mines and caves aren't supposed to be bright enough to see clearly without a light, they're supposed to be dark and mysterious, and a light source should be absolutely necessary for vision. Whatever was done has completely negated this, and the torches and lamps I do have now make it so bright it washes all the color out.
  5. walking speed at ave entrance

    i paved the tunnel (support beam, mortar, and colossus bricks) and i noticed, at cave entrance tile speed is low, like on regular freshly mined cave tile, instead of speed at rest of tunnel.
  6. Cave Paving

    In my recent endeavours with underground paving, I noticed that it is not the same as above-ground paving. Much to my dismay, there is one huge difference. You can only pave an entire tile. The option to "pave nearest corner" is not available. With above ground paving, paving the nearest corner does not only make nice corners, but makes super nice paving-patterns possible. Wurm Devs, please bring paving equality to the underground dwellers! We want fancy roads through our dark tunnels too!
  7. cant mine out of cave

    Hi Im prevented from mining out of a cave. Getting some odd message about a highway is in the way. Not sure if it's a real bug or it's just the wrong message. Still i do not se any reason i should not be able to mine out at that particular spot.
  8. Cave mine entrtance bug

    went to walk into mine on deed fell thru floor into a collapsed room area. cant see which way to mine to get out of it. A good quality vein iron onside a utmost on the other and stone on the other two sides.
  9. Pre-Generated Caves in Maps

    Is there interest in (or does there exist) a cave generating tool that would basically hollow out different areas underground, under certain constraints like maybe: floor and ceiling heights, and slope limits maximum/minimum cave area size how close each cave room is to one another, and how often they should be connected to each other would or would not retain ore veins inside the generated cave area whether or not caves close to the surface should have tunnel entrances I would really like to hear about any practical considerations that might go along with a tool like this. Could this be a feature adapted into one of the map generating tools out there? Thank you
  10. I have 2 wide cave entrance and 4x7 size cave. Any floor tile i try to mine it gives this message [16:02:45] The cave entrance is in the way. no matter which tile corner i try to mine. Note: all cave floor tiles are flat at the moment but cant mine on sloped floors either, it gives same error message. After further testing, i have no idea what fixed it but i used keybind to mine forward on floor and it gave the msg but then i right clicked and mine and it worked, then i went outside and back to cave and now keybind works too and doesnt give the msg anymore. Works fine for now.
  11. Submit your new cave dwellings here and share some of your creative designs.
  12. Canal in cave,water bug

    So,i have made a cave and inside i want two canals,one of them is going from south to east and the other one south to west they form like a semi circle but there is a bug with the water.. Here are the screenshots of both canals: -you can notice that the south west canal has the water in a straight line and the other one has it in zigzag way..which looks weird and not nice. -has anyone else noticed it and if so is there a fix or is it a game code problem? Please let me know. South-west canal: South east canal: EDIT: I did a test outside on dirt and it looks is south east like the one in the cave. Pictures with unstable client where you can see better graphics and how the cave floor liks like on both canals:
  13. Many moons ago I started work on a boat cave on my Xanadu deed and main home. You see I have the odd crazy idea in Wurm and after building one in Fippy's Harbour on Deliverance I had always wanted to build an improved version when I found the right spot. My Xanadu deed is basically a bit of land at the bottom of a cliff and a hill with an Obelisk on it. So my mine is the main work area for my characters, always expanding... until now that is. No more tunneling for a while after this. I had a small workroom that was great for a while, with a grand plan for a fancy cave that i could move my workshop to. I don't get a lot of time these days (2 kids) so it was always a big task for me and originally the plan had a canal off the first cave with a 2nd cavern. I decided that i'd be better having the one cave and expanded the one i'd already mined out, to include workshop and storage sections. Anyway, enough rambling. I'll post some pics and then a link to the full Gallery at the bottom, in case anyone is interested in seeing more. I will add that the door is open for anyone wanting to go in and have a look around. Full Gallery - Bradda Cove - Boat Cave A lot of pics, so sorry if too much, but had to put a range in.
  14. When you mine out a tile through a double door you can not level the floor tile it gives you the message.. [10:24:34] The plain stone double door is in the way. If we can mine through the doors/arched ways we should be able to level the floor through the door too so when we expand we can get the same height floors.
  15. # What happened I was able to raise a cave ceiling corner with 'level' even though 'mine' action gave me the message: 'The roof sounds strangely hollow and you notice dirt flowing in, so you stop mining.' # What you expected to happen I expected that the 'level' action would fail, just as the 'mine' action did. Or, if there is actually sufficient rock above the corner, that the mining action would have succeeded. # Steps to reproduce Raise a ceiling corner using the 'mine' action until you get: 'The roof sounds strangely hollow and you notice dirt flowing in, so you stop mining.' Raise a adjacent tile that can be mined higher and flatten it. Then level the ceiling of the tile with the corner that could not be mined before. Note: This did not work for a corner of a mine entrance tile. The corners that were raised this way had an unknown amount of rock and dirt on top of them. I do not know if the rock layer was actually raised, or if the rules for the 'mine' action and the 'level' action are simply inconsistent.
  16. While leveling with concrete it uses 1 lump per action regardless of size. iow: 186kg concrete lump levels one slope and so does a 3kg one. Fix: 3kg / slope height leveled
  17. This is a cave where the ceiling was mined out a bit, ended up a bit too close to the surface. The walls from above started rendering, but only from certain angles. Can even see the lighting behaves differently depending on the angle. Would be nice if walls just didn't render through ceilings.
  18. Sometimes I'm greedy for time, so I tried to save some when sailing from the far north-east of Indy to The Howl/Freedom Docks, by going south through Crystal Lake. The problem was, nobody could tell me if big ships would fit through caves now. There was one to go through. Let's find out... With a little pushing and pulling at the cave entrances/exits, or dragging if you have the muscle, the answer is yes. The canal in question is Cave Canal near The Howl, connecting the Inner Sea at Freedom Docks with Crystal Lake, relatively center on the map. Most relevant information (music etc.) should be in the video's description. Sorry for the mouse cursor. I hope you will enjoy watching that
  19. boat cave entrances

