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Found 14 results

  1. Oak Hill is temporarily suspending sales of all animals until after the coming update patch on breeding. I will update the site when sales resume. Lyndee Oak Hill Ranch Changes coming soon to Oak Hill Sales Bison Sales area being built and soon to come.... Deer Sales for those wishing to add venison to their menu! I will also be updating this posting with a new look and easier Animal viewing. Keep watching! Now with Self Serve Animal Sales Located On the South side of the deed Located at N17 - West of Harmony Bay Just a short trip up the road on the top of the bluff! Selling Horses and More! All Horses guaranteed to have been born with only good traits, other animals available on limited availability at this time. (Please ask about availability on Bison, Sheep, Cattle, Pigs and Seals) Edited: Delivery may be available at this time, easy highway access required,please ask for further information. Meeting in Harmony Bay for transfer is available. Contact Lyndee or Mumin for further information Prices are as follows: Horses with no traits: FREE!! Free Pen easily accessible at the North East entrance to the deed - right up the road from Harmony Bay HORSES with ---- Any number Normal Traits AND 2 Speed Traits = 10C 3 Speed Traits = 20C 4 Speed Traits = 1 Silver 5 Speed Traits = 2 Silver SPEED TRAITS Fleeter Movement - +10% speed Strong Body - +10kg weight limit. Lightning Movement - +20% speed. Carry More - +20kg weight limit Strong Legs - +10% speed, +10kg weight limit. Other Speed Enhancement = Ebony coloration - +2.5% speed. OTHER TRAITS Fight Fiercely - Higher fighting skill Tough Bugger - Withstands more damage Certain Spark - Lives 50% longer Strong and Healthy - Higher resistance to disease Keen senses - Able to sense when on a water tile Limited Availability Animals: (Please ask about availability if none are listed!) Bison 1 Silver Male or Female Cattle - Sheep 1 Silver for Females/50C for Males Pigs 1.5 Silver for Females/1 Silver for Males Seals 2 Silver Female or Male ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Available Animals Horses - Bison - Cows ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FREE PEN HORSES & MORE (May have neutral or removed negative traits, have 1 or no speed traits) Westflea - Female Venerable Gold Ragesilver - Female Aged Gold ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Self Service Pens (Other horses not listed yet may be available - feel free to inquire!) Two Speed P1. Pickventure - Male Aged Skewbald Fight Fiercely/Fleeter Movement/Tough Bugger/Carry More/Keen Senses/Strong and Healthy ++++++++++++++++++++++ (added 5/6) P2. Coffeedog - Female Aged Blood Bay Tough Bugger/Lightning Movment/Carry More/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark +++++++++++++++++++++ P3. Eastcaine - Female Old White Strong Body/Carry More/Strong and Healthy ++++++++++++++++++++++ (added 5/4) P7. Ebonyrun - Male Adolescent Buckskin Fight Fiercely/Tough Bugger/Lightning Movement/Carry More/Keen Senses/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark +++++++++++++++++++++ P16. Licopper - Female Aged White Fight Fiercely/Fleeter Movement/Tough Bugger/Strong Legs/Keen Senses/Certain Spark +++++++++++++++++++++++ P17. Sweetcloud - Male Aged Blood Bay Fight Fiercely/Tough Bugger/Carry More/Strong Legs/Keen Senses/Certain Spark ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P22. Ironbear - Male Aged Brown Tough Bugger/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Keen Senses/Strong and Healthy ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P25. Hardstark - Male Mature Piebald Pinto Fight Fiercely/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Strong and Healthy ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P26. Annaclip - Female Mature Brown Strong Body/Strong Legs/Keen Senses/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P30. Strongpick - Male Mature Brown Fight Fiercely/Fleeter Movement/Tough Bugger/Carry More/Keen Senses/Certain Spark ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P37. Copperclip - Female Aged Black Fleeter Movement/Strong Legs/Keen Senses/Strong and Healthy +++++++++++++++++++++++ P41. Raidhunting - Female Aged Black Fight Fiercely/Tough Bugger/Lightning Movement/Carry More/Keen Senses/Strong and Healthy ++++++++++++++++++++++ P14. Northbrisk - Male Aged Brown Strong Body/Strong Legs/keens Senses/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark ++++++++++++++++++++++ P4. Coffeethunder - Male Adolescent Brown Fight Fiercely/Fleeter Movement/Tpugh Bugger/Lightning Movement/Keen Senses/Certain Spark ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P42. Sweetvanilla - Female Aged Brown Fleeter Movement/Tough Bugger/Carry More/Keen Senses/Certain Spark ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P40. Callrun - Male Aged Piebald Fight Fiercely/Fleeter Movement/Tough Bugger/Carry More/Strong and Healthy ++++++++++++++++++++++ Three Speed P6. Wingcloud - Male Mature Brown Fight Fiercely/Fleeter Movement/Strong Body/Strong Legs/Certain Spark ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P24. Sagecoffee - Female Aged Brown Fight Fiercely/Strong Body/Lightning Movement/Carry More/Keen Senses/Certain Spark +++++++++++++++++++++++ P10. Erikbrisk - Male Aged Gold Fleeter Movement/Strong Body/Strong Legs/Keen Senses ++++++++++++++++++++++ ( added 5/4) P11. Westcaine - Female Aged White Tough Bugger/Strong Body/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Strong and Healthy ++++++++++++++++++++++ ( added 5/4) P12. Wildcoffee - Male Aged Piebald Fight Fiercely/Lightning Movement/Carry More/Strong Legs/Keen Senses/Strong and Healthy +++++++++++++++++++++ P13. Eddance - Male Old Gold Fight Fiercely/Fleeter Movement/Strong Body/Strong Legs/Keen Senses ++++++++++++++++++++++ ( added 5/4) P15. Ochowar - Male Adolescent Brown Fight Fiercely/Strong Body/Lightning Movement/Carry More/Keen Senses/Certain Spark ++++++++++++++++++++++ (added 5/6) P18. Walkingala - Female Adolescent Brown Fight Fiercely/Fleeter Movement/Strong Body/Lightning Movement/Keen Senses/Strong and Healthy ++++++++++++++++++++++ P19. Sweetsouth - Male Mature Gold Fleeter Movement/Tough Bugger/Strong Body/Lightning Movement/Keen Senses ++++++++++++++++++++++ (added 5/6) P23. Westdog - Female Aged Black Fight Fiercely/Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Strong and Healthy ++++++++++++++++++++++ P28. Wingcloud - Male Mature Gold Fight Fiercely/Fleeter Movement/Strong Body/Carry More/Keen Senses/Strong and Healthy ++++++++++++++++++++++ P5. Haltballet - Female Aged Gold Fleeter Movement/Strong Body/Strong Legs/Keen Senses ++++++++++++++++++++++ P32. Kissyahya - Female Adolescent Brown Fight Fiercely/Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Carry More/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark ++++++++++++++++++++++ P34. Westflea - Female Old Gold Fleeter Movement/Strong Body/Strong Legs/Keen Senses/Strong and Healthy ++++++++++++++++++++++ P33. Adara - Female Old Gold Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Keen Senses ++++++++++++++++++++++ P27. Goldhunting - Male Aged Brown Fight Fiercely/Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Carry More/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark ++++++++++++++++++++++ P36. Goldli - Female Aged Brown Fight Fiercely/Fleeter Movement/Tough Bugger/Lightning Movement/Carry More/Strong and Healthy +++++++++++++++++++++ (added 5/6) P43. Ironpaddy - Male Mature Brown Fight Fiercely/Fleeter Movment/Tough Bugger/Lightning Movement/Carry More/Strong and Healthy +++++++++++++++++++++ ( added 5/4) P45. Westgage - Male Adolescent Piebald Fight Fiercely/Tough Bugger/Lightning Movement/Carry More/Strong Legs/Strong and Healthy +++++++++++++++++++++ Four Speed P29. Strongnafa - Male Mature Gold Fleeter Movement/Tough Bugger/Strong Body/Carry More/Strong Legs ++++++++++++++++++++++ (added 5/6) P31 Honeyflea - Male Old Gold Fleeter Movement/Tough Bugger/Strong Body/Lightning Movement/Carry More +++++++++++++++++++++ ( added 5/4) P35. Hardwalking - Female Adolescent White Fleeter Movement/Tough Bugger/Strong Body/Carry More/Strong Legs/Strong and Healthy ++++++++++++++++++++++ P44. Huntingcloud - Male Aged Gold Fleeter Movement/Tough Bugger/Strong Body/Lightning Movement/Carry More/Keen Senses ++++++++++++++++++++++ Five Speed ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cows Bulls and Cows are both available for sale on request. If you need some for breeding or pulling just let us know and we will find you what you need among our stock...JUST ASK! