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Found 6 results

  1. Hi I've slowly started on the cave canal /road from Lake Harmonie to inner sea. I have had some input from people and have chosen the least completely impossible route there :-). So far just exposing some surface rock making some concrete and such at LH end. Plan not completely done but if anyone is interested in killing a vein or two let me know. DL (the rodent from hell)
  2. Just an update and order of things needed to be done on the Fogshore cave canal The canal will be three tiles across with ramps every so often and a foot path on the north side when finished. The south side has already been mined out as shown down below minus the veins. The reason being is we had to move the center of the canal over one because it came out on a corner of a clay tile so we just went with it. The finished canal will look like a octagon with ramps every so often on the north to get up onto the raised foot/cart path. Its just under 2 km long from east to west. We ask that you strictly keep to this order please 1 Tunnel through the length of the cave canal making a temporary path from east to west (not including veins) 2 Make proper foot/cart path (not including veins) 3 Mine all remaining rock tiles on canal path 4 Mine all veins on canal path and foot path (the foot path section can be completed after 5 and 6 ) - in progress 5 Mine on the center tile for the roof of canal (this must be done before the mining the floor, to insure the roof is as high as possible) 6 Mine only the center tile floor of the canal 7 Punch view holes / ramps from canal to the above foot path 8 Reinforce cave walls / cast strongwall 9 Finishing touches - put concrete on the foot/cart path, placing lamps, statues, etc We welcome any assistance with the project. Feel free to take any materials that are excavated. If you need to contact our village for more info you can contact; Gurkin, Battlepants, or Figs.
  3. Everybody heard the echoing screams from poor travelers attacked by nightmarish creatures in that area of our beloved server. Well, the goal is to provide a quick way to travel underground and away from them, but also to improve our canal network and connect Echo to Nighmare lake. The tunnel will feature a walkway on the north side and a 2 tiles wide cave canal one tile south of it (using the freshly added wide entrances). We will have open air canals at both ends and through the 'Eldorado Crater' (nota. Walkway will start from the crater to the east exit). Western branch of the tunnel will not require a walkway, plenty of accessible roads in the area leading in and out of the crater. Trivia: This project have been thought accross a good amount of years now. The smaller amounts of deeds in the way, light improvement in tunnels, wider entrance and success of the Yellow Subway and Rainbow canal make this tunnel the logical next step in our efforts to improve Deliverance. What Can I Do?! : We can use miners, miners and even more miners. As well as concrete makers, support beams creators and blacksmith for those shiny new lamps. The Eldorado Crater contain more than enough gold veins to be mined out, leaving enough lumps for the lamps and your own storages. As usual a commemorative sign of some kind (statues, lamps, sign) with the name of the helpers will be place in the tunnel or the Eldorado crater. Edit : Shout out to dye makers. We will most likely need a bunch of some various gold / purple / amber tones. Reach me there or ingame if you are interested.
  4. Here we go, After a few cryptic announcment in Freedom chat about highways disruptions... and a few players knowing the project and helping with it, I'm proud to present the (almost) finished cave canal between Echo lake and Rainbow lake. (green arrows are access points) Idea started years ago with a player named Juliar (in our alliance) who wanted some kind of harbour by her place and a canal going to it. We had a start on echo lake side but the rock layer was way too shallow to do anything proper. Nor we had the time to do it properly. Juliar left, but the idea remained in a corner of my head (swizz cheeze full of hole, can be a real mess there I swear). Both Echo and Rainbow access are easy to find with their bridges towering above the canals. The canal is lit with yellow 70QL imperial lamps (because it's a subway/tube/metro/underground thingy). And the canal run for the bigger part bellow the current northern highway to be out of the way of future deeds mine (and also allow them to have their own underground harbour). Trivia - Around 400 tiles long. Most veins were murdered with lava. Almost 2K of concrete have been used to raise the rock layer allowing shorter open air canals. Also Odynn never bathed that much. Hall of Fame. (yes, the lack of list is an incentive for you to visit the tunnel) Midgard Harbour. (no knarr here yet, we still need to finish the floor mining) Nota : We will have updates, typo to fix and others stuff to add in due time... yadda yadda, queue legal disclaimer plox.
  5. MAES KNOLL CANAL IS NOW OPEN TO ROWBOATS, SAILBOATS AND KNARRS ALLOWING PASSAGE TO THE NORTH-EAST!!!! This project will connect the lake at H17 to the lake at G17 through a small lake in the middle to allow quick passage to the north ocean. We just need people who are willing and able to help us with this massive project. - Qdlaty made part of a cave canal from his deed as a starting point - There are four (4) veins in the first part from our lake to small lake in the middle - The second part from the small lake in the middle to northeast lake still needs to be mined - The entrance is open for walking just need to prepare floors and openings - It's five (5) tiles wide so easy for any boat - Just need to leave the opening for the end so we can make it the proper way for big boats - We would just like to be able to sail with bigger boats then Knarr through it - Entrance is opened from both sides, from iron lake and small lake - Inside are forges and BSBs - Boats can be parked at Qdlaty's deed called Maes Knoll or at the entrance to the tunnel (small ramp for loading/unloading) - We plan to update this thread with some pictures of what is done so far (stay tuned) - Qdlaty will cover beams for the tunnel as he has 1k beams and meals That's it in a nutshell. Please reply to this post if you're interested as this will be the communication hub for this project.
  6. Gud morning folks. During our latest explorations of Wurm (nice way to have a holiday and Not deal with the airlines for travel arrangements), we visited the NW of Indy and the Lago El Rancho area. We had heard that the El Rancho Cave Canal was Under Repair and decided to check it out. From the locals in the area we found out the Wurmian attempting repairs had departed Wurm. We talked to many locals, including Crest of Reborn and discussed reopening it and upgrading it. We received their blessing to do so, on the condition that it remains a Shallow Draft, walkable, swimable cave canal. So we got to work. First we reopened it from Lake to Sea, followed by mapping it to see how to apply the widening and reinforcing. Then we widen it out to three tiles wide and installed 302 reinforcement to prevent future collaspes. Finally, as El Rancho is one of the oldest cave canals on Indy, we asked the GM Team to consider granting it Heritage Site status. GM Logi inspected our work first and requested some additional work on the East End (Lake End) to make its approach path a bit deeper and easier to use. This was accomplished a few days later. Then GM Enki inspected and advised us of some additional work on the West End (Ocean End) to bring that end up to Heritage Site standards. Given that the original west entrance had a 90 degree dog leg, a sure fire receipe for ending up on the hill side in a gale force wind from the north, we asked for permission to change it to a straight in approach. A few hours later we had a straight in approach dug and slabbed (and we filled in the old approach and replanted it with trees and grass. This work was completed on 2015-01-22 and one of Wurm's oldest Cave Canal's was back in business. The West End is protected by a Freedom Isles Guard Tower named "TM_Beach", so if you get stuck going in or out, help is near by. A few days ago we heard again from GM Enki, who had the pleasure to inform us that the GM Team had accepted our application for Heritage Site status and asked us for a descriptive name. To ensure that folks understand that it is a Shallow Draft Boats/Knaar Only Cave Canal, we requested the name "El Rancho Knaar Canal" and it was accepted. It was our pleasure to repair, upgrade and restore to full service one of Indy's oldest cave canals and make this contribution to the Indy Community. Enjoy! Hughmongus and Skyefox Albia Marina and Albia Estates on Independence