    there are times when I just accept the nutty things we have to do in wurm, but today has been nothing but frustrating. Wasted hours of sailing, to get to a hunt that was just too laggy to function. But what really gets me is the 2 hours of time I've been spending trying to stuff my knarr through cave canal entrances. Some days is can slide right out and no disembarks, but most of the time it is stuck, disembark, the alts that disembark get bugged teleporting, log them out, log in, push/pull knarr, climb back on, try again. Turn lag... trying to wiggle when stuck in an exit can sometimes get through, but because turn lag is so bad, you don't know how far you wiggled and suddenly your ship is stuck sideways in solid rock. Is this considered a bug, or simply sloppy programming? I'm tired and horribly annoyed. Forgive my tone, but come on people....
  20. I would be ever so grateful if this was enabled. So inconvenient to dismount and embark as I travel through my caves to reinforcing them. I cringe every time I dismount and embark, because of all the bugs/glitches that could pop up and force me to relog. Oh... and it would be so much easier. To me, allowing paving and not reinforcing, is like the old days of allowing large mauls in the mail, but not a large axe. Thank you.
  21. I would like to make the suggestion to add some very simple options to make caves look nicer and to allow for some form of structure changes without the need of adding borders to cave tiles. it would be awesome if we could "pave" Cave walls and Floors, which can act similar as support beams or can be attached over support beams and veins as some form of decoration (Can be destroyed easily?) They would allow us for some Variation in Caves without intruding cave code too much kind of just adding new textures to cave walls and floors We could make walls made of marble (that dont look similar to marble veins) or made of gold sheet
  22. Messed-up Caves

    By The Landing on Chaos. There's at least one cave/mine with a glitchy shaft that stretches from one location just under the surface to another location deep underground. The floor is one tile, the ceiling is one tile. It doesn't hurt to walk down the shaft, and climbing back up it should be impossible, but isn't. I guess the slope value is normal....
  23. Hello, this is my first post! Anyway, last time I played, I was in a cave on Chaos, near The Landing. I came back later and spawned in the cave, like normal. However, the ambient sounds that were playing were not that of the cave. I heard insects, leaves, and wind like I was outside. I've never noticed this before, but I don't think I've spawned in a cave before. I'm a total newbie here. So, is this a well-known bug? Anyone encountered it already?
  24. Here is my idea, Inside of caves I would like to have the option to pave the walls, what if we build a cave through a mountain for people to pass through, well why not make it look nice too, i would like to have the option to have paved bricks walls at least where reinforced cave walls are at. I also would like this as an idea for between houses (for those people who use stone walls between buildings so nobody can get in) I think a stone tunnel between your houses would look majestic if done right, maybe make it curved at the top so it looks even nicer and not squared off Also wheres our fruit cellars, why cant we have a basement in this game? This would also need paved underground walls, ceilings and floors, it would be cool to tunnel from building to building too or maybe just a tunnel to get to your property. Maybe you wanna tunnel to your allies deeds and only use it for movement purposes, these paved walls could be used to stop mob spawning, but you have to break the wall down in order to mine and when 1 wall is down then mobs can spawn in that entire tunnel now. This is my idea, i would like to hear opinions and possible other ideas on this idea, i am open to anything, i will frown at sour pusses who don't want change though. EDIT: Also these walls would be paint-able maybe for those of you wanting to make your mines a little less gray
  25. Dissappearing Carts

    Was in a cave and was dragging a cart. The cart dissappeared and i could not select it. Still under the effects of the slowing of the cart and could hear it following me. Reappeared when exiting the cave and was still there on reentry.