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bison Now with 20 breeding pairs, we will have more soon! Check back if none are available! Bison are not Horses, some of the speed traits related to Horses to not count towards speed in Bison. Bison cannot be ridden so "carry weight" speed bonus traits do not affect its pulling power. Suspected speed traits in Bison are only Lightning Movement and Fleeter Movement with the possiblity of including Strong Legs. P38. Garth - Mature Male Fight Fiercely/Strong Body/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark P39 Jordan - Mature Male Tough Bugger/Carry More/Strong Legs/Keen Senses/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark ( Bison not yet listed may be available - Please inquire on availability) More to come soon Thank you for looking! When on deed, please contact Lyndee or Mumin in local with any questions.
  2. Add in another option for removing marsh tiles other than floorboards. In the current system you must raise marsh tiles and then lay floorboards on those tiles to remove the marsh altogether. It's been a while since I've done this, but I'm assuming marsh tiles still have to be above water level to be built upon using floorboards. Anyhow, in natural cases marsh can be removed by loosing cattle to graze over the effected area. This could work in Wurm as well. Allow any heavy grazing animal, such as cows or horses, to graze and pack marsh tiles into dirt. Perhaps give them a depth limit for which they can graze in the water, like 10-15 dirts deep. Pretty much anything is better than dropping a lot of dirt to raise tiles and then make floorboards to transform them.....well....surface mining is worse but that's for a different topic!
  3. After a long hiatus, Ravenstone Stables is back in business! (Old thread) Want the fastest horse for riding around the countryside? Looking for a breeding pair with great traits? Or do you just want two reliable animals to pull around your mining cart? Ravenstone Stables has all of those. I have 5-speed horses, bison, and cows/bulls in stock. Slower and cheaper horses are also available if that's what you're looking for. See all the details of each horse right here on this spreadsheet. Information about individual bison and cattle are available upon request. Horse prices 5-speeds: 40c 4-speeds: 30c 3-speeds: 20c 2-speeds or less, or horses with bad traits: 10c Bison/cattle prices Bison: 20c Cows/bulls: 10c Delivery is only 10c per trip (up to 3 animals per trip) for anywhere on the Independence server. If you're in the north-east corner of Independence, I probably won't charge for delivery at all. Pickup is also available at Ravenstone (48x, 13y) on Colossus Lake. All prices are negotiable, especially for bulk orders. If you're looking for new breeding stock, I would consider trading animals as well. Want better horses but don't have the AH skill to breed them? Buy at least one female 5-speed and I will breed it with one of my compatible 5-speed male on request, with no extra charge. If you're interested or would like to know more, feel free to PM me in-game (character is also named Faeldray), PM over the forums, or by replying below. Replying below or PMing me here is the best way to get a hold of me.
  4. Well since the Q&A shot down my hopes that the new crate/load system would allow for hauling animals across water i would like to suggest that the more common farm animals be taught how to swim. I am suggesting that the following be gifted with the ability to swim... Cattle Bison Now i am not apposed to just allowing all peaceful animals to swim but at least allow the cattle and bison anyway.
