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Found 6 results

  1. I am not sure if it exists yet...but there should be a "Fantastic Recipe: Stone Soup". Atfer the story of the 3 soldiers who came to a town and got the village to help make a soup from a stone. You would need three people to make it in a cauldron. It would start with a stone or marble ..."stone" (even of a certain more/less kg) with three people in attendance to start the recipe. You would then continue on the one or all three people to add the normal base of water, potatoes, carrots, and an onion then or more herbs/milk/honey to finish the recipe. I would like see this in honor of the gift of giving...maybe allow a +5 to one or more characteristics or such...determined by Wurm. Please.
  2. Looking for one rare / supreme cauldron 12s for supreme 3s for rare Pm me if you got one : )
  3. #1: 30QL - Rare Small Chest Maplewood - (Guzten - 1.5s) #2: 38QL - Rare Lamp, Iron - (Davih - 1s) #3: 70QL - Rare Lamp, Iron - (Davih - 1s) #4: 70QL - Rare Lamp, Iron - (Davih - 1s) #5: 75QL - Rare Lamp, Iron - (Davih - 1s) #6: 69QL - Rare Cauldron, Iron - (Fairyshine - 2.5s) #7: 63QL - Rare Water Skin, Leather - (Jakeii - 1.5s) #8: 55QL - Rare Practice Doll, Pinewood - (Shydow - 1s) #9: 80QL - Rare Stool, Pinewood - (Davih - 1s) #10: 50QL - Rare Torch Lamp, Iron - (No Bid) #11: 50QL - Rare Torch Lamp, Iron - (No Bid) #12: 52QL - Rare Raft, Pinewood - (Davih - 1s) #13: 54QL - Rare Raft, Cedarwood - (Davih - 1s) Bid by numbers preferably, going to try to keep bids up to date. Starting Bid: 1s Increments: 50c Buyout: 4s No reserve, 1h sniper
  4. 14ql - rare large shield, pine - 5s 11ql - rare dredge - 4s Note: All items will be cod from Independance so make sure you leave the name you want your item sent..thanks Sold Items.. 43ql - rare file, iron - 7s 50ql - rare cauldron, iron - 4s 71ql - rare peasant wool cap - 2s
  5. Cooking Cauldron + Cooking Stove should = A Nice Fit Not sure of the logic behind Cooking Cauldrons NOT fitting inside a Cooking Stove, But It is terrible for me to have to cook this nice Maple Sap in a dirty Ole' Forge. Thanks SuperFly P.S. maybe even a thought to have the Fireplace hold cauldrons.... That would make my little winery look quite nice.