  5. Touchy subject but there is a fine line between incentive and frustrating road block. I hope this is a good compromise: - Free players - 20 skill - Can hitch cow to small cart - Can lead the cow and therefore the cart. Can not ride it, can not drive it, can not ride or hitch any other animals. From the rest of the thread: Allow small cart to carry a raft. Allow scorpions to be hitched to small cart. Allow cows to pull a plough to make farming a bit quicker on large fields. Please add the riding animation to cows. Shouldn't be more than a copy and paste from horses and some altering. Rather important to my plans.
  6. Hello! I have a deed forsale on celebration! comes with 3(almost 4 bison) 2 horses (1 5speeder) and a cow and a bull! Deed name is Oak Harbour, its a 13x30 deed and has 12s in coffers! Pictures Cords on Tpikol's Great map is 33x 18y Make your offers below! or PM me them! willing to trade for a knarr + silvers!
  7. Hi guys, I've setup a new deed in the desert NE Celebration at BA 55 (Rainbow Retreat). I have a couple of horses already but I'd also like a breeding pair of cattle. I've looked around the local deeds but not sure if anyone has cattle there. Not too bothered about traits as they are mainly for AH grinding, milking and leather :-) There is a tunnel next to Scorpion Ridge that goes through to Thera so that provides road access but that is as far as I have explored. I'd pay extra for delivery as I am an expert at getting lost :-) Reply here or PM me in-game on either Terren or Rheyan with your prices. EDIT: Bought from Guinevere, thanks!
  8. Northern Auction and Trade. Selling good animals at good prices. Currently in stock: Horses. Under breeding:Hellhorses, Deer and Cattle.;rm=full#gid=0 Location: Illiad Ridge(BI.32 Darkmalice map) Contacts: Nefilim or Thunderthor.
  9. Hi, We have rules regarding how to handle highways. Is there a possibility to apply similar rules to canals as well? Because cattles can't swim, and boats can't go across a canal above a certain water level but they still can be pulled/pushed, seems the conflict with carts and boats not solved with the changes. I led cattles to Esert from and can't pass at a canal with the cows because the depth of water stopped them. There was no way to fix it because the canal has been deeded, the owner away for some weeks and no digging allowed even for their citizens to fix it. Please don't take this offensive, I know how good is to sail, I am building and use boats too, but I think the blocking of animal transport inside server may be against other people's fun too and has negative effect on game economy. I would like to suggest to add a rule for canals: if they are deeded, that they must have at least one tile width way where people can go across with cattles, but deep enough on other places to go with small sailing boats or knarrs at least. This has some similarity with the goal of the highway rules: deeds cannot block the traffic on important areas. Is there any possibility to do this? Of courese this problem may be solved easier if cattles can be packed to boat or can swim. Regards, Heroic
  10. Hello, shyunea here looking for citizens to aid in building a kingdom large scale to house and feed a army of players new and old. We are small and active. looking to grow not so much as rapid. but quickly to assist the work to be done. If you need a village, town or community to join and help learn at your own pace, but be online actively. PM Shyunea Kuntur Brillbillbo Any questions just ask ingame. Shyunea, Mayor of Aedgon,Celebration.
  11. Black Diamond Stables Located on Celebration! X42, Y32 on Nume's map. Or 52Z on Darkmalice's map. http://noizeviolatio...wurm/CelebH.png Will update as more livestock are born and up for sale. Post here, or PM Ragnarok on the forums or in game. (Same name in game) Horses: Wardream (Male, Grey): Adolescent horse, It has a strong body. It can carry more than average. 50c Hardgolden (Male, Grey): Adolescent horse, It has fleeter movement than normal. It can carry more than average. 50c Hell Horses: Copperlady (Female): Mature, It has a strong body. It can carry more than average. It looks feeble and unhealthy. 65c Clipsilver (Male): Adolescent, It will fight fiercely. It has a strong body. 40c Faithgolden (Male): Adolescent, It will fight fiercely. It can carry more than average. It has keen senses. 50c Briskgrey (Male): Mature, It will fight fiercely. It has a strong body. It looks unusually strong and healthy. 55c Cattle: Coming soon! Deer: Coming soon!
  12. Hello! I'm selling some items and animals from my deed located in Exodus (north side)! Some information: Horses (45AH): With low cost horses and 3-4 speed traits (no inbreeded) Cattle: Cows and bulls, good for carts and for breeding (no inbreeded) Olives (2000+): from 20 to 93 ql! Enchanted grass: Only Exodus (with landpath) and south coast of deliverance, price depend on quantity! Rafts and Floor boards: Comes with a nail off, just for transport purpose Sprouts: Grape, maple and willow! If you need a specific kind just ask! All items can be delivered in Exodus, Celebration, Deliverance and (not always) to Independence! For more information about pricing and delivery send me a PM or contact me in-game (Rajan)! Thanks!
  13. Name: Green Valley Coord: 28x, 29y (Celebration) 2012.Aug.20.: The size of Green Valley is 15 by 31. The perimeter is 10 and it has 1 guards hired. The village has 3 silver, 18 copper and 16 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 2 silver and 31 copper. The upkeep will last approximately 38 days, 13 hours and 33 minutes more. Buildings: 2x 3*3 (8tile) stone house 2x 2*2 (5 tile) stone house. Farm&Trees: 122 tile at upper region, 97 at horse pounds, 101 reed at the lake Olive, Apple, few Grape Cherry and Mapple. Animals: 30 horse, 31 cattle. Resouces: An utmost iron mine near to the deed, clay also near at the coast, massive birch forest around the village. Furnitures: Storage: 5 bsb mostly with logs around 45ql, chest, fsb. Workshop: 3 bsb, forge, loom, barrel, chest. Motel: 3 bed, bsb, oven. etc: Mailbox (64), Fo altar, ~30 iron lamp, catapult, carts 3 wild animal pound out of deed with 4 hell horse. History & Note: The deed is laying on a valley rounded by hills. I've found this area with this natural lake, Im just reformed to make nicer (6 sloop deep). Sorrounded area is mostly massive birch forest. Fishing is posible on the lake. A road connection to the north coast and another road to south-east (clay). Posible to rise up tha lake for more area to build or watever. One of the horse pound miss a low wall. Contact: Post&pm for me here or pm to "IceTrias" ingame. Price check and Offer also welcome here. Village map Pictures: View from North side Upper left side farm Upper right side farm Downer farm crossroad Farm left side Farm right side Token Left side of the lake Right side of the lake Total view from south
  14. Hey, I logged on today to find that the single greatest part of wurm, the cattle, had been upgraded to a magnificent new texture and animation quality. I instantly ran out of my inn into my cattle field to inspect, and I discovered that all of my bulls as well as my cows are rendering at what looks to be 2 fps. It looks quite odd to have the animals rendering at a different speed than the rest of the game. I have spoken with others and determined that for the majority of people (everyone other than myself so far) do not experience this ultra-slow animation rate. It looks like it is running the full animation, just at a very low fps. If it were to animate 20 times faster, to match the fps of the rest of the game, the cattle would be moving extremely fast.. I am running the unstable client with every single option maxed out. I have a core i7 920, with a nvidia 570 gtx, and 8gb ram on an intel x58 motherboard. SIDENOTE: I installed the newest Java in order to test and see if that is the problem before I posted this and had someone tell me "install the new java" and now I am unable to use my unstable client. The stable client works normally, but unstable says "unable to launch" before even attempting to verify or download itself like it normally does. So now I am looking at the old cattle and I am unable to test whether the new java fixed the problem but I assume it did not since unstable is now broken because of it. UPDATE: I did this: Revnik Villager Members 12 posts Posted 13 June 2012 - 06:38 PM Go to Start, Run, type "javaws -viewer" and hit enter. Highlight Wurm and hit the red X to delete it. Click "Close" in the bottom right. The Java Control Panel should be open. Click the "Security" tab. Click "Certificates". Highlight "OnetooFree AB" and click "Remove". Close everything and try running Wurm again. Also, you can click Play on If you are running IE you can right click and "launch application" rather than downloading a new file every time. And now I am able to get to the launch screen where I click play in unstable. It loads everything and gets to the "setting up" stage and then crashes without any sort of message. If anyone knows how to fix this either of these issues please let